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Vendor of the Week – Triple R Luxury Car Hire

by | Blog News, Bride


It’s the first week of February already! It seems only yesterday that we were enjoying Christmas and now the year is speeding by, with plenty of weddings in the planning stage and plenty more coming to their conclusion with a beautiful 2015 celebration with our nearest and dearest. So celebrate weddings, life and love by raising a glass or two!

Before we kick off our own week of happy wedding inspiration it’s time to highlight, spotlight and show off the members of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory.  We have Entertainment, we have Cinematographers, we have  Menswear, we even have Specialised Services! We work really hard to get vendors on board who are lovely – they’re excited to share a cup of tea and help you plan  the best wedding day possible!

Check out Ms Polka Dot’s Directory for wedding vendors who will love your wedding as much as you!

 Triple R Luxury Car Hire have a fleet of over 40 chauffeured vehicles for your wedding day including sedans, convertibles and limousines from Europe’s finest manufacturers – Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz and Daimler. With a passion for cars dating back through his family’s generations, the cars are kept in immaculate condition and Alex and his team will deliver a service second to none. To walk outside to see a beauty like one of the above waiting for you, will make you feel like a princess on your wedding day.

We asked Alex of Triple R Luxury Car Hire five questions in five minutes –

What is your favourite after five drink?

For those warmer summer months I can’t go past a Gin and dry with a slice of lime. One of my new favourite drinks at the moment is Mr Black coffee liquor, either on the rocks or mixed.

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Heading out to the beautiful Dandenong and Yarra Ranges on my Aprilia motorbike or some off road riding on my dirt bike. There’s no better way to experience the beautiful mountain ranges or fast flowing roads than on a bike – any worries I have disappear behind me. Riding has been my passion for most my life and has let me explore the beauty that the Victorian countryside has to offer.

Favourite restaurant?

Living in inner-city Melbourne we are so spoilt for choice! Dalmatino in Port Melbourne never lets me down for beautiful Croatian/Mediterranean cuisine, whilst closer to my end of town, you can’t go past the burgers at the B.EAST on Lygon St for that casual Wednesday night.

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Can’t get a better coffee than Piano Piano on Nicholson St in East Brunswick, whilst their Meatball Wraps and Baked Saucy Eggs are out of control delicious! Owner’s Josh and Sass are awesome hosts too.

Your favourite wedding story?

Would have to be the wedding of Paula and Adrian. Paula is a childhood friend of whom I have known since the age of 10, whilst Adrian has been in Paula’s life for over 8 years. Seeing them grow up together and finally marry was particularly special.

Providing wedding cars for such wonderful friends was a great honour and privilege, not to mention the fun we had throughout the drives between photo locations around the city. A pet pig even played a role as special guest! The owner was taking a leisurely stroll down Bourke St in the CBD with leash and pig in hand – certainly a one-of experience in my time driving wedding cars, and definitely added to the hilarity of an already hysterical day!

Visit Triple R Luxury Care Hire’s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. Triple R Luxury Care Hire is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

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Snapshot Sunday – In Your Arms

by | Bride, Snapshot Sundays


Hannah Roche

Photo by Hannah Roche

Anna and Scott’s Australian Farm Engagement Photos

by | Bride, Engagements


australian farm engagement0004

Anna & Scott

There is so much I love about Anna & Scott’s Australian farm engagement photos. Nothing really beats those Australian sunsets, golden sun bleached grass and the beautiful homesteads. In amongst it all is a story – a country girl who fell in love with a city boy. Of how they met, they tell, “We met through mutual friends, but then reunited through facebook. Where Scott found Anna popping up in pictures and started chatting online. From here realised we knew each other and reconnected through a dinner date.”

Gemma Clarke Photography traveled to the bride’s family farm, outside of Mudgee to capture the place where so much of Anna & Scott’s story has unfolded.

australian farm engagement0011

australian farm engagement0012

Anna remembers,”Scott didn’t remember my name for the first three months of dating and kept calling me babe. Then couldn’t remember my mum’s name and called her the wrong name quite a lot on the phone even in his speech he had to think about it before thanking her (we have been together for 6 years!).”

australian farm engagement0014

australian farm engagement0015

australian farm engagement0016

On what he loves about Anna, Scott tells, “Her determination, her silliness, her commitment to one task at a time, her random bursts of weird conversations or laughter, her fashion style.”

australian farm engagement0017

australian farm engagement0018

australian farm engagement0019

australian farm engagement0020

Of the proposal, Anna remembers, “Knowing I love the bush and relaxing in peace and quiet he treated me to a surprise get away to the Blue Mountains where he took me to a treehouse resort for three days, bushwalking, gardens and wildlife watching. After this (he) played my favourite song whilst proposing in the outside hot tub within the trees. (Scott) proposed with his grandmother’s ring.”

australian farm engagement0021

australian farm engagement0023

australian farm engagement0024

“I am a country girl turned city girl once meeting the love of my life in the ‘big smoke’ Sydney, 6 years ago. Facebook enabled our two paths to cross and create a very unique love story. I was ready for my journey as teacher and he was the party king. Two futures that may have seemed to go in different directions but as time progressed we created one life together. The country is my other life, and introducing Scott to this life was nerve-racking, especially when arriving in his ‘surfy’ clothes, turbo Subaru and trance music blaring. The first meeting of my father was a long walk through a paddock, what was said I will never know, but from that day our love blossomed.”

australian farm engagement0027

australian farm engagement0030

australian farm engagement0033

“Farm work is not for the light hearted, and spending weeks at a time up on the Wellington property (40 minutes from Mudgee) Scott began to really fit in and attempt sheep work, cattle work and even got to ride the motorbikes. The long trips in the truck with Dad always ended in some insightful messages for Scott and I to take away, and to this day he continues to talk about.”

australian farm engagement0035

australian farm engagement0036

australian farm engagement0039

australian farm engagement0045

australian farm engagement0047

“Even the asking of Dad’s permission for my hand in marriage was interrupted by Scott having to catch a sheep first, which Dad says he does well. As we could not have our wedding on the farm, we decided to do portraits before the wedding. This was the most special occasion for me to venture to my most favourite spots where I grew up and could give these to my parents to cherish. The 120 year old sheds and house were captured so beautifully with my soon to be husband standing next to me in his complete transformation of Akubra hat, RM Williams belt and chequered shirt, what a turn-around from his surfy shorts and thongs. From riding the motorbikes, to climbing our heritage rocks, from stepping in numerous cow pats, to frolicking through the crops it truly started the beginning of what was going to be our most special day.”

australian farm engagement0049

australian farm engagement0050

australian farm engagement0051

australian farm engagement0053

On what she loves about Scott, Anna says, “His generosity and sincerity, his unique sense of humour, his shyness that can turn into an absolute character, his ability to get me out of a bad mood, his effort put into loving me and making me happy.”

australian farm engagement0054

australian farm engagement0055

australian farm engagement0056

australian farm engagement0058

australian farm engagement0059

australian farm engagement0060

Beautiful Bridal Fashion Illustrations

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride, Wedding Gifts


sarah darby bridal illustrations0001

Illustration by Sarah Darby

One of the new concepts I’ve been loving recently is the ideas of gifting a sketch of the beautiful bride in her beautiful gown post wedding. Wedding gowns nowadays are almost works of art and a visual reminder that has a more fashion base than a photograph, is something special the wearer can keep in her home as memento of that amazing piece she wore.

With so many amazing artists around nowadays creating such pieces, I wanted to showcase a few of my favourites – all very different and all very talented!

Sarah Darby

Sarah Darby has always loved drawing and art, but put her passion on hold for a more traditional life of university and her career as a publicist in London. Upon the birth of her second child, Sarah started to draw again and now creates beautiful sketches.

Sarah works one on one for commissions – loving bridal work more than most. Her work can even extend to bridesmaid portraits (another great gift) and will draw inspiration from your photographs or inspiration boards.

sarah darby bridal illustrations0002


Brooke Hagel

Based in NYC, I can vouch for the beautiful work of illustrator Brooke Hagel.  Years and years ago I fell in love with one of Brooke’s bridal drawings and purchased it for my office. She was soon creating the head shots for all the patterned people and I continued to love her beautiful fashion illustrations.

Brooke takes commissions for one of bridal portraits, using ink and pencil to capture the detail and shapes of the gown to show off it’s beauty via drawing.

Brooke Hagel bridal illustrations

Alexandra Neale

Australian illustrator Alexandra Neale has been popping up everywhere with her fun, whimsical illustrations. Her forms take on rosy cheeks, the bouquets full of colour and depth, her gowns full of detail using coloured pencils, graphite and copic markers on watercolour paper.

Alexandra has a series of bridal collections already on her site – from the bride and her bridesmaids, to the newlyweds and the bride alone. Having studied fashion design, Alexandria’s custom commissions have a special focus on the fashion elements of the pieces she recreates.

Alexandra Neale Bridal portraits

Erin Petson

Erin Petson is far more conceptual than the other illustrators I have featured today.  She began art school at age 16 and having been commissioned by everyone from Dior to Vogue, her work speaks of high fashion and the beauty that lies within its lines.

Her custom bridal portraits have only been available for a year and already she is creating very personal pieces – working one on one with the bride to get a sense of her own personal style, injecting this inspiration into the piece itself.

Erin Petson bridal illustrations

Karen Orr

From glittery fabrics, to lace detailing even down to the subject’s eyelashes, illustrator Karen Orr prides herself on attention to detail using acrylic paint to create her pieces.

Based in Pennsylvania, Karen studied fashion illustration as well as fine art before an illustrious career. She has recently began drawing again, creating one off custom portraits for brides, bridesmaids and couture designers around the world.

Karen orr bridal drawings

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