Jeena & Run’s Romantic Rose Garden Engagement

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Victoria Rose Garden Engagement Shoot

Jeena & Run

As my name suggests, I adore roses, so you can imagine how this romantic rose garden engagement session made my heart beat that little bit faster! Jeena and Run chose Samantha Ong Photography to capture their love for one another in this stunning shoot, and I am beside myself over these beautiful images and this amazing location.

Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0118

Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0120

Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0122Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0123

Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0124

Mornington Rose Garden Engagement Shoot

Jeena reminisces about how they met. “We actually met at work and found we were studying the same degree at Melbourne University, only a year apart. Our boss at the time thought we were a good match and still claims credit for setting us up. She used to send us on lunch breaks at the same time. We started to get to know each other and started hanging out at uni.”

Samantha Ong Photographer

Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0130

Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0132Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0133

Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0138

Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0139

Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0143

Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0147

Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0148Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0150

“I’m just really excited about our marriage. The thought of just being able to see Run every day, the first person I see when I wake up and the last person I see before I go to sleep. Sharing our lives together and developing together as good people, while still being able to have a laugh about all the silly things we do. Our perfect date together is just enjoying each other’s company. Having a day with plenty of yummy food is always a plus!”

Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0144

Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0165

Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0164

Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0151Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0152

Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0175

Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0177

Mornington Rose Garden Engagement Session

Romantic Rose Garden Engagement20160512_0174

Such beautiful engagement shots, Jeena and Run! Thank you to this gorgeous couple, and to Samantha Ong Photography, for sharing this divine shoot with us!


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