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Snapshot Sunday – More Than Words

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Robert Wen

Photo by Robert Wen

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Danii & Dan’s Coastal Sunset Engagement Photos

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Danii & Dan

Danii and Dan chose a coastal setting for their sunset engagement photos. They wanted a relaxed, intimate feeling that would capture the love they have for each other. Matt Godkin Photography met with the couple to capture their newly engaged glow.

Of how they met, Danii tells, “We met at our youth group! Dan came to church one day and I (Danii) convinced him to come to youth that week!”

Dan tells the story of how he proposed. “I (Dan) planned to take Danii to Bundeena national park in the morning to go for a walk/propose. But when I called her about it, she thought our walk was meant to be on a different day, so she had her mind set to clean her room that day. So I had to go back to the drawing board and as she already had dinner plans, I decided to pick her up after dinner and take her to the Coogee board walk. We went for a bit of a stroll and we mucked around on that rainy day, and when we finally sat down, I proposed to her (on one knee of course) and thankfully she said yes!”

On what he loves about Danii, Dan says, “Apart from being gorgeous, I love that whenever I’m feeling down or going off track, she makes me smile, feel good about myself and always gets me back on track and challenges me to be more positive.”

On what she loves about Dan, Danii tells, “I love how humble he is, I love that he goes above and beyond for the people he loves. He gets excited over little things, and he has such a joyous laugh. He has the worst jokes, but I have to laugh because they are funny (sometimes)!”

Of their engagement photos, Danii & Dan tell, “We really liked the candid and relaxed style that Matt has. We didn’t want to have a total model shoot and have to be in awkward positions, we just wanted it to be natural. Matt made us feel really comfortable during the shoot, so we could be cute and close and it turned out to be quite intimate.”

Golden Hair Accessories From Kerry Ann Stokes

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golden hair accessories0005

Oh – lovers of gold have I got a treat for you! I stumbled upon the gorgeous work of Brooklyn designer Kerry Ann Stokes and I have fallen for her deliciously warm gold bridal hair accessories! From the above, a lustrous gold veil made from beautiful silk tulle, to leather headbands, silk lamé sewn blooms and mixed media hair crowns that are are as pretty as they are a statement.

I love the idea of a simple gown, or even a ballgown with that glimmering gold veil floating down the aisle and the simple but bold gold hair accessories, especially woven through darker hair give such a modern yet somehow old world look. Beautiful in Summer or Winter but especially pretty in Autumn with its rusty tones (pair it with red lips!), Kerry hand makes each piece and also works with brides to create custom, one off pieces to suit your own personal style.

Kerry Ann Stokes pieces are available from her website and ship internationally.

golden hair accessories0001

golden hair accessories0002


golden hair accessories0004




golden hair accessories0008

golden hair accessories0007


golden hair accessories0011

golden hair accessories0009

golden hair accessories0010




golden hair accessories0015

golden hair accessories0013

golden hair accessories0014


Friday Roundup

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Image by Stewie Donn Photography from  What Would They Know? Kirby Tucker of Museum Spaces

The table above is positively Easter worthy isn’t it with it’s bright fun colours? The Polka Team are taking a break for the long weekend (but we have plenty of wedding inspiration going up as normal!) So while this Friday Roundup might be quieter than normal, you can expect that post chocolate comas, we will be back fiercer and more excited than ever!

In the mean time, catch up on the blogs and news of the week!

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Swirl divider2 Friday Roundup

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Swirl divider2 Friday Roundup

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Clair De Lune Films sent over this gorgeously sweet video of Janet and Chris at The Briars on the Mornington Peninsula and I thought it was a lovely way to head into the Easter weekend!

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