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Vendor of the Week – Christian Marc Photography

by | Blog News, Bride


Happy Monday Dotties! Another week, albeit a short one is ahead of us and packed full of exciting wedding inspiration! With Autumn well and truly here, the candles are here, the scarves are on and cups of coffee are flowing!

Before we kick off our own week of happy wedding inspiration it’s time to highlight, spotlight and show off the members of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory.  We have Entertainment, we have Bridal Gown Services we have  Celebrants we even have Favours & Decor Accessories! We work really hard to get vendors on board who are lovely – they’re excited to share a cup of tea and help you plan  the best wedding day possible!

Check out Ms Polka Dot’s Directory for wedding vendors who will love your wedding as much as you!

Christian Marc Photography

Being passionate about your chosen profession must surely be one of the great gifts of life. Christian of Christian Marc Photography loves his pictures to tell the story of the couple, the wedding day and the stolen moments. His passion for capturing the authentic, vulnerable and special moments is evident in the images – they are a moment in time, behind which there is always a complete story. We’re proud to have Christian as this week’s vendor of the week!

We asked Christian of Christian Marc Photography five questions in five minutes –

What is your favourite after five drink?

I go “all out” with a wild cup of Peppermint or Liquorice Tea!

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Anywhere surrounded by trees, nature and my beautiful wife! The Dandenong Ranges in particular keep drawing me back time and time again.

Favourite restaurant?

The Veggie Bar in Brunswick, Melbourne – LOVE the variety of Vegan options on the menu and the cool vibe on any night of the week.

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

A delicious Tofu Scramble with Avocado with a big banana/date and spinach smoothie to wash it down… mmmm – dates!

Your favourite wedding story?

Still one of the very first couples I photographed. Their meeting was such a beautiful love story. He was Italian barely speaking a word of English, she was Aussie and kept smiling at him from across the room in the local Italian Cafe where he worked. When he finally plucked up enough courage to make contact their relationship commenced with many a text and Google translation! Just months later they set their mid-week wedding date and I was honoured to not only be able to shoot their day but be included in such an intimate gathering of family and friends from 2 countries – the love was clear through the day. I now see this couple every now and then still working at the same Cafe but now with 2 beautiful children – I can’t help but feel connected to their lives.

Visit Christian Marc Photography‘s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. Christian Marc Photography is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

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Snapshot Sunday – And Pose

by | Bride, Snapshot Sundays


Jerome Cole

Photo by Jerome Cole

Elzee and Luke’s Whimsical Thailand Engagement Photos

by | Bride, Engagements


whimsical thailand engagement photos0004

Elzee & Luke

These whimsical Thailand engagement photos are such a fun way to spend a Saturday don’t you think? The bride to be’s stunning ice blue ensemble which floats in the breeze – her red hair blooms a magic contrast and the groom to be in his retro print shirt. But that backdrop of Thailand’s Chicken Island? Now that, that is an incredible spot to photograph! A big thanks to Florido Weddings for sending this story my way!

Let’s kick off with the proposal – Luke proposed to Elzee in the middle of a Jurassic 5 concert in the crowd, they’re planning to marry in 2016 and chose Chicken Island in Thailand for their engagement photos. Callie of Florido Weddings tells, “Luke and Elzee are two of my best friends. Luke and Elzee have been engaged for a pretty long time and life has sort of gotten in the way of their wedding eventuating every year. We decided to do a group trip to Thailand last year and thought we should do a really nice engagement shoot to make up for the fact that the wedding wasn’t going to happen again that year.”

whimsical thailand engagement photos0002

whimsical thailand engagement photos0001

whimsical thailand engagement photos0003

whimsical thailand engagement photos0005

Callie continues, “I set aside 3 hours and a private boat to explore some islands and take some photos one afternoon. Elzee did her own hair and make up and we had this beautiful blue vintage dress which we borrowed off a friend in Brisbane.”

whimsical thailand engagement photos0006

whimsical thailand engagement photos0007

whimsical thailand engagement photos0008

whimsical thailand engagement photos0009

whimsical thailand engagement photos0010

whimsical thailand engagement photos0011

“When planning for this engagement shoot on Chicken Island (just off the coast of Tonsai Bay in Thailand) we allowed ourselves three hours because we all know how things go wrong when planning anything whilst overseas. We arrived to get on our chartered boat to take us out to the island for the shoot and unfortunately for us the waves were up after having days and days of completely flat waters. We struggled getting on the boat with me very nearly dropping my camera in the water. We all got soaked to our waist up, luckily Luke had a spare change of clothes but Elzee ended up being hit in the face by a wave and was soaked from head to toe after spending hours getting ready and doing her hair and make up.”

whimsical thailand engagement photos0012

whimsical thailand engagement photos0013

whimsical thailand engagement photos0014

“Next the motor wouldn’t start so after 20 minutes of waiting we hopped off and trekked back up the hill to the boat office. We waited about an hour for a new boat to arrive and this one worked just fine thankfully. I don’t think the Thais were very used to seeing women with short hair and lots of make up so we were a little mystified when the boat manager kept asking Elzee to be in selfies with him and kept telling her she was a ‘very pretty lady’ until he eventually flat out asked her if she was a boy or a girl. I still bring this up as dinner time conversation just about every time we have party. Elzee was horrified but later saw the humour in the situation.”

whimsical thailand engagement photos0015

whimsical thailand engagement photos0016

“So finally we get on a boat that works, we head out into the sea after spending an hour drying off and feeling good again. Then we hit open ocean and the waves started coming over the sides. We got completely soaked again whilst parts of the boat were breaking every time we dropped over another massive wave. After 30 minutes of thinking we might have to ditch our gear and swim back to shore at any moment we finally arrived at the island with only about 30 minutes to shoot instead of the planned 2 and a half hours. On the way out I was starting to think the shoot is surely doomed. The waves were wild the wind was whipping our hair around and we were completely soaked.”

whimsical thailand engagement photos0017

whimsical thailand engagement photos0018

“Once we arrived on the island we were completely protected by the wind and the sunset was by far one of the best I saw in Thailand. We quickly jumped back on the boat after sunset and headed back to land trying to beat a storm which was rolling in. We sat on the front of the boat watching the lightning chase behind us on our way to some well deserved beers at Tonsai.”

whimsical thailand engagement photos0019

whimsical thailand engagement photos0020

Photographer: Florido Weddings

Handcrafted Rings From Lisa Black Jewellery

by | Bride, Jewellery


lisa black unique jewels0001


The handcrafted rings from Lisa Black Jewellery have really taken my fancy over recent weeks. Lead designer Lisa Black hails from New York, falling in love with jewels from a very early age and after much study (including horticulture in Sydney and the US National Art School fine art) she brought her love of creating highly art driven jewellery pieces to her home in the Northern Rivers.

Inspired by all things exotic, Lisa works with old and new elements (including shell, bone and fragments of vintage tribal necklaces) alongside beautifully coloured gemstones like rubies, sapphires and diamonds to create unique creations that blend both the “primitive and the sublime”.  Old polished Australian cow horn holds one simple pale yellow diamond in a gold rivet and plate detail., a classic gold cocktail style rings holds a raw cut lilac-blue chalcedony druse stone. Each piece true to Lisa’s design sense.

The brand itself began in 2005 when Lisa met craftsman Jan Hooft, together they work to hand make each piece they sell using traditional jewellery making techniques and making sure each piece has as much care and love in each bend and turn. From rings, to bracelets and one of a kind pieces, the jewels are as interesting as they are beautiful.

Lisa Black Jewellery pieces are available through the website or through one of the brand’s many stockists.

lisa black unique jewels0002

lisa black unique jewels0006

lisa black unique jewels0004

lisa black unique jewels0003


lisa black unique jewels0005

lisa black unique jewels0007

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