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Summerblossom “Dreamcatcher” Bridal Hair Accessories

This gorgeous collection of hair accessories from Summerblossom captured my thoughts recently. Not strictly bridal, the latest collection “Dreamcatcher” has that relaxed styling that could be added to a relaxed, beautiful gown, a bridesmaid look or the parties in between.

The limited edition Dreamcatcher collection includes gorgeous chain hairpieces, organza flowers, decorated combs, brooches and floral crowns all reflective all the dreamy, free spirited inspiration behind the collection.

Designer Rochelle says, “This original collection is dedicated to the dreamers, the doers, the thinkers, the spirited, the kind, the original and the honest. For those who long to feel the wind in their hair and the earth under their bare feet. For those who look to the sky and aren’t afraid to dream their own dreams. For those who love honestly with an open heart, because they know no other way!”

The pieces are all handmade in Australia by Rochelle, who can custom work pieces to suit your own personal colour preference and Summerblossom will ship internationally.

Photos by Luisa Brimble

11 thoughts on “Summerblossom “Dreamcatcher” Bridal Hair Accessories”

  1. I have followed Summerblossom’s success for quite some time and Rochelle is such a talented designer and crafter; she hand-makes absolutely everything herself! Full credit to her making Summerblossom such a gorgeous product :)

  2. Oh my goodness! gorgeous! so lovely to see something handmade with such love and care in a market flooded by mass manufactured pieces. love it.

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