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Inspired Memories – Mick

by | Groom, Inspired Memories


Ms Herringbone

surprise melbourne wedding39 Inspired Memories Mick

I LOVE a good surprise, no matter the shape or size. So a surprise wedding is winner in my books, and Groom Mick’s memories of his gorgeous Surprise Melbourne Wedding echo this sentiment.

Mick remembers, “The whole day was amazing. It felt very special as we did everything the way we wanted to and it reflected us as individuals, and as a couple. The wedding was simple but had a lot of character. The most important part for me was to celebrate our relationship with the friends and family closest to us.”

surprise melbourne wedding38 Inspired Memories Mick

surprise melbourne wedding48 Inspired Memories Mick

Images by Love, Katie & Sarah.

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Groom Style – Joe

by | Groom, Groom Style


Ms Herringbone

classic autumn wedding35 Groom Style Joe

There’s something both timeless and a little bit retro about a man in a sharp suit and suspenders. It is a nod to fashion of the past, but also has a fashion-forward feel to it. Groom Joe and his Groomsmen are perfect examples of this style worn effortlessly, in suits from Roger David, at his Classic Autumn Wedding to Bride Kimberley.

classic autumn wedding27 Groom Style Joe

Images by Bruce Loves Susie.

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Groom Style Guide For The Fashion Forward Man

by | Groom, Groom Fashion


Jaime Macmillan

Everyone is waiting for the first glimpse of ‘the dress’ but grooms, what about you? This is also your big day to revel in, it’s your chance to bask in sartorial glory in a suit that makes you feel amazing and better yet, you’ll probably get to wear your suit many times over – lucky!

While a classic black suit, fitted to perfection can be absolutely stunning, there are so many options out there that are worth exploring and considering. Here’s a groom style guide for the fashion forward man.

Groom Style Guide Groom Style Guide For The Fashion Forward Man

1. M.J. Bale is a classic Australian menswear label who create beautiful suits for everyman. Using the finest materials, they offer suits for every price point. There’s even a custom service is available for the groom who wants to create something unique. Choosing a different suit colour doesn’t mean it has to be eye-watering bright. Checking out the new M.J. Bale range, their colour palette features strong masculine hues in navy, brown, charcoal and denim – a vibrant royal blue. Image via M.J. Bale

2. Topman is another great option for affordable, fashion forward attire. Olive green, berry tones, and yellow are some of their suits colours on offer – definitely not for the faint hearted! Topman also have a classic black suit with a satin shawl detail or even one with a cheetah print, which I think would work brilliantly if you’re having a 50s or rockabilly themed wedding. Image via Topman

3. & 4. If you want a suit with definite wow-factor then I suggest you hot-foot it to Mr. Porter. Checks are a popular choice that can be subtle or as prominent as you like: both make a great impact. Blue also seems to be trending and is available in an array of hues from deep navy, bright royals – even powder blues. My favourite is a wool-blend purple suit in a perfectly tasteful shade of plum – perfect if you’re getting married in autumn or winter. Images via Mr. Porter

5. Little details and the way you accessorise and finish your wedding look can have just as much impact as wearing a suit in an eye-catching colour and is a great way of showing your personality without being to over the top. Etsy should be a go-to source for wedding planning even when it comes to the grooms attire. Interesting cufflinks such as these circuit board ones that I came across are perfect for that IT-whiz in your life and is a good way of jazzing up your wedding suit. Image via Etsy and Techcycled

6. For something a little more quirky, American brand, Two Guys Bow Ties are in the business of making quirky, hand-made wooden bow ties and are definitely worth a look. Image via Two Guys Bow Ties

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