Quince and Mulberry Studios

Let's dance; let's sit on a rooftop at 2am and talk about life. Photography for the dreamers, lovers and little faces...

I want to know your story – the real story. I want to capture; the laugh so hard you have tears, the hugs that warm your heart, and the stillness that sits within you.
I believe that connections and chemistry are what tie us together. I believe that by connecting with you and having that ‘click’ I can create work that beautifully represents you.

My coverage is flexible and can be tailored to your needs. Whether it is a full day and night celebration or a short/coverage elopement, my focus is on understanding your vision and how you want to celebrate your love.

Engagement sessions are included in each package to ensure you are relaxed before the camera, and comfortable with my style, so that you can be confident we will work well together on your big day.

To me your wedding day is about you and the people that you have chosen to share your special day with.



Robyn & Tyler’s Autumnal Trentham Estate Love Shoot

Robyn & TylerI adore Autumn and I adore love stories so this Autumnal Trentham Estate love shoot from Quince & Mulberry Studios is pretty much my favourite way to spend a day.With the beautifully styled homestead and the saffron yellow AAutumn trees, Trentham played the perfect host for this very much in love and full of joy […]

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Erin & Sam’s Soft & Rustic Country Wedding

Erin & SamOh, how I love a love story that is as beautiful and natural as Erin & Sam’s. A day that culminated in a celebration that showcased the best of the Australian countryside in a beautiful soft & rustic country wedding, a day that was all about the special magic these two share. It […]

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Alison & Jason’s Romantic At Home Engagement Photos

Alison & JasonAs a homebody, I love the idea of having engagement photos taken in a space you love, a space you spend a great deal of time with your beloved (and four-legged friends) and a space where the majority of your “living” occurs, so when Kate of Quince & Mulberry Studios sent this set […]

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Natalie & Leith’s Relaxed Brisbane Scout Hall Wedding

Natalie & LeithA handmade wedding in the middle of a Queensland forest sounds enticing enough, but when you add in the most beautiful lavender wedding gown, wedding speeches around a campfire, a romantic serenade and homemade pizzas- well you have a wedding that is going to warm the cockles of your heart. Every moment and […]

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Magic Moments – Group Hug

Over our Christmas break, we’re running a magic moments series from beautiful, real weddings. The Polka Dot Bride team will be back on January 5th with plenty of wedding goodness in store!

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Amber & Nicola’s Modern Maroochydore Waterside Wedding

Amber & NicolaAmber and Nicola chose a bold and vibrant blue and royal purple colour scheme for their modern Maroochydore waterside wedding. Held right on the water, the couple wanted a relaxed day that was all about family and friends. They chose Quince and Mulberry Studios  to capture their wedding.Amber spills the beans on how […]

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Snapshot Sunday – Spit and Polish

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Stephanie & Todd’s Spicers Hidden Vale Engagement

Stephanie & ToddI love when a family love shines through in photographs and in this gorgeous Spicers Hidden Vale engagement captured by Quince and Mulberry Studios, the love of these newly engaged love birds and their little family of four, makes such a warm and happy sense of joy.Stephanie tells the story of how they […]

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Kimberley & Nick’s Sweet At Home Engagement

Kimberley & NickI love nothing more than being at home with Mr Polka, champagne and an amazing cheese board so you can imagine my delight seeing the at home engagement of Kimberley and Nick captured by Quince and Mulberry Studios. They remark, “We wanted something with our cat Leo, who we can’t get enough of. […]

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Mini Honey and Vanilla Donuts Recipe

I adore donuts! They are my weakness – a simple hot cinnamon donut any day of the week will do me just fine. I recently bought a mini-donut maker from Big W for under $20 and since then it has been a bit of a treat. I am still experimenting with flavours and recipes, so […]

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