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Playing those wedding games…

by | Bride, Wedding Inspiration


32 Playing those wedding games...

You may remember when I talked about Dream Day Wedding, a game which had me enthralled (or perhaps procrastinating is the better word?) for hours trying to plan the perfect wedding for our Dream Day couple. Well the wedding is over and Dream Day Honeymoon has been released!


 Playing those wedding games...
The game takes the lead from Dream Day Wedding and takes you to destinations to search for weird and wonderful things (a stapler on the beach!) Of course you pick wonderful presents and play memory games in order to buy a first class flight home.

210 Playing those wedding games...


The second game is so Polka Dot Bride! Wedding Dash is hot off the press and it follows the same story as the famous ‘Diner Dash’ games and has you planning the perfect wedding- the groom hates spices, the bride loves chocolate.

Pick the perfect combination and head to the wedding day where you’re sent to deliver presents to the happy couple, serve three course meals, break up fights and console weeping aunts- sounds like a typical day for a wedding coordinator to us!


271 Playing those wedding games...
The guests (like typical wedding guests) have their seating requests, some want to be seated next to the blonde bombshell, others next to the distinguished grey haired chap. Some would rather sit anywhere but next to the ginger haired lady!


291 Playing those wedding games...
Of course, like Diner Dash, as levels progress the game gets harder with more guests and more problems to solve (again sounds like the typical wedding!)


311 Playing those wedding games...
Wedding Dash and Dream Day Honeymoon and of course, Dream Day Wedding are available for trial and purchase from PlayFirst


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