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Vendor of the Week – DJ PeterD Entertainment Plus

by | Blog News, Bride


Happy Monday Dotties! I can hardly believe it is Autumn – where did Summer go? It seemed to pass in the blink of an eye! Lucky I love Autumn so much isn’t it?

Before we kick off our own week of happy wedding inspiration it’s time to highlight, spotlight and show off the members of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory.  We have Bridesmaid Gowns, we have Styling and Hire we have  Cinematographers, we even have Flowers! We work really hard to get vendors on board who are lovely – they’re excited to share a cup of tea and help you plan  the best wedding day possible!

Check out Ms Polka Dot’s Directory for wedding vendors who will love your wedding as much as you!

victoria wedding DJ

Good music can make or break a dance floor and personally? I love a great dance floor where I can belt out the tunes all night. So let me introduce you to our vendor of the week Peter of DJ PeterD Entertainment Plus. They kick off your wedding package by getting to know you – the kind of music you love and the kind of guests you’ll have at your wedding, Then? Then they make sure your dance floor is as awesome as you want it to be all night long (they can even MC!) and if you’ve had one too many macarenas, or need it to make your night complete – they’ll help you out!

We asked Peter of DJ PeterD Entertainment Plus five questions in five minutes –

What is your favourite after five drink?

My ultimate drink at all times is a great Long Macchiato.

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Weekend? I hope you mean the industry weekend Monday to Wednesday :-) and during the summer it would have to be anywhere nice and quiet for camping with my loving wife and daughter.

Favourite restaurant?

This is the hardest question ever as I work as so many places but if I had to pick one it would have to be Stillwater @ Crittendens for their awesome Palm free food and Oh the Pork Belly yum yum yum!

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Generally it is Brunch and the preference is crumpets with the old faithful Nutella :-)

Your favourite wedding story?

Again why are you hard on me :-( But if I must pick one I would have to pick the one where a Bride stalked me on FB and finally met me in person at an expo and just popped the question, “do you travel? and are you available 23rd September 2013?” The answers were yes and yes and the wedding took place in the Snow at Falls Creek. The build up to this wedding was awesome as we played a huge part in the planning as well as helping at the rehearsal the day before.
How often can a person say that they get to play such a big part in such a special day and get to enjoy not only the lead up but the day and after the day. Since the wedding we have bonded a relationship between myself my family and the Bride and Groom.

Visit Peter of DJ PeterD Entertainment Plus‘ page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. Peter of DJ PeterD Entertainment Plus is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

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Snapshot Sunday – Peek

by | Bride, Snapshot Sundays


photography by cassie

Photo by Photography With Cassie

Eweline & Niklas’ At Home Engagement Photos

by | Bride, Engagements


Eweline & Niklas

Today’s at home engagement shoot might be from the other side of the world, but I loved the romance of it so much that I knew it was one I wanted to share with you. They chose Swedish based Australian photographer Mike Mañalac to capture them doing their every day loves. Niklas has an at home music studio where he loves to create new tunes, Eweline is a pastry chef and loves nothing more than baking at home. Together they went about their day with Mike shooting them just as they are.

Niklas tells, “We decided to have our engagement session, just a few short months before our big day. Mike, our photographer, had recommended that we do something that best represents us – both as individuals, and as a couple. Both Eweline and I are completely comfortable at home – it is where both of our interests lie, so we decided, why not?”

“There is nothing that would speak more about us than our place and our neighbourhood. Plus, we’re surrounded by beautiful nature, forest areas and paddocks. It’s so picturesque out here, we were confident nature would help us get some beautiful photos together! On top of that, neither Eweline or I like the over-dramatic couple photos that you see from a lot of shoots. We wanted natural photos of us together and Mike’s documentary style suited that perfectly.”

“Eweline is an amazing pastry chef. Baking treats and cakes is something she has always loved doing at home, and for the past year she has been lucky enough to work at a venue doing just that. She also has Funi, our Icelandic horse (you could say he is our child), and he is a much loved member of the family.”

“I work as a tradesman during the day, 4 days a week, and as a music producer for film and games at every other moment I get! I have a complete music studio at home and I will happily work on new music tracks with any spare time that I have – I love it. So this is why we decided to have the shoot at home.. everything that says ‘us’ is here.”

“We had a good 5 or 6 hours with Mike. We started outside, spending some time with Funi. He was a little nervous in front of the camera, but had us there for support! We then moved inside and Mike began by focusing on Eweline baking some delicious cookies! It was then my turn upstairs, where I tinkered in my studio, before playing some guitar.”

“Lastly, we all hurried outside before the sun came down and took some photos together in the ‘golden light’. It was such a relaxed, enjoyable day and we absolutely loved the photos after the shoot! Eweline and I really couldn’t be happier with them or recommend Mike any more highly.. he did such a great job in making us feel as comfortable as possible and I think it really shows.”

Photographer: Mike Mañalac

Personalised Hand Painted Napkins From Fazeek

by | Bride, Reception


hand painted napkins australia

I love hearing from local artisans and when the lovely Jackie of hand painted napkin business Fazeek dropped her name into my inbox with her new venture I was particularly excited.

Owner Jackie hand paints 100% linen napkins in her studio in Melbourne. Each design carefully thought out to capture Jackie’s design aesthetic. I for one love the modern, bold designs of her work (especially the polka dot design!) I love how a simple napkin can change up a tablescape so easily and add an interesting layer of design.

The best part? If you want a custom design, Jackie can create one that works with your own personal wedding style using anything from your initials, dates to whatever your heart desires! I love the idea of gifting these to your guests as favors of keeping them in your home as a memento of that night you got married.

Fazeek napkins can be purchased through the website. Pre designed napkins come in sets of four in a single design or mismatched designs (wedding present anyone?)

hand painted napkins


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