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Emily & Villiame’s Bright Winery Wedding

by | Australia - Victoria, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Sarah Godenzi Photography Wedding Photo

Emily & Villiame

I love when a couple decides vehemently on the feeling they want for the day and go forth and make it happen. Emily and Villiame decided a relaxed, bright winery wedding was just their style. They infused Villiame’s Fijian heritage, created a space where each guest felt involved and generally created a day that was truly reflective of them. Sarah Godenzi Photography was there to capture it all.

Of how they met, Emily tells, “We had known each other for about eight years through our work however had both been in relationships for most of that time. It was about three years ago when things changed for both of us and the timing was right. We had both always really admired and respected one another and never dreamt that we would end up marrying one another!”

Groom getting ready

Groomsmen helping groom with tie

The wedding was a weekend celebration, Emily explaining, “We hired two houses down on the Mornington Peninsula because we wanted our wedding to be about quality time with friends and family and not just a moment that comes and goes. The night before our wedding about 25 of our friends and family all came together for a BBQ which was so much fun; I fell asleep that night feeling relaxed and excited about the day ahead. I then spent the morning getting ready with a household of family and my dearest friends, there was so much laughter and everyone was so genuinely happy which set the scene for what was truly the happiest day of my life.”

Brides flower filled hairstyle

Of the wedding style, Emily tells, “Our main aim was to create a day where people felt relaxed and included. We moved 12 hours away from our family and friends the year leading up to our wedding, so we wanted it to be a day of connecting with all the people we love. It was important to us that the wedding honoured Vil’s Fijian heritage so we made sure we included mats and tapa cloths, traditional dress for our speeches and fans, which came in handy given it was such a hot day! The style of the reception evolved from the venue we picked, it was beautifully simple, down to earth and open so we wanted the theming to be bright which is what inspired the choice of flowers.”

Flowergirl in yellow dressFlowergirl in orange dress

Bride with flower girl

Anna Campbell Wedding DressRed yellow and succulent bouquet

Emily found her wedding gown at Anna Campbell , she remarks, “Living where we do, meant that I had to do a lot of research online and I fell in love with Anna Campbell dresses and knew that her dresses were within in my budget. When we went back to Melbourne for the holidays Anna Campbell was the first and only shop I went to. I tried on three dresses and within 40 minutes had bought my dress. It was so incredibly stress free and the staff were fantastic.”

Bride in Anna Campbell



Bride with flowers in her hair

Fijian wedding ceremony matts

The Pig and Whistle Main Ridge Wedding

The couple chose The Pig and Whistle Main Ridge for their marriage ceremony, Emily noting, “After finding our reception venue, we went on the hunt for a venue for our ceremony, somewhere outdoors with the facilities for people to be able to stay and have a drink before the reception. We went with the Pig and Whistle in Main Ridge as there was a quiet garden area overlooking the vineyards.”

Unplugged ceremony sign

Wedding guests

Before the bride arrived, the guests blessed the rings, and Villiame remembers, “In that moment they all gave a few silent thoughts of well wishes & blessings for us. I watched the wedding rings go around the family and friends & as it made its way around to my close mates a few of them looked at me and mouthed to me “ are you sure” I nodded and had a laugh. A few of the lads pretended to throw the rings as far as they could. In all of that before those cheeky blokes passed on those rings I saw them take about 0.2 seconds to reflect & send off some sort of positive energy for us. It was awesome.”

Guiatarist at wedding

Flowergirls in red and orange

Ceremony at Main Ridge

“Our flower girls were Em’s goddaughters Jahli and Taya, and they captured everyone’s hearts as they walked down the aisle. They loved their special role so much that they decided to sit at our feet throughout the ceremony! ”

Flowergirl in bright yellow dress with flower crown

Bride with father

The processional had an unexpected overwhelming effect on the bride. “We had trouble picking this song! We had a few shortlisted but we chose “Feels Like Home” by Chantal Kreviazuk as the lyrics really summed up what that moment was all about. As predicted Em got about three steps down the aisle and the water works began, doubled over in a combination of tears and laughter.”

Bride walking down aisle with father

Wedding ceremony on Fijian Mats

Dain Fay, Aurora Ceremonies officiated the ceremony, Villiame telling, “Our close friend Dain Fay was our celebrant and because he had known both of us for 10 years was able to add such a personalized and intimate understanding throughout the formalities.

We wanted a spiritual feel to be present at our ceremony. We wanted it to be shared with our family & friends in a way that was open & created some though around the significance of marriage. It was made even more special because my second dad Alvin Knight shared a scripture reading and 10 points of how to best take on this adventure. Throughout the ceremony we had bright & colourful traditional Fijian mats and tapa clothes on the ground were we stood. Traditionally they are gifts from the family to the newlyweds.”

Dain Fay, Aurora Ceremonies

Mornington Peninsula Wedding Ceremony

“We had a very special scripture reading from one of Vil’s family friends, which highlighted 10 intricate steps of a happy marriage.”

Dain Fay Celebrant

Wedding ceremony at Main Ridge

Villiame remembers, “Obviously when Em walked down the aisle I was speechless and it didn’t feel real. She is the best thing that has happened to me. But the cool moment was when a bunch of our Coonamble friends rocked up at the same time as Em. They were obviously late because they went to the Dandenong venue instead of the Dromana venue. They would’ve picked a few speeding fines on the way, to make the ceremony on time. But seeing them walk in after Em just symbolised the support & friends you make when you take a chance and go on an adventure. They are family now. It also just reminded me that Em & I are a great team.”

bride and groom at Main Ridge ceremony

Post wedding congratulations

Post wedding hugs

Main Ridge newlywedsMornington Peninsula Newlyweds

Main Ridge wedding photo

Bride and groom at Main Ridge

Bride and groom in front of barnWinery wedding photo


Main Ridge winery wedding

Mornington Winery wedding

Main Ridge Wedding at Winery


Main ridge vineyard photo

Vineyard wedding photo

Of their photographer, Emily notes, “The photographer Sarah Godenzi was so professional, warm & made every process before and after the big day so easy and stress free. She has been a family friend of Vil from primary school through to high school. Vil always spoke of Sarah with great regard and knew that her personality would just mean that on our special day she would be able to capture every moment and make it seamless.

Most of the meetings that took place with Sarah prior to the wedding were filled with laughter and minimum time on the wedding planning. She was able to feel what we wanted and was confident that she would support us in creating that. Neither of us are big fans of having our photo taken but Sarah made us feel so comfortable however in looking back at the photos, she so perfectly captured the joy, laughter and love we experienced on the day.”

Newlywed sta main ridge

Country wedding photo

Mornington peninsula wedding photo ideas

Red and orange wedding bouquet

Courtney Barton Floral Design created bright floral arrangements for the day in tones of red, orange and vivid yellow.

Red and orange boutonerrie

Trofeo Estate

The newlyweds chose Trofeo Estate for their reception celebrations, noting, “As soon as we walked into Trofeo Estate in Dromana, we knew that was the reception venue for us! The room had the exact feel we were looking for and then when we met with the manager Lori, she sealed the deal for us. She knew her stuff, was genuine and we could have a good laugh.”

Wedding cake tableRed and orange wedding table flowers

Trofeo Estate Wedding Reception

Each guests received a a handmade wedding favors, Emily telling, “I handmade all the wedding favours for our guests which were little ceramic pots which we planted succulents in. I hadn’t done ceramics since high school so safe to say they were made with love but very little talent! ”

red orange and yellow table flowers at wedding

Chocolate wedding cakeorange roses with red at wedding

Emily and Villiame made the wedding cake together, telling, “The major project we tackled was that Vili and I (with the help of our gorgeous flower girls) made our own cake. A couple of packet mix mud cakes and some cream and berries and safe to say we were pretty proud of how it turned out.” A friend made a tower of cupcakes.

Wedding place card with rosemary

Trofeo Estate Wedding entrance

Trofeo Estate Wedding Speeches

Trofeo Estate Wedding Moments

Wedding toasts at Trofeo Estate

Bride and groom in traditional Fijian dress

Villiame’s Fijian heritage was honoured again during the reception, the groom remembering “For a small part of the reception Em & I did get dressed in traditional Fijian clothes. In doing this it just meant that Em & her family are now part of the bigger extended Fijian family. All of my Fijian family are so proud to have Emily in the family. The traditional connection was so easy & awesome to bring into the wedding because it’s something I feel very proud of (my Fijian heritage) & Em has come to understand and love it.”

Trofeo Estate guests

Wedding speech with bride and groom in fijian dress

First dance at Trofeo Estate

Dancing at Trofeo Estate

Of their first dance, Emily remembers, “Our first dance was pretty amusing. We picked Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and it all started out beautifully, looking into each other’s eyes, lost in the moment and then I’m not entirely sure what came over Vil. It was like he thought he was Usher and he started pumping and grinding anyone around him. This then inspired our two dad’s to start dancing together, my Dad grabbed Vil’s Dad on the bottom and that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the evening.”

Wedding moments at Trofeo Estate

Dance floor at Trofeo Estate

Bianco Latte

Bianco Latte surprised guests with a late night gelati treat, Em remarking, “It was tricky at times planning a wedding from interstate however the whole planning process overall was pretty straight forward for us. We know the feel we wanted to create but we didn’t have our hearts set on anything in particular in the lead up so enjoyed exploring different places, meeting great people and letting the plan evolve as we went. Everyone we worked with from the venues, photographer, band, florist and gelati cart (Bianco Latte) were accommodating, relaxed and so friendly to work with, our day wouldn’t have been so enjoyable without them!”

Bianco Latte Icecream Cary

Mornington Peninsula Winery Wedding

Congratulations on your marriage Emily and Villiame! Thank you for sharing your day with us. Thank you to Sarah Godenzi Photography for sharing today’s wedding!

Reception Venue: Sarah Godenzi Photography / Bride’s Dress: Anna Campbell / Bride’s Shoes: Midas / Bride’s Jewelry: Poetry Jewellery / Groom’s Attire: Dom Bagnato / Groom's Shoes: Florsheim / Flowergirl Dresses: Myer / Hairstylist: Fratelle Hair and Make up / Makeup Artist: Fratelle Hair and Make up / Flowers & Decor: Courtney Barton Floral Design / Invitations & Stationery: Handmade by the couple / Ceremony Venue: The Pig and Whistle Main Ridge / Ceremony Officiant: Dain Fay, Aurora Ceremonies / Ceremony Musicians: Chords Live Acoustic Music / Reception Venue: Trofeo Estate / Cake Baker: Handmade by the couple / Cupcakes: Michelle Marven (Friend) / Gelati: Bianco Latte
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Bea and Sam’s Urban Industrial Wedding

by | Australia - Victoria, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Bride and groom at modern wedding
Bea & Sam

What happens when two architects with a laser engraving business (TheMakeLab) tie the knot? An incredible urban industrial wedding that’s what! Bea and Sam’s day was filled with just about as much personality as they could cram in. From the ceremony backdrop – built by the groom himself, to the laser cut details that filled every corner. But while the aesthetics shine, the couple and their own story did even more. Jonathan Ong was there to make sure it was captured in all its modern glory.

The newlyweds tell their story. “We knew of each other as fellow students in the same cohort while in university but never really connected on a personal level. Strange how things worked out, but in the year in between our undergrad and postgrad, a couple of friends and ourselves took on a business venture providing design and laser cutting services. While we were keeping ourselves busy growing the business, we became oblivious to our growing fondness for each other. Business hours soon turned into date hours, which then evolved into date years, and now we find ourselves Married! (*gasp) ”

Gloria Wong Wedding Makeup

Bride in Strapless wedding gown

Bea chose a strapless ball gown from Raffaele Cuica, remembering “I was never one to dream about my ultimate wedding dress. Thankfully, the lovely ladies at Raffaele Ciuca, which was the first store I stepped into, had a good eye for these things. She picked out a dress for me, I put it on, and in that moment it dawned on me that I was getting married! I tried on several more in the coming weeks but none of them really took my breath away as much the first one did. Funnily though, it is exactly the style both my partner and myself never thought I’d go for.”

Wedding Ceremony Bentwood Chairs

Laser cut wedding invitationCandles At Wedding

Cargo Hall  played host to both the ceremony and reception for Bea and Sam. The newlyweds remarking, “We had both our ceremony and reception at Cargo Hall located along the river in South Wharf. The venue itself was a re-purposed shipping warehouse that featured its original steel roof structure spanning across the entire hall. It was still in construction when we first went down to view the venue but we were both drawn to the character of the place and best of all the proximity and views of the city.

Urban: Check! Industrial: Check! The size of the hall was perfect for the number of guests we were intending to have, car-parking was easy at the DFO shopping centre, public transport a short walk away, and best of all, the proximity to Hilton where we stayed the night before and after the wedding.”

Laser engraved wedding signFoldable Cardboard Gems

Kicking off the laser cut decor, as a nod to the couple’s business TheMakeLab, were the welcome sign and programs, Bea and Sam telling “We wanted the ceremony to be FUN! We enjoyed planning the wedding and wanted to make the event just as enjoyable for our guests. We also wanted to take our wedding as an opportunity to push our creative boundaries in laser cutting and promote the vast possibilities of laser cut wedding items. Anticipating a fashionably late arrival of the bride, we designed the wedding program on foldable cardboard gems that kept the guests entertained. Guests were then welcomed to fill the gems with lollies and bikkies from our refreshment bar while waiting for the ceremony to begin.”

Modern wedding ceremony decor

Bea tells, “The venue itself was lined with bentwood chairs, a 20m long turf aisle, flowers in metal buckets, and featured some made by the groom, 2m high free-standing timber frames dressed in foliage as a backdrop at the altar.”

Greenery on wedding ceremony backdropCement bricks at wedding

Modern wedding decorModern wedding ceremony idea

Pine wedding ceremony backdrop

Cement block wedding decorLaser cut wedding ideas

Flowergirls in peach and white dresses

The bride’s mother made the flowergirl dresses and bridesmaids’ dresses using the salmon pink colour that was woven throughout the wedding.

Bride at Melbourne wedding

Of her walk down the aisle, Bea remembers, “I chose Love is waiting – Brooke Fraser because this was the song that kept me going while I was waiting for him to ask me out in the early days of our relationship.”

Bride walking down aisle

Emotional groom

Cargo Hall Wedding Ceremony

Wedding ceremony

Bridesmaid in vintage apricot

Bea remembers, “It was so funny when the bridesmaids were all in tears throughout the ceremony and then realising that NO one remembered the tissues! Thankfully one groomsman had one piece of tissue and that was shared amongst the six bridesmaids AND myself!”

Australian bride

Planet Shakers Ceremony

Pastor Neil Smith officiated the ceremony, Bea noting, “Being Christians ourselves, we were keen on keeping the traditions of a Christian wedding. We sang, we prayed, we took in the moment as our pastor preached a short sermon, but most important of all, we made our personal vows to each other. Then we were laughing, we were crying, and before we knew it, the moment had come. We were officially Mr & Mrs.”

Wedding Ceremony in Australia

First kiss in Melbourne

Recessional at cargo hall

Congratulations at melbourne wedding

Groom at melbourne wedding

Melbourne newlywedsa

Bride and groom in white industrial space

Lovers of design, the couple decided with their photographer to take their photographs in the car park of Weylandts Furniture Shop in Abbotsford. Of their photographer, the newlyweds remark, “Jono Ong was an easy choice for us as we had always admired his artistic style and trusted in his creative capabilities. He was also a friend to us which completely took the awkwardness out of the picture.”

Groom in grey suit with black tie

Industrial wedding photo location

Modern wedding photo

Melbourne bride and groom

Cargo Hall Wedding

Meanwhile back at Cargo Hall,  The Details Co and her team worked to flip the room into a sparkling reception space. Long tables ran the entire length of the room and festoon lighting twinkled overhead. On the tables sat plenty of candlelight and greenery with hand painted cement bricks adding to the industrial feel of the styling, along with plenty of laser cut wooden details of course!

Laser engraved wedding menuLaser cut wedding favors

The couple used their company TheMakeLab  to make most of the decor, explaining, “We took our wedding as a big creative project to push the limits of laser cut wedding stationary. We had at the end of it created our own save the dates, invites, bonbonnieres, table numbers, menus, wedding program, photo booth props, signage and customised a whole bunch of other things.” Guests received fragrance diffusers with personalised laser engraved lids, and a note “May your life leave a fragrance that lingers for generations.”

Cement block wedding centrepieceWooden Laser cut plant holders

The colour of salmon pink was injected through the decor, Bea noting, “As we are both architects who have spent most of our time in cities, we felt it an understatement that our wedding was to take on this theme of urban industrial with a splash of grey and salmon pink that represented the colours of the business that brought us together.”

Laser wedding hashtag signIndustrial wedding centrepiece idea

Laser engraved wedding chair signs

Festoon Lighting at  Cargo Hall

Cargo hall weddng entrance

Modern Melbourne wedding

Modern Melbourne wedding speech

Toasting at melbourne wedding

Speeches at Cargo hall

Melbourne wedding venues

Modern wedding table numbersHappy guests

Modern Melbourne wedding venue

Toasting at cargo hall

Modern wedding dance

Of the first dance. Bea explains, “Once again, we wanted our dance to be FUN! We chose to dance to Etta James’ hit song At Last and worked with a friend who helped choreographed a simple fun piece for us. We were, at the time, slightly over ambitious and were looking up So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With the Stars for ideas. It was a lot of fun practicing, realising our Actual capabilities, and simply just putting ourselves out there. In saying that though, it was cause for a lot of unnecessary nerves that evening but we were in such a joyous mood we totally enjoyed the moment. Some guests were holding up their table numbers as scores when we took our last bow.”

Amazing first dance photo

Synchrosied wedding dance

“We wanted the wedding to really represent us in as many ways as possible. One special detail would have to be the flash dance at the end of the night. We had selected a Kinect dance routine from Youtube and to our guests surprise played it while everyone was busy dancing on the dance floor. Then we all broke out in unison mimicking the routine for the full length of the song and was truly such an awesome time of spontaneous choreography.”

Dance floor at cargo hall

Adrian Yap with Sean Jesudasen created an incredible, emotional film of the day.

Congratulations on your marriage Bea and Sam! Thank you sharing your day with us! Thank you to Jonathan Ong  for sharing today’s wedding!

Photographer: Jonathan Ong / Cinematographer: Adrian Yap with Sean Jesudasen / Stylist: The Details Co / Bride’s Dress: Raffaele Cuica / Bridesmaid Dresses: Bride's Mother / Flowergirl Dresses: Bride's Mother / Groom’s Attire: J Crew / Makeup Artist: Gloria Wong / Hairstylist: Tina Reverie / Flowers: Sophia Kueh / Venue: Cargo Hall / Ceremony Backdrop: Made by groom / Ceremony Officiant: Ps Neil Smith / All things laser cut (save the dates, invites, bonbonnieres, table numbers, menus, wedding program, photobooth props and signage)): TheMakeLab / Cake: Brunetti

Sam & Michael’s Beautiful Classic Brisbane Wedding

by | Australia - Queensland, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Brisbane Wedding Photo

Sam & Michael

 This beautiful classic Brisbane wedding is a beautiful way to spend a day. The couple wanted timeless elements to their day, but added touches of difference with beautiful bouquets of herbs and greenery, personal touches like family photos and their favourite readings. I love when a couple stays true to who they are on their day. All beautifully captured by Just For Love Photography.

Oh how they met, Sam remembers, “We are true high school sweethearts, having been together for almost ten years, we know each other back to front. Neither of us can actually remember our first date, being that we were so young, but we admit that it probably had to do with a movie, some ice-cream and lots of giggling… from me of course!”

Pepper and Archie

Pepper and Archie created a simply elegant stationery suite to kick off the festivities.

Wendy Makin Long Sleeve Lace GownGreen and white wedding bouquet

Stem Designs created the floral arrangements for the day, using plenty of greenery (including herbs) and white flowers to create trailing arrangements.

Tying bow on brides gown

Sam chose an elegant gown from Wendy Makin Bridal, noting, “I chose a beautiful classic long sleeve lace dress designed and made by the talented Wendy Makin. I wanted the dress to be a timeless classic and Wendy didn’t disappoint, making the process such an enjoyable experience!” Sam’s bridesmaids wore sage green gowns by Sheike.

Bridesmaids in sage green

Our Lady of Victories in Bowen Hills

Our Lady of Victories

There ceremony was held at Our Lady of Victories, Sam noting, “We were married in Our Lady of Victories, Bowen Hills and wanted to have a traditional church ceremony that felt warm and welcoming to our guests.”

Bride in wedding car

Groom in MJ Bale charcoal suit

Bride walking down the aisle

Brisbane church wedding

Our Lady of Victories Wedding Ceremony

Sam remembers, “We had one reading, a reading from the Letter of St Paul to the Corinthians as it has always been one of our favourite wedding readings!”

Brisbane weddng ceremony

Brisbane Church wedding venue

“We received a phone call on the morning of the wedding to let us know that the Priest that we had done the rehearsal with the previous night had been in an accident while he was riding his motorcycle. He had ended up with a broken leg and was still in hospital, with only hours until our ceremony. Luckily the church had found us a replacement, funnily enough, the new Priest was a little hard to understand being that the church is also a Polish Pastoral Centre. Looking back on it the entire turn of events, we cannot help but laugh!”

Wedding ceremony in Brisbane

Church wedding photo

Newlyweds at Brisbane church wedding

Newlyweds at Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Kangaroo Point Cliffs Wedding Photo

Bridal party with sage green

Bride aginast brisbane cityscape

Just For Love Photography

Of their photographer, Sam remarks, “Our photographer Kylie from Just for Love Photography is amazing! We can’t say enough good things about her! She is professional, super talented and just an all round lovely person, who goes above and beyond for her clients. We are so glad we found her!”

Beautiful Brisbane Wedding

Bride and groom in Brisbane

Brisbane newlyweds

Brisbane bride

Bride in wendy makin

Sam tells, “We had our bridal party portraits taken around the stunning Kangaroo Point Cliffs and even some up on the iconic Brisbane Storey Bridge at dusk. It was such perfect Brisbane weather too!”

Bride and groom with brisbane cityscape

Brisbane city wedding photo

The Landing at Dockside Wedding

Sam and Michael chose The Landing at Dockside for their reception. She tells, “I was the luckiest bride with a handful of wonderful vendors! A few standouts are, Just for Love Photography, Stem Design, Wendy Makin, Pepper & Archie, and The Foundation. My favourite part of wedding planning was meeting all the lovely people in the industry who love what they do!”

Hansel & Gretel CakesFamily wedding photos

Family photos decorated a corner of the reception, including, of course, a photo of the newlyweds in their high school years.

homemade Mango Chutney wedding favor

Guests each received a special handmade favor, the bride remarking, “A special detail that we wanted to include in the wedding was home made mango chutney as bomboniere. The 13 litres of chutney was made by the bride’s mother with mangoes from the my parent’s cattle property in north Queensland.”

Head table with greenery garland

Of their day’s style, Sam says, “We wanted it to be classic yet relaxed. This was achieved by white, gold & green in the colour scheme, whilst still allowing some elements to be more relaxed, like the unstructured nature of the bouquets.”

Wedding Speech at The Landing Dockside

Bridal table with greenery

Bridesmaid in Sage dress

Speeches at The Landing Dockside

Brisbane newlyweds cutting cakeBrisbane wedding dance

Of the first dance, Sam remembers, “Our first dance was to “Space They Cannot Touch” by Kate Miller-Heidke. It is a song we have both loved for many years and will now cherish forever.”

First dance in Brisbane

Dancing at Brisbane wedding

Bridbane dance floor

Congratulations Sam and Michael! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you to Just For Love Photography for sharing today’s wedding with us.

Photographer: Just For Love Photography / Bride’s Dress: Wendy Makin Bridal / Bride’s Shoes: Tony Bianco / Groom’s Attire: MJ Bale / Bridesmaid Dresses: Sheike / Hairstylist: Linda Watt / Makeup Artist: The Foundation / Flowers & Decor: Stem Designs / Invitations & Stationery: Pepper and Archie / Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of Victories / Reception Venue: The Landing at Dockside / Band: Chris Hutchison Music / Cake Baker: Hansel & Gretel Cakes

Five Gift Registries That Allow You To Register For Whatever You Like

by | Bride, Wedding Gifts


Continuing on with our gift registry roundups, today we’re rounding up five gift registries that allow you to register for whatever you like. If you’re a couple with a taste that doesn’t fit into an online store kind of box, or you’re looking to add items from many places to one registry for guests then this roundup is for you!

1. The Gift Aisle

The Gift Aisle Australian Wedding Regsitry

The Gift Aisle is an Australia (hooray) online gift registry which allows you to add items from anywhere – online stores and bricks and mortar stores. Sign up to get your own custom URL which you pass on to your guests, select your theme and customise it. Then, get uploading! To add an item to your registry, just upload a photo, fill out the description and you’re good to go. The Gift Aisle either allows guests to purchase the items directly or holds the contributions for you (allowing you to withdraw it) so that once the wedding is complete, you can buy those registry items.

What I Love:

I love that The Gift Aisle is an Australian based business with a team always available to help you out! Guests can also choose to buy the entire gift or just make a contribution.

2. Thankful Registry

Thankful regsitry unique wedding registry

Thankful Registry is all about creating a registry that truly reflects you. The website allows you to add products from online stores that you love. A click on the gift idea, redirects guests to the product’s website, marking the item off your registry and providing your guest with your mailing address. You can also add items like honeymoon suggestions or house fund contributions.

What I Love:

The design – upload a photo of you and your beloved and it looks sleek, chic and well designed. Thankful also has a bookmarklet functionality, so when you’re cruising your favourite sites you can add items to your registry with a click of a button.

3. Envelope Registry

Envelope money wedding registry

Another Australian (hooray!) Envelope Registry revolves around the concept that asking guests for money can be awkward, so the website works off the idea that guests are gifting you moments. For instance, wish for a cooking class and guests can buy a meal, or two or three. Wish for fancy coffee and guests can contribute one cup or 100. The system has over 200 ideas for you to choose from. The funds are then collected by Envelope Registry who deposit them to you upon conclusion of your wedding.

What I Love:

With bonus points for being Australian, Envelope Registry also has a chic design which makes each registry look like a custom built website. I love that it allows guests to use your registry as a virtual guestbook and pulls in your wedding images via a hashtag for extra fun!

4. Not Another Toaster


Not another toast gift registry

Australian based Not Another Toaster does what it says on the tin! By allowing you to upload photos and descriptions of the products you love, guests are able to “buy” the items off the registry. Choose whatever products you like- from online and offline stores. The choice is yours! Not Another Toaster collects this lump sum for you and deposits it into your bank account soon after the wedding.

What I Love:

The live feed of recent purchases is slightly addictive to watch, but I also love that guests can buy via the website, fax or over the phone (because not everyone likes shopping online!).

5. Simple Registry

Simple Registry

Simple Registry allows you to simply create a registry that suits your needs. Add items from anywhere, split items into multiple contributions, create your custom URL and share away! Once the wedding is over, the money guests have given for gifts will be transferred to you (via Paypal for Australians). It really is that easy!

What I Love:

Simple Registry has a nifty mobile app that allows you to take photos of items and add them to your registry when you’re out and about. The added bonus of a bookmarklet means you can add directly from your browser too. Guests can even suggest gifts to add!

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