Modern Forest Wedding Inspiration

modern forest wedding inspiration0053

Oh I love this modern forest inspiration shoot. The forest provides such a glowy green backdrop it lends itself to any number of styling ideas! Today’s crew chose a bold, jewel toned modern set up with a bohemian edge.The backdrop of the forest makes such a statement that the lush florals and gold touches practically sparkle.

Shoot concept designer and photographer Terri of Terri Hanlon Photography explains, “For such a long time I have craved a wedding inspired by elements from nature so creating this style session just amazing. The thought of two people getting married in such a secluded scene with minimal fuss is just incredibly romantic! The style of this shoot was an intimate forest elopement incorporating bold bright florals and bohemian elements. To keep the theme as authentic as possible we include the services of a celebrant to enhance the feel of the elopement. By shooting on the Sunshine Coast it created a backdrop that is achievable for any couple wanting a truly romantic and intimate setting to celebrate their union.”
Terri enlisted a team of Green and Bloom, Prop It Pretty, Big Love Weddings & Celebrations, Hair and Make up by Ashley Rose, Elly Hartly Designs, When Freddie Met Lilly, Michael Innis Menswear along with models Jim Combs and Jessica Clarkson to bring her vision to life.

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Green and Bloom & Prop It Pretty created bright, lush floral arrangements and styling elements “Roberta Moberg from Green and Bloom Floristry and Prop It Pretty created some incredible blooms for both the table setting, bridal bouquet and boutonniere. I always love working with Roberta, as her style is elegant and quite modern in her approach to floral choice. We were searching for something that we have not necessarily worked with before so bold blooms and succulents were our feature.”

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Watercolour stationery with gold touches was designed by Elly Hartly Designs “Elly Hartly created some incredible stationery for us inspired by the bold colour palette we had decided to use. Her designs perfectly complemented the creations and the styling by Roberta of Green and Bloom.”

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The bride and groom wore a gown and suit from When Freddie Met Lilly, the groom adding leather braces from Michael Innis Menswear .

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Joanna of Big Love Weddings & Celebrations performed a mock ceremony for the shoot, Terri noting, “Having as much authenticity as possible was an important part of the session so we enlisted the help of a local celebrant Joanna Lincolne from Big Love Weddings and Celebrations to create a realistic feeling ceremony.”

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Terri created the backdrop herself, explaining, “I created the macramé backdrop; a fair bit of Pinterest research and DIY was involved to create the curtain. I was also keen to include greenery to enhance the look. So once the curtain was strung with the help of everyone we wove greenery into the supports. We have all loved the boho style and this was one way that we could incorporate a little in our style session.”

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modern forest wedding inspiration0001

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“Our models Jim Combs and Jessica Clarkson are not just stunning people but also long time friends so the chemistry between them was just effortless whilst photographing the two of them.”

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“The furnishings and decor the gold hues and bold colourings matched with the white chairs, were purposely chosen to emulate the style of the macramé backdrop. We found this to be a subtle way for us to complement the styling chosen for the ceremony.”

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modern forest wedding inspiration0042

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Hair and Make up by Ashley Rose, styled the bride’s look. “Ashley Rose created a beautiful lose hairstyle for Jessica that really complemented the gowns from When Freddie met Lilly. Jessica’s make up was just flawless and not even the heat of the day faulted Ashley’s amazing her work. Definitely something every bride needs to know. Ashley created a look that complemented the colorful elements without overbalancing the style.”

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modern forest wedding inspiration0022


Adrian and Govind’s Colourful Mixed Culture Wedding

colourful mixed culture wedding0004

 Govind & Adrian

Oh what a wedding I have for you today, this colourful mixed culture wedding brought together traditions and flavours of Australia, The Netherlands and India as two souls tied the knot. A surprise flash mob, personalised baking and even a visit from an ice cream cart turned this wedding day into something truly reflective of the fun personalities of Adrian and Govind. The day was photographed by Alan Moyle.

Of how they met, Adrian tells, “We met online (before iPhones were invented) and then enjoyed six wonderful years together. In 2013 Govind proposed with two antique rings in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower whilst we were having a picnic.”

colourful mixed culture wedding0006
Adrian and Govind chose Fairfield Amphitheatre for their wedding, telling, “Fairfield Amphitheatre is a beautiful natural backdrop for a wedding. The river and the trees remind us we’re in Australia; and in an amphitheatre, everyone gets a great view!”

colourful mixed culture wedding0007

“Our wedding theme was “threads”, based on a quote from Simone Signoret: “Laws do not hold a marriage together. It is the threads, hundreds of tiny threads sewn by two people, their families and their friends together through the years”. We used coloured woollen threads (yarn) on our invitations and on snack bags at the ceremony. The snack bags celebrated our mixed cultural heritage through food, and included an Australian, Dutch and Indian biscuit.”

colourful mixed culture wedding0011

Adrian and Govind walked down the aisle to, ” ‘Opening’ by Philip Glass, played on piano by Rhys, one of our Best Men.”

colourful mixed culture wedding0012

colourful mixed culture wedding0013

colourful mixed culture wedding0014

When giving advice to couples yet to tie the knot Adrian and Govind advise, “What does a wedding and marriage mean to you? Question normative assumptions and do it your way. We couldn’t sign a marriage certificate at our wedding. And that is an embarrassment to Australia. But we actually felt blessed, because it meant that we had to dissect and decide ‘what is marriage and a wedding, to us’. We found that process so beautiful and our relationship grew in the process.”

colourful mixed culture wedding0015

colourful mixed culture wedding0016

colourful mixed culture wedding0019

The grooms were dressed by Manyavar for their ceremony noting, “Our clothing was reflective of our mixed cultures and their aesthetics. At the ceremony we wore Indian clothes but in black and white (Western) colours.”

colourful mixed culture wedding0022

colourful mixed culture wedding0023

Adrian and Govind wrote their ceremony to make sure it was very symbolic of not only their culture but their life and beliefs together. They tell, “At the ceremony we performed a special Indian ritual which involved lighting a fire, holding hands and walking around the fire taking seven slow steps in synchrony with each other as we contemplate seven prayers for our married life. We also performed a ritual, which involved us tying a sacred thread around each other’s necks. It signified the union of our minds, spirits and bodies. We tied the first knot for each other. Our sisters tied the second and third knots, signifying our becoming part of each other’s families.”

colourful mixed culture wedding0024

colourful mixed culture wedding0025

Adrian tells, “Our close friend Anita played a Carnatic (Southern Indian classical) violin piece whilst we took our first steps as married men around the spiritual fire. Fiona, our Best Woman, sang “What a Wonderful World” while we signed our documents. For us, the words in that song capture the almost deliriously happy feeling that came over us in our ceremony. Having live music from our close friends added an incredibly special element.”

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colourful mixed culture wedding0031

colourful mixed culture wedding0036

colourful mixed culture wedding0037

The bridesmaids wore purple and gold saris from Lulu Sarees.

colourful mixed culture wedding0040

colourful mixed culture wedding0045

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colourful mixed culture wedding0050

colourful mixed culture wedding0054

colourful mixed culture wedding0053

Of their photographer, Adrian tells, “Alan is a lovely guy, who takes amazing photos. People came up to us after the wedding saying “that photographer was so nice”. We picked him for his ability to capture just that right second, which later tells a story; and for the way he composes pictures – balancing objects and people to create impact.”colourful mixed culture wedding0056colourful mixed culture wedding0077

Switching it up for the reception, the grooms changed to Jack London outfits noting,  “At the reception we wore Western clothes, but in typically Indian (bright red and blue) colours.”

colourful mixed culture wedding0071

colourful mixed culture wedding0073


colourful mixed culture wedding0059

A surprise flash mob greeted the newlyweds at their reception, Adrian remembering, “We had so much fun! Early in the reception, before we arrived, our brideless party and close friends started a flash-mob! At first two of our friends jumped up (one onto her chair) and did a short Indian piece. Then, 13 people joined them and did a Bollywood dance, much to everyone’s surprise! Then, they jumped out-of-the-way and we came running in – and did our first dance together.”

colourful mixed culture wedding0061

Adrian and Govind chose Two Ton Max for their reception, telling, “TwoTonMax is a transformed warehouse on a back-street in North Melbourne. The polished concrete, steel beams and open space made it the perfect blank canvas for us to personalise for a big party.”

colourful mixed culture wedding0060

colourful mixed culture wedding0062

“We did everything our own way. The ceremony was meaningful and solemn. We kept the laughs and partying to the reception. We surprised our guests! We kept most of the details to ourselves while we planned, knowing that the impact would be more special that way.”

colourful mixed culture wedding0063

colourful mixed culture wedding0064

colourful mixed culture wedding0068

“After our parents’ speeches, we surprised them by playing video footage and photos from their weddings. We converted old 8mm film and edited a little highlights video. We wanted to honour what we see as inspiring marriages. At the very start of the reception we screened a video showing footage of us as babies, children and then adults together. It was our way of telling “our story” but in a different form.”

colourful mixed culture wedding0066

Adrian and Govind particularly loved the speeches. “We loved the thoughtful and touching words from our family and friends in speeches. We made sure we gave enough time for this special part of the night. It was very personal.”

colourful mixed culture wedding0065

Tables were dotted with flowers arranged by family – the grooms telling, “We bought mixed flowers from our local fruit and veg shop. Our sister-in-law and her husband arranged them beautifully in small glass jars on the tables. It gave a beautiful and relaxed look to the venue.” Place cards were personally created by the couple. “Instead of place-name cards, we drew on a small ceramic tiles. For each guest we put the person’s name and a drawing, which typified them or reminded them of something we’d shared together. Everyone seemed excited to see the personalised tile and it was a great conversation starter between guests.”

colourful mixed culture wedding0083

Adrian tells, “At our reception we made a photo installation. We collected a photo of every guest, bringing back a memory that we shared with them, and suspended them from coloured threads. Our guests wrote messages on the back for us, and had fun finding their photo and talking about the stories behind them.”

colourful mixed culture wedding0084

A surprise visit from ice cream cart Bianco Latte had everyone excited. “Everyone loves gelato; especially on a hot February night! So we got Bianco Latte to roll their gelato cart into TwoTonMax later in the night. It was a huge hit!”

colourful mixed culture wedding0085

colourful mixed culture wedding0088

Adrian adds “We wanted to add as many personal touches as we could. We made chocolate coconut balls as a little snack for everyone. We love cooking and it didn’t seem right to have such a big party without cooking something for our guests.”

colourful mixed culture wedding0090

La Divina Providencia kept the dance floor grooving, Adrian noting, “La Divina Providencia played beautiful Columbian and Latin American music. They really got everyone up dancing! We first heard them in a local bar in Brunswick and booked them immediately!”

colourful mixed culture wedding0093

colourful mixed culture wedding0095

colourful mixed culture wedding0098

The farewell was the perfect ending to the big day. “At the end of the night, we assembled everyone on the street outside and our guests lit giant sparklers. Then, much to everyone’s surprise, we jumped on our bike and we dinked each other home!”

colourful mixed culture wedding0099

The icing on today’s wedding cake is of course a video. The surprise flash mob entrance was caught on film and it will have you smiling from ear to ear!

YouTube Preview Image

Congratulations Adrian and Govind! Thank you for sharing your celebration with us. Thank you also to Alan Moyle for sending this fun day our way.

Handmade Hairpieces by My Beaded Heart by Liron Cohen

wedding hairpeices0001
Liron Cohen, the woman behind My Beaded Heart by Liron Cohen, a designer based in Tel Aviv recently introduced her beautiful Spring Summer 2015 collection of handmade hair accessories. Each a beautiful option for a bride who wants something delicate and beautiful to go with her wedding day style.

Inspired by the delicacy of nature and Spring blossoms, Liron hand makes each piece using pearls, glass drops beads, crystals & Japanese beads.  Each piece has its own variations just as nature does to create a soft and romantic style. Beaded flowers, textured leaves, and softly woven vines are all echoed in beading and hand-woven crystal work. How beautiful these pieces would be in a garden wedding, echoing the natural surroundings.

My Beaded Heart by Liron Cohen is available via her Etsy store.

wedding hairpeices0003

wedding hairpeices0004

wedding hairpeices0005

wedding hairpeices0006

wedding hairpeices0007

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wedding hairpeices0009

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