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Belinda & Ben’s Elegant Coombe Wedding

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Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0915

Belinda & Ben

I love scrolling through the images of a wedding and seeing the many emotions captured by a photographer, whether it be from the bride and groom, their wedding party or the guests. Belinda and Ben’s elegant Coombe wedding was so evidently full of love and affection from all involved in their day, and Sarah Godenzi Photography was there to capture these moments so beautifully.

Of how they met, Belinda remembers, “Ben and I met in 2010 at the Stawell Gift (a professional running event). I went down there to enjoy the weekend with my running friends, and Ben went to support a friend of his who was also running. We met at the Stawell Gift Hotel and it was love at first sight! It started with me saying hello to him and, unknowingly, he didn’t say it back (!), but ended in a crazy, fun weekend. From that moment I knew he would be a good fun guy, and Mum thought he was going to be the one.”

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0869

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0855

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0853

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0854

Vouge and Jackson

Of Ben’s attire for their day, Belinda says,”After discussing the style of my dress, we agreed on a beautiful charcoal suit with black trimming from V & J Menswear. The suit went beautifully with the venue and the dress, and the best part was that he looked like such a spunk!”

Ian Phillips

Sugar Bee Flowers

The stunning bouquets were created by Sugar Bee Flowers.

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0860

Rhilee Coughlan

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0862

Belinda’s delicately beaded gown from Luci De Bella suited her theme and venue perfectly. “I wanted something quite elegant, that would suit the venue and give me that wow factor! It needed to work in with the period of the venue (Dame Nelly Melba) and once I found my designer and her beaded dress design, I was in love. She made it just the best experience, and I had full trust she was going to deliver and of course, she did. Luci was so much fun, and every time I had to visit I knew it would make my day. She made me feel like a goddess.”

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0867

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0864

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0863

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0865

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0866

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0873

Mick Cambino

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0870

“Our ceremony programs were DIY – we knew it was going to be hot on the day and so they doubled as fans. I didn’t really need to do anything else as everything was included through the venue!”
Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0874
Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0875Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0876Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0877Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0878

Belinda walked down the aisle to “Heartbeats” by Jose Gonzalez, and the couple were married under the beautiful oak tree in front of Dame Nelly Melba’s home. Belinda says,” When we saw the amazing tree, we knew we were getting married there. The ceremony was just so magical!”

“Our celebrant was the wonderful Ann Flockhart who made the ceremony flow so well, and ensured it was very much about us. It was very sweet and their were a few laughs along the way too. We had the reading “He’s not perfect” by Bob Marley which really represented us as a couple. It was just perfect! We couldn’t believe how quickly it went.”

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0880

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0881

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0883

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0884

Belinda and Ben held their ceremony and reception at Coombe the Melba Estate. Belinda gushes about their venue, “It was the first venue we walked into, and I was beaming from ear to ear from the moment we walked in through the hedges. Having grown up in Lilydale, we learnt a lot about Dame Nelly Melba and the contribution she made to our community. She was the famous women of her time and I just loved her. To be married in her estate was so special to us. I loved the venue because it was also all-inclusive, and as I run my own business I really didn’t have time to worry about the minor details that came with organising a wedding. The team at Coombe, especially Sarah who helped out and ensured the day ran smoothly, were so helpful and amazing.”

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0886

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0887Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0888

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0889

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0918

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0885

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0892

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0890

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0891

Sarah Godenzi Photography

Luci Di Bella Gown

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0910

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0917

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0897

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0898

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0896

Of their photographer, Sarah Godenzi, Belinda says, “We loved Sarah! Not only is she the best, we also really connected and got along so well. I felt like she was just a friend taking photos of us. It was fantastic that I had full trust in her knowing she would capture the best shots. Sarah was so professional and accommodating to our needs.”
Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0911

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0912Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0913

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0914

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0916

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0919

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0907

Coombe Melba Estate Yarra Valley

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0868

Danni Webb Cakes

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0902

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0904

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0903

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0901

Coombe Melba Estate Catering

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0923

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0922

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0940

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0939

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0942

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0941

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0944

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0945

Belinda and Ben’s guests were surprised with a very exceptional surprise announcement at the reception. “A special detail of our wedding was the announcement of our first baby being on the way. I was 15 weeks pregnant and we just couldn’t wait to share the best news ever with our friends and family. The best part was they didn’t have to ask us, “So, when are you going to start a family..?”. We got in before they got a chance! I think the most special part of the day was having our most loved people in one room. I just loved the feeling of support everyone gave us, it was magical,” the bride gushes.

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0948

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0947

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0949

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0946

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0905

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0924

The couple shared their first dance as husband and wife to Beyonce’s “XO”, and Belinda remembers, “Our first dance was awesome. It got everyone going and started a huge dance floor which is what I really wanted. Having an Italian background, at family weddings we always have the couple wrapped up in streamers that bind our love together to last forever. We gave everyone streamers and they wrapped us up so tight we almost fell over! I will never ever forget that special dance.”

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0925

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0926

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0927

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0928

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0930

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0931

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0934

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0936

Elegant Coombe Wedding20160712_0933

Belinda and Ben’s gorgeous wedding video was captured by Lee Vella (who is no longer filming weddings, so we can definitely appreciate this beautiful one created for the couple!).

Congratulations Belinda and Ben! We adore your stunningly elegant wedding. Thank you to Sarah Godenzi Photography for sharing this lovely wedding with us.

Photographer: Sarah Godenzi Photography / Videographer: Lee Vella / Wedding Planner: Coombe Melba Estate / Stylist: Coombe Melba Estate / Bride’s Dress: Luci De Bella / Bride’s Shoes: Zu Shoes / Bride’s Jewellery: Stephanie Brown / Groom’s Attire: V & J Menswear / Groom's Shoes: Julius Marlow / Groomsmen Attire: Joe Black / Groomsmen Shoes: Julius Marlow / Bridesmaid Dresses: Sheike / Bridesmaid Shoes: Forever New / Bridesmaid Accessories: Colette Hayman / Hairstylist: Hayley Dickson / Makeup Artist: Rhilee Coughlan / Florist: Sugar Bee Flowers / Invitations & Stationery: Giant Invitations / Ceremony Venue: Coombe Melba Estate / Ceremony Hire Items: Coombe Melba Estate / Ceremony Officiant: Ann Flockhart / Ceremony Musicians: Michael Gambino / Reception Venue: Coombe Melba Estate / Reception Hire Items: Coombe Melba Estate / DJ: Top Dog Entertainment / Favors: Starlight foundation / Catering: Coombe Melba Estate / Wedding Cake: Danni Webb Cakes / Rings: Ian Phillips
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Thurley Spring 2016 “Concerto” Collection

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride, Bridesmaids


Thurley Spring 2016005

The Thurley Spring 2016 collection is brought to life with a beautiful title “Concerto”. The collection is filled with stunning embroidery, laser cut detailing and silhouettes that are all about the modern bride, bridesmaid or even wedding guest.

The delicate balance of the bold silhouettes is complimented every so femininely with beautiful embellishments and sweet details that soften the looks. White jumpsuits make a powerful choice for the bride who isn’t comfortable in dresses,  capes that cover bare shoulders making a statement, sheer overlays with intricate details, fringe necklines and high-low hemlines all creating that chic Thurley style.

With the designers drawing inspiration from their travels – it’s no wonder these new designs are reminiscent of what you might wear on long Summer days in Europe – the blue and white tones of the “Peacock” dress as clear as the skies of Greece while the colourful florals embroidered on the black of the “Fiesta” dress so very Spanish.

The Thurley Spring 2016 collection is available in store now.

Thurley Spring 2016001

Thurley Spring 2016002Thurley Spring 2016003

Thurley Spring 2016006Thurley Spring 2016004

Thurley Spring 2016007

Thurley Spring 2016008Thurley Spring 2016009

Thurley Spring 2016010Thurley Spring 2016011

Thurley Spring 2016012Thurley Spring 2016013

Thurley Spring 2016014

Thurley Spring 2016015Thurley Spring 2016017

Thurley Spring 2016018Thurley Spring 2016019

Thurley Spring 2016020Thurley Spring 2016021

Thurley Spring 2016022

Thurley Spring 2016023

Thurley Spring 2016024Thurley Spring 2016025

Thurley Spring 2016026Thurley Spring 2016027

Thurley Spring 2016028Thurley Spring 2016029

Thurley Spring 2016031

Thurley Spring 2016032Thurley Spring 2016033

Thurley Spring 2016034Thurley Spring 2016035

Thurley Spring 2016036

Thurley Spring 2016038




Photographer:: Daniel Gurton / Hair and Makeup: Mae Taylor / Model: Megan Irwin

Hannah & Todd’s Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding

by | Australia - Tasmania, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding048

Hannah & Todd

Hannah and Todd chose the stunning backdrop of Tasmania for their special day. They married in a lush green garden, before celebrating and dancing with family and friends under the trees – what followed, a decadent restaurant reception was the most beautiful end to their day. They chose The Love Jug to join them on their day and capture the magic.

Hannah fills us in on how they came to be. “Todd and I met when I was 17 and he was 20. We met through friends and were initially just friends before we started to develop feelings for each other. Our first proper date involved me sneaking out of my friend’s house in the middle of the night so we could meet up (it was all very teen drama). We’ve now been together nearly 10 years!”

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding002

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding008Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding011

Hannah chose a gown by Rachel Gilbert noting, “I had been looking for what I thought I wanted in a wedding dress for a few months with not a whole lot of luck. I’d tried on beautiful dresses but none of them felt right. I tried my dress on, on a whim – it was not at all the kind of dress I was looking for and I was convinced it wouldn’t suit my body type. But when I looked at myself in the mirror I just knew it was the one. I felt like an old Hollywood movie star – I felt so glamorous!”

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding014

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding017

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding019

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding022

Hannah and Todd found Valleyfields, New Norfolk for their ceremony location. “For our Ceremony, we looked at many venues, and consistently turned away disappointed – too close to the highway, scrappy buildings, excessive cost etc. Finally, we settled on Redlands Estate, which we immediately fell in love with. Unfortunately, it fell away when the property was sold to new owners. Emma, our Redlands liaison helped us find Valleyfield, just around the corner from Redlands, which we fell in love with for different reasons, the owners were incredibly accommodating and kind. Valleyfields is an old heritage house and has beautiful gardens right on the banks of the Derwent River in New Norfolk. My ‘aisle’ was a long rose archway ending on the bank of the river in the shade of a nearby tree.”

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding023

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding024

Style My Day  created the ceremony look. “Our ceremony stylist, Nina from Style My Day, we went to her one month before the wedding to ask for some help and she managed to pull it all together so well on the day! It was so exciting seeing her work as I walked down the aisle!”

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding025

For her walk down the aisle, Hannah remembers, “We chose ‘La Vie en Rose’ – we had a three piece French/gypsy jazz band (Les Coqs Incroyables) play at the ceremony and they did an amazing job!”

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding026

Dan Stephens officiated the ceremony. “We wanted a fairly quick, easy and relaxed ceremony. We wanted to avoid any stuffiness or heavy readings and our celebrant, Dan Stephens, was just perfect in helping us organise this. Todd and I wrote our own vows. It was perfect!”

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding028

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding030

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding032

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding038

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding043

The first dance was under the trees, the bride remembering, “Todd and I decided to break with tradition and have our first dance at the ceremony. We had the amazing three piece band, Les Coqs Incroyables there so we decided to take full advantage and have them play ‘Kiss to Build a Dream on’ by Louis Armstrong. It was such a lovely moment, where Todd and I just got to be ‘us’ and have a few minutes together in our own world.”

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding044

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding039

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding041

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding052

Lisa Kingston Flowers created romantic floral arrangements for the day, the bride remarking, “All her flowers come from her property south of Hobart so it’s all seasonal and locally grown. I gave her a rough idea of what I was looking for and she went away and created the most amazing bouquets. She also styled the reception with some spectacular flower arrangements on the walls at Ethos and beautiful table flowers. Very wild and romantic!”

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding056

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding057

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding060

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding061

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding063

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding065

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding069

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding078

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding079

Of their photographer, Hannah explains, “We had a bit of bad luck with our initial photographer when she had to cancel our booking 6 months before our wedding. Panic ensued as we tried to find an available photographer in Hobart, but it looked like pretty much everyone in Hobart was also getting married on the 27 February! One of the photographers have us Bianca Milani’s details – we looked at her work and fell in love! She was just so amazing to deal with and made the whole process so stress-free. She went above and beyond on the day and really captured the feel of the wedding. Looking back through the photos has been fantastic like we are living the wedding again! We were so lucky to find her.”

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding080

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding081Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding084

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding091

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding092

The newlyweds held their reception at Ethos Eat Drink, the bride telling, “We were looking for somewhere that did amazing food, but also somewhere we could have lots of share plates on long tables. In my head I envisioned people casually chatting and passing plates back and forth, like a big traditional family dinner. Ethos was all this and more – their food was exquisite and they paid such close attention to detail. Nothing was too much trouble for them and their food (and cake!) was probably some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. We’ve had so many of our guests comment on how fantastic it was!”

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding093

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding095Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding102

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding096

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding097

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding100

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding105

“My mum and I made plum jam for wedding favours from the plum tree at my parent’s house. It was a bit of a disaster initially as we managed to burn two batches of the jam before we were successful! Tempers were running high that day! My mum and Todd’s mum also made all the nibbles for the ceremony. Todd was a graphic designer in another life, so he made the wedding invitations, signage at the reception and the labels for the jam. Todd also made our guestbook from scratch after I found a picture of one I loved, but couldn’t find locally – it turned out even better than the one I wanted! Todd and I also made the sangria for drinks at the ceremony. It was delicious!”

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding107

“Todd’s brother was a groomsman, my brother was MC (he was such a crack up! He lightened the mood and made everyone laugh throughout the night!), my 4 year old niece was our flower girl (and a very cute one!), our mothers were our witnesses to our signing and my father and Todd’s step-father gave tear inducing speeches at the reception.”

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding110

Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding112Intimate Tasmanian Garden Wedding099

Congratulations on your marriage Hannah and Todd! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to The Love Jug for sharing today’s celebration!




Photographer: The Love Jug / Bride’s Dress: Rachel Gilbert / Bridal Salon: Little White Boutique / Bride’s Shoes: Rachel Simpson / Groom’s Attire: Routleys / Groom’s Shoes: Florsheim / Groomsmen Attire: Routleys / Bridesmaid Dresses: Keepsake The Label / Bridesmaid Dresses: Little White Boutique / Bridesmaid Accessories: Francesca / Hairstylist: Amanda Clout / Makeup Artist: Beth Oakley / Flowers: Lisa Kingston Flowers / Invitations & Stationery: Handmade / Ceremony Venue: Valleyfields, New Norfolk / Ceremony Styling: Style My Day / Ceremony Officiant: Dan Stephens / Ceremony Musicians: Les Coqs Incroyables / Reception Venue: Ethos Eat Drink / Reception Styling: Lisa Kingston Flowers / Favors: Handmade / Wedding Cake: Brenton Streefland / Wedding Rings: Sargisons Jewelers

Jennifer Regan “Del Amor” Bridal Collection

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride


Jennifer Regan Del Amor Bridal Collection036

Sydney designer Jennifer Regan is taking a new turn with the premiere of her “Del Amor” collection. While classic, feminine styles have always been Jennifer’s direction, the “Del Amor” collection takes on a more contemporary feel, drawing inspiration from Frida Kahlo, Latin American dance, music and textiles.

The vibrant cultural elements weave their way through the collection in skirt ruffles, printed fabrics and two-tone lace, Jennifer sourcing beautiful laces – small and intricate to beautiful 3D textured lace and scallop patterns to make the collection something very special.

The “Del Amor” collection is available at the Jennifer Regan Paddington boutique and launches online shortly.

Jennifer Regan Del Amor Bridal Collection033

Jennifer Regan "Del Amor" Bridal Collection002Jennifer Regan "Del Amor" Bridal Collection001

Jennifer Regan "Del Amor" Bridal Collection004

Jennifer Regan "Del Amor" Bridal Collection005Jennifer Regan "Del Amor" Bridal Collection006

Jennifer Regan "Del Amor" Bridal Collection010Jennifer Regan "Del Amor" Bridal Collection009

Jennifer Regan "Del Amor" Bridal Collection012

Jennifer Regan Del Amor Bridal Collection031

Jennifer Regan "Del Amor" Bridal Collection015Jennifer Regan "Del Amor" Bridal Collection013

Jennifer Regan Del Amor Bridal Collection030

Jennifer Regan "Del Amor" Bridal Collection018Jennifer Regan "Del Amor" Bridal Collection016

Jennifer Regan Del Amor Bridal Collection034

Jennifer Regan "Del Amor" Bridal Collection019Jennifer Regan "Del Amor" Bridal Collection020

Jennifer Regan Del Amor Bridal Collection035

Jennifer Regan "Del Amor" Bridal Collection023Jennifer Regan "Del Amor" Bridal Collection022

Jennifer Regan "Del Amor" Bridal Collection026

Jennifer Regan Del Amor Bridal Collection032

Jennifer Regan Del Amor Bridal Collection037




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