Regnier Cakes

Call: 03 9585 5719
Email: [email protected]
Address: 1/21 Citrus Street , Braeside VIC 3195
Cakes and Dessert buffets for life's special moments...

Regnier Cakes creates mouthwatering Cakes and dessert buffets for all occasions.

Located in Bayside Cheltenham, owned and operated by award winning pastry chef Melina Regnier with over 19 years of Pastry and cake experience.

Coffee cake and dessert bar open Thursday -Sunday 8am – 4pm, come in and relax in store with a large range of wedding cakes on display to look at and yummy cakes and coffee to enjoy.


Vividly Vibrant & Colourful Wedding Cakes

 We’re so delighted today to kick off one of our first roundups for the amazing, the beautiful The Colour Issue!  and it’s all about delicious cake! From cakes adorned with bright flower toppers to handpainted masterpieces. We’ve collected some of the most beautiful pieces from Australian cake designers. if you want to add a colourful […]

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Creative Cakes of 2019

2019 has been an amazing year of cakes here at Polka Dot Bride. We saw cakes that were minimal, cakes that were grand, Cakes that were too pretty to eat, cakes that made you want to dig right in, Our cakes are as diverse as the personalities of the couples we share and today, we’re […]

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Thinking (Outside) The Cake Box: Wedding Cake Ideas for 2020

When choosing a wedding cake, tradition can be thrown out the door. These days, couples are thinking of new and creative ways to treat their guests to something extra special and maybe even surprising in their wedding cake creations. Here is some “food for thought” when it comes to creative cake creations.  Have your cake […]

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Whimsical Snow White Country Wedding Inspiration

Today, we’re going on an adventure. An adventure where there is endless dessert, where fairytales come to life, where florals are lush, where tables are laden with vibrant details.Today’s dream team, led by cake designer Regnier Cakes was inspired by the age-old fairy tale of Snow White to create an editorial full of fairytale magic.With Icon Photography Melbourne behind […]

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A Boho Autumn Styled Shoot to Inspire Your Wedding Theme

Having the right mix of suppliers is critical for your wedding day. They don’t just have to be fantastic at what they do, they also need to work in with all the other suppliers who come together for your big day. As a creative supplier working with a venue, the florist and stylist are especially […]

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Creative Winter Wedding Cakes

We have loved diving into every aspect of a winter wedding over on the winter issue but today? It’s all about the taste! Wedding cakes that embody the deep winter tones of the season, to beautiful cakes that are full of rich winter flavours. be inspired by the beauty of the season. Click on through for […]

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Drizzle & Drip Wedding Cakes

One of the trends I have been loving over the past few years is the delicious drip and drizzle wedding cake. Nothing seems to entice the tastebuds more than a buttery caramel or chocolate drizzle cascading over the layers of a beautiful cake.  So what better cake to round up for The Cake Issue than […]

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Marvellous Minimalist Wedding Cakes

The irony that one of the biggest cake roundups of The Cake Issue is the one about minimal wedding cakes is definitely not lost on me, but it seems Aussies know how to do beautiful, minimal styling well.I have learnt through all the take of minimal over the past few years, that it really is […]

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Beautiful Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

Did you hear the news? It’s Cake Month over on Polka Dot Wisdom and so, as a nod to everything delicious, we’ll be packing every Polka blog FULL of cakey goodness all through the month! We’re kicking it off on Polka Dot Bride today with a roundup of beautiful hand-painted wedding cakes. From stunning watercolour […]

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Regnier Cakes’ Guide to Cake terms

Sweet, sweet cake month is here on Polka Dot Bride. We really couldn’t throw a cake month without getting the fundamentals sorted and explained from the get-go. To help us launch cake month, we asked Regnier Cakes to share a comprehensive guide to cake terms- in other words, a cake glossary! Try to get through […]

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