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Louise & Luke’s Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding

by | Australia - Victoria, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding019

Louise & Luke

There is an old world glamour to Louise and Luke’s elegant Fitzroy town hall wedding. Drawing inspiration from an old bridal illustration and the bride’s love of all things old and beautiful, the couple created a day that was beautiful in its elegance. They chose It’s Beautiful Here to photograph their day.

Louise tells their story. “We are, as my dad said in his wedding speech, Ying and Yang! I work in fashion, and Luke is a sport man! Luke has over the years learned a thing or two about fashion and one of my favourite pastimes, anything vintage! I on the other hand have been known to attend a sporting event even if I’m not clear on who is winning! We were both on nights out with our housemates when we met.

Luke proposed. Keeping a secret from me is difficult, as I am always interested to know what is going on! The purchase and hiding of the ring was done without me knowing, the ring came on a camping trip but Luke didn’t find the right time. The proposal occurred one Saturday morning while I was sitting on the couch wearing my pyjamas and glasses! Luke had prepared a champagne breakfast! Very unexpected! We had looked at rings prior and I couldn’t stop thinking about a vintage ring we had seen, so when that appeared I was very happy!!”

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding001

The couple married in a stately garden, with styling by Miss Mooi Weddings and Events. Louise tells, “Our ceremony was at the Pioneer Womens Memorial Garden – a beautiful formal garden in Kings Domain in Melbourne, that fitted perfectly with the tone of our day. The garden has a formal layout, with a symmetrical pond and grotto, which represented to formal symmetry that we were looking for. We kept the decorations to a minimum, choosing vintage French chairs and a table, and allowing the beautiful garden design and colours to shine through.”

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding008

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding009

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding010

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding011Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding012

For her walk down the aisle, Louise remembers, “We had an acoustic solo guitarist, who did an amazing job, so we chose At Last by Etta James, as this sounded beautiful and light.”

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding014

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding016

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding018

Brent McGregor officiated the ceremony.

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding020

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding022

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding023

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding024

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding027

“We wanted a day that was intimate, something organic in its mood, with a formal twist, and we also wanted to include some vintage touches. It was important to us to invite the people who truly mattered – we had 56 guests, all of our close family and friends. The main inspiration came from my fashion magazines and blogs, the image for our invitation came from a 1960’s Nina Ricci bridal photo, which set the scene our look.”

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding028

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding029

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding030

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding032

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding035

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding039

The bride wore a gown by Mariana Hardwick, noting, “We wanted a formal style to our outfits, as I reminisce about the old fashioned days of dressing up in formal wear! I wore a beaded tulle gown that was made to measure from Mariana Hardwick, that had sleeves and a long veil – giving a formal look but with a vintage take. As an old ballet student I’ve worn some fun costumes in my time, and knew wearing a veil would be fun, but I had no idea how fun! I now want to include veils in my everyday look!” Monica Gingold styled her hair and makeup.

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding040

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding041

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding042

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding043

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding044

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding046Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding045

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding047

“We were blessed with the weather, we had an outdoor ceremony on the first weekend in spring in Melbourne. It was the only thing we couldn’t control.. The weather forecast suggested some showers with sunny periods. We had our reception venue as the indoor back up but we made the call early on the day to go ahead with the outdoor ceremony and we were blessed with a beautiful afternoon which produced some amazing photos, capturing the sun breaking through into the gardens.”

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding048

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding049

Pomp and Splendour created the floral arrangements for the day, the bride remembering, “I had chosen one flower I liked and left the rest to the florist, and Petra did a spectacular job! I honestly couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams the flowers being so spectacular, in particular the mantle piece arrangement, which was our centrepiece – I highly recommend letting the suppliers do what they do best, as I found by not being too controlling, the vendors were able to have the freedom to work their magic.”

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding050

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding051

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding052Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding055

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding053

Of their photographers, Louise remembers, “The photographers were excellent, both Scout and Kat immediately put us at ease with their relaxed but organised manner. It was great to share the day and night with them both and the photos (as you can see) turned out amazing.”

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding054

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding056

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding057Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding058

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding060

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding061

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding063Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding062

The Reading Room, Fitzroy Town Hall was chosen for the reception, Louise telling, “The reception was at the Fitzroy town hall – in the reading room – which is a beautiful old vintage library, which still has the bookshelves and books. As with our ceremony location, we chose the reception as the room already had such character, with the floorboards, chandeliers, and books, we just needed to add our touches. We sourced vintage napkins, and had over 300 candles lining the bookshelves and tables, and then Vue Events took things to a whole new level with their styling of the tables and dessert table. We also wanted to soften the look with flowers, and the floral arrangement on the mantle piece was designed by Pomp and Splendour to be the centre piece, which worked well with the mirror and fireplace.”

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding064

The bride, who adores vintage, sourced vintage napkins for each place setting.

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding066

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding067Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding068

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding065Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding072

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding075Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding076

“We wanted to keep the overall look clean, and wanted to our allow our supplier to run free, but we also wanted to add some small personal touches to ensure the day reflected our tastes. So we did little things like source vintage linen napkins for the tables, and then those combined with the amazing Vue De Monde settings meant we had the ultimate combination!”

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding077

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding081

“When we walked in we couldn’t believe how amazing the venue looked, it was like nothing we ever imagined! ”

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding082

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding087

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding091

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding095

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding096

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding099

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding106

Vue Events catered the wedding, the bride remarking, “The caterers (Vue De Monde) were an obvious highlight, we are forever grateful to Cory Campbell, Muriel Breau and Shannon Bennett for making it all possible. The food was to die for, and the dessert table was amazing, plus their styling took our choices to a whole new level that we could never had imagined!”

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding111

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding114

Of the “accidental” first dance,  Louise remembers, “We didn’t plan a formal first dance, however, we really liked ‘The Wedding Song’ by Angus and Julia Stone so when DJ Ryan Griffith announced he was going to ‘slow things down a bit’ everyone randomly left us alone on the dance floor and we danced solo to it, which was really nice.”

Elegant Fitzroy Town Hall Wedding115

Congratulations on your marriage Louise and Luke! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to It’s Beautiful Here for sharing today’s beautiful wedding!

Photographer: It's Beautiful Here / Bride’s Dress: Marianna Hardwick / Bride’s Shoes: J. Crew / Bride’s Jewelry: Samantha Wills / Groom’s Attire: Joe Black / Groom’s Shoes: Kenneth Cole / Hairstylist: Monica Gingold / Makeup Artist: Monica Gingold / Flowers: Pomp and Splendour / Invitations & Stationery: Paperpoint South Melbourne / Wedding Stationery Graphic Design & Printing: We Do It All / Ceremony Venue: Pioneer Womens Memorial Garden / Ceremony Hire Items: Miss Mooi Weddings and Events / Ceremony Officiant: Brent McGregor / Ceremony Music: Acoustic Guitar & DJ Ryan Griffith / Reception Venue: Reading Room, Fitzroy Town Hall / Catering: Vue Events / Reception Hire Items: Vue Events / Reception Music: Acoustic Guitar & DJ Ryan Griffith / Catering: Vue Events / Wedding Rings: Catanachs / Transport: Triple R Luxury Car Hire Black 1957 Jaguar
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Beachside Valentines Day Inspiration

by | Bride, Inspiration Shoot, Wedding Inspiration


Valentines Beach Inspiration107

With the week of love in full swing, I am so thrilled to finally share this romantic Valentines Day shoot we styled up for Polka Dot bride readers Kathleen and Nick. Taking a twist on a romantic beach side picnic – which I think is a beautiful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We imagined a decadent picnic under the shade of beautiful trees. Flowers in shades of pink, magenta and raspberry red, velvety red cakes and bowls of macarons, candles and of course a heck of a lot of a love.

Our ever lovely Katherine Eleyce (Ms Filigree) crafted this shoot with photographer Welsch Photography, Oak & Linden, Heiress Flowers and Tia from Artistry Co at the beautiful beachside venue Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel. Kathleen and Nick wore pieces from Adrianna Papell from Bridesmaids Only , Glamadonna, Roman and French and Calibre.

We enlisted Polka Dot Bride readers Kathleen and Nick to model for our shoot, their love filled smiles positively infectious. I’m presuming you might have a beloved, if you are reading a wedding blog, but I’m a firm believer in celebrating all kinds of love, so I think this picnic might just be a perfect way to spend a lazy day with your favourite girlfriends or boyfriends, or whoever you love. We even have a bunch of fabulous tips to help you on your romantic, luxe picnic arranging way.

We have a lot more from this gorgeous shoot on the way too, so stay tuned!

Valentines Beach Inspiration096Valentines Beach Inspiration126

Valentines Beach Inspiration086Valentines Beach Inspiration090

“We were spoilt by the The Grounds of Alexandria with beautiful cakes including a gorgeous mini red velvet one that looked almost too good to eat and a picture perfect loaf of bread to go with our cheese platter. For salads and all your lunch treats, your local deli will be able to help you out with these. Opting for proper plates, serving boards and cutlery not only looks great, it will also stop any frustrations that come with eating with small plastic cutlery!”

Valentines Beach Inspiration093

Katherine Eleyce tells us, “To create this special setting, we made a table using a sheet of plywood propped up on old pots. What’s best about this mock up table is that it can be created from bits and pieces that you can pick up from a local hardware store for minimal costs or you might even have something lying around the house. To create a glamorous and romantic feel, the table was covered with a cream chiffon, but any table cloth you have handy will do the trick, then it’s time for all your favourite salads, desserts and cheese platters.”

Valentines Beach Inspiration097

Valentines Beach Inspiration099Valentines Beach Inspiration120

Valentines Beach Inspiration084

“To complete the perfect picnic, we added a selection of ornate candles from Oak & Linden and vibrant flowers from Heiress Flowers that created a dreamlike setting. The rich tones in the florals, combined with the regal styles of the candle holders finish of your picnic with style and romance. Don’t forget to bring along a few pillows too for your comfort. Enjoy creating a truly special day that you’ll both treasure for years to come.”

Valentines Beach Inspiration128Valentines Beach Inspiration101

Valentines Beach Inspiration113

Valentines Beach Inspiration121

Valentines Beach Inspiration130Valentines Beach Inspiration132

Valentines Beach Inspiration141

Valentines Beach Inspiration147

Valentines Beach Inspiration146Valentines Beach Inspiration148

Valentines Beach Inspiration155

Valentines Beach Inspiration158

Valentines Beach Inspiration051Valentines Beach Inspiration052

Valentines Beach Inspiration059

Valentines Beach Inspiration061

Valentines Beach Inspiration062

Valentines Beach Inspiration064Valentines Beach Inspiration070

Valentines Beach Inspiration074

Valentines Beach Inspiration075Valentines Beach Inspiration076

Valentines Beach Inspiration001

Valentines Beach Inspiration002Valentines Beach Inspiration004

Valentines Beach Inspiration008Valentines Beach Inspiration010

“Whether you’re a lover or a hater of Valentine’s Day, it is a great excuse to get dressed up and spend some quality time with that someone special in your life! For this romantic day, we opted for refined and elegant fashions that infuse a little glamour into a picnic date. It was beautiful beaded gowns from Adrianna Papell from Bridesmaids Only that immediately caught our eye and our bride to be Kathleen looked stunning in these sparkly numbers. When choosing a beaded style for your lunchtime dates, champagne and pink tones are perfect as they keep your look soft and romantic.”

Valentines Beach Inspiration013Valentines Beach Inspiration014

Valentines Beach Inspiration018

Valentines Beach Inspiration020Valentines Beach Inspiration021

Valentines Beach Inspiration028

Valentines Beach Inspiration029

“For the Gentlemen looking to complement their ladies luxurious styles, nothing says “wow” like a perfectly fitted suit. We were spoilt for choice with beige and neutral options from Calibre which fit our groom Nick perfectly and suited a stylish yet relaxed day-date. When putting together a day time suit look, neutral hues are best for a sharp yet relaxed look. Pair your neutral suit with a shirt in pink or purple tones for a relaxed look and it will also highlight any pink tones in your partner’s look. Nothing says Cute with a capital C than a subtle colour complementing!”

Valentines Beach Inspiration030Valentines Beach Inspiration031

Valentines Beach Inspiration033

Photographer: Welsch Photography / Styling: Katherine Eleyce (Ms Filigree) for Polka Dot Bride / Venue: Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel / Bride’s Dress: Adrianna Papell from Bridesmaids Only / Bride’s Jewelry: Glamadonna / Bride’s Jewelry: Roman and French / Groom’s Attire: Calibre / Cakes: The Grounds of Alexandria / Flowers & Props: Oak & Linden / Flowers (Outdoor Picnic): Heiress Flowers / Flowers (In Gold Vase At Outdoor Picnic): Oak & Linden / Hair & Makeup Artist: Tia from Artistry Co / Models: Kathleen & Nick

20+ Of The Best Valentine’s Day Beauty Treats

by | Bride, Hair and Beauty


Valentines Day Treats Makeup Roundup

I do adore Valentine’s Day. I love that there is a day where you can be as mushy as you like, embrace the pink sprinkled cupcakes, the bright red lipstick, the heart printed dresses and share your love not only for your partner but for your friends and family.

So with the Valentines Day spirit in full force, I decided to roundup my favourite Valentines Day makeup treats. Whether you are looking for a gorgeous pink lipstick to wear on the day, a beautiful bath oil to spoil yourself, or a sweet perfume to gift somebody you love, let’s dive into 20+ of the best Valentines Day beauty treats!

Kate & Nath’s Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding

by | Australia - New South Wales, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding054

Kate & Nath

I love the country afternoon celebration that Kate and Nath held for their sweet Yarramalong Valley wedding. It’s exactly what they wanted- a relaxed day with family and friends that celebrated everyone they love. They chose Jackielyn Powell to capture their day.

Kate tells us the story of they they came to be. “We first met through my sister Clair when we were much, much younger! (I had a crush on him when I was sixteen!). When we were older, we met again through mutual friends, I’d had a string of disastrous relationships and he’d been traveling for a long time so when we met again the time was right for us.”

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding004Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding005

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding007

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding011

Kate wore the Rue De Seine “Violet” gown from The Babushka Ballerina, telling, “Last year I went to New Zealand with one of my best girlfriends for her to look at dresses – she’d seen a few from this designer but at the time they didn’t stock in Australia. I’d only just recently become engaged so when we were there my friends encouraged me to try a few. I tried the Eve gown and loved it (The Violet gown was on the shortlist of my friend so I didn’t try it at the time).

Months later I was in Sydney with my Mum and I knew the Babushka Ballerina in Paddington had started stocking Rue De Seine so I called and asked if I could come by and try the Eve for my Mum to see. Thankfully, they were able to juggle some appointments to squeeze us in. I went in thinking that the Eve gown would be what I bought but when I tried it on and showed my Mum, neither of us loved it. My friend didn’t end up going with the Violet and I had loved it in NZ so I tried it and it was perfect. I loved the simple cut and silhouette of it and also the beautiful lace!”

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding012

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding014

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding017

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding020

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding021

Kate and Nath chose Yarramalong Valley Farmstay  for their wedding ceremony, explaining, “Some friends had styled a TV show at the farmstay and they’d recommended I check it out. Nathan and I had wanted somewhere open with nothing around – just land. It wasn’t quite that but we found a spot at the bottom of the property that was still close enough for guests to walk to from the house but far enough that you couldn’t really see anything else around.”

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding023

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding024

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding027

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding028

“I walked with my sisters, close girlfriends and nieces leading the way. Our little boy Marlow walked with me and the song we had was Sea of Love by Cat Power.”

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding032

Standing wedding ceremony

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding036Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding037

Of their ceremony, performed by Sarah Tolmie, Kate remembers, “We wanted it to be very personal (of course) and quite casual. We stood side by side with our arms around each other and our little boy Marlow sat at our feet. Our families and friends stood in front of us (everyone stood except for our grandparents)…we wanted everyone to feel like they were part of the ceremony…which they were!

We had decided we wouldn’t be doing formal speeches at the reception so we wanted to ceremony to cover off a lot of things that usually would be talked about in the speeches – how we met, our lives together, how we got to where we are, funny stories and anecdotes about our relationship etc.

We had the most incredible celebrant – Sarah Tolmie who delivered a beautiful ceremony that was everything (and more!) we hoped it would be! There was one reading which I had found a long time ago which always stuck with me which she ended the “formalities” with: I choose you In a hundred lifetimes In a hundred worlds In any version of reality I’d find you and I’d choose you.”

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding038

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding039Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding041

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding044

Bride in Rue De Seine Bride wearing Rue Dea Seine

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding043

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding047

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding048

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding050

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding052Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding053

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding055

Of their photographer, Kate notes, “Jacki is a friend and I have followed her on instagram for a long time. I really loved her style and have always thought she had a great ability to capture a moment or feeling in a really implicit way. Although I hadn’t seen any wedding shoots from her, I asked if she would be interested in shooting our day. We had wanted to have someone that would capture all the special moments and the mood of the day but without all the posed shots. (We had a handful of posed shots with our families but that was it!). She did such an incredible job!”

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding056

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding057Wyong Creek Hall

Reception celebrations continued at Wyong Creek Hall, Kate noting, “The Wyong Creek Hall was directly opposite the farm stay and although we would have liked to have the reception on the property as well we were a bit worried about the weather so that was a great option. It was a great blank canvas!”

Outdoor wedding reception decor

Kate tells, “We DIY’d nearly everything! All styling and decorating was done by us (we sourced a lot of the “Middle Eastern” decorations from Lakemba) and also raided family and friends houses for anything that would fit the theme like cushions, rugs, vases and candle holders.” The couple also hired furniture from Vintage Patina.

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding060

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding072

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding069

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding075

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding061Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding064

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding065

In honour of the groom’s Lebanese heritage, Food Stuff Catering served up a Lebanese style banquet.

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding070Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding073

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding074

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding076

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding078Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding081

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding079

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding080

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding086

“We didn’t have a first dance but we did hit the dance floor pretty early on and danced the night away to a very eclectic mix (we have opposite tastes in music!) – everything from Paul Simon to the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack, The Doors, Joy Division and Afro Beats!! (and everything in between!).”

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding090

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding091

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding093

Sweet Yarramalong Valley Wedding097

Congratulations Kate and Nathan! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Jackielyn Powell for sharing today’s wedding!

Photographer: Jackielyn Powell / Bride’s Dress: Rue De Seine "Violet" gown / Bridal Salon: The Babushka Ballerina / Bride’s Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Grey Suede / Bride's Dancing Shoes: Vintage Robert Clergerie / Bride’s Jewelry: Mania Mania Phantom Quartz Idol Earrings / Groom’s Attire: Country Road / Groom’s Shoes: Doc Martins / Hairstylist: Rachel Nau / Makeup Artist: Tira Jaye / Flowers: Wild Ivy Flowers / Invitations & Stationery: Handmade / Ceremony Venue: Yarramalong Valley Farmstay / Ceremony Officiant: Sarah Tolmie / Reception Venue: Wyong Creek Hall / Reception Hire Items: Vintage Patina / Catering: Food Stuff Catering / Wedding Ring (Bride): Antique / Wedding Ring (Groom): Accent Antiques / Transport: Friend
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