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Specialising in 18kt white gold and platinum diamond engagement rings and wedding bands for couples worldwide...

SH Jewellery specialises in 18kt white gold and platinum diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. A proudly independent jeweller with an education-first philosophy, SH Jewellery has helped over 10,000 couples say “I do” and provided education to thousands more when purchasing GIA-certified diamonds 3-4 grades higher than industry standards and 7-8 grades higher than most chain stores.

Our collection is unique to SH Jewellery, giving us full creative freedom over the look and feel of our range. All our rings are designed in-house, combining decades of design experience and age-old techniques, with modern technology and emerging trends from across the globe.

While we have a loyal following at our Springvale store (23kms from Melbourne CBD) our online shop allows couples from all over Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Asia and Europe to buy online with confidence thanks to our 30-Day Exchange & Money Back Guarantee.

We also offer a Price Match Guarantee – if you find a lower-priced diamond anywhere in the world, simply contact us with the quoted price and if the offer meets our qualifications, we’ll match the advertised price.

When you buy from SH Jewellery, it’s the beginning of a relationship with a trusted jeweller who promises to maintain your ring for the life of the diamond. Every SH Jewellery ring comes with a complimentary cleaning kit, lifetime aftercare and complimentary jewellery inspection.

As a Jewellers’ Association of Australia member, we adhere to a strict Code of Conduct regarding quality, workmanship and customer service. This membership ensures we have adequate insurance and demonstrates a clean track record of zero matters brought before a consumer affairs department.

Other memberships include the Gemmological Association of Australia, indicating our commitment to ethical, legal and fair trading practices, and the National Council of Jewellery Valuers, ensuring our pricing is fair, accurate and reflective of the current market.

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