A Decorated Wedding – Fairy Lights

Today’s entry is on fairy lights (or twinkle lights) ! These are often used at weddings, but come out in full force during the festive season!

Fairy Lights

Surround poles, pylons, rafters and doorways with strands of fairy lights

Amelia Lyon, Drew B, Blue Castle Photography

Hang strands of lights from beautiful trees

Stephen Grant

Take a canvas and create an artwork to decorate the reception or foyer

Martha Stewart (Instructions here)

  • Wind fairy lights around branches, place in a vase and use for your wishing tree or table centre pieces
  • Curls strands of lights into vintage jars for a very sparkly effect.
  • Place behind fabric to have a magical glow
  • Weave in amongst wreaths and centre pieces
  • Wind them around the arch or structure you plan to marry under

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