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Beautiful Wedding Gowns From White Lily Couture

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Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture002

The juxtaposition of old and new was the inspiration for this stunning shoot showing off the new arrivals to bridal salon White Lily Couture. The shoot, inspired by the salon’s muse, the modern traditional bride, took place in an abandoned fort. The venue unexpected but a stunning setting for the beautiful wedding gowns to take centre stage.

Working with Casey Jane Photography,  Elizabeth Crossley MUA , Anton and Blair and floral designer Green and Bloom, the team worked to create a shoot that reflected White Lily Couture’s modern traditional bride. Stunning tulle skirts, elegantly long lace sleeves, sweeping trains and figure hugging silhouettes work with the modern bouquets that are filled with just foliage and greenery and makeup looks of sleek pony tails, contoured cheek bones and bold lips.

Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture001

Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture026

Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture012Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture013

Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture003

Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture004Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture028

Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture030

Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture007

Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture008

Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture010Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture011

Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture014

Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture015Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture017

Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture016Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture018

Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture020

Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture023

Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture024

Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture021Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture025

Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture005

Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture009

Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture029Beautiful Wedding Gowns At White Lily Couture022







Photographer: Casey Jane Photography / Gowns: White Lily Couture / Makeup Artist: Elizabeth Crossley MUA / Hairstylist: Anton and Blair / Floral: Green and Bloom
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Vendor of the Week – The Photo Booth Guys

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Happy Monday Dotties! Are you smelling Spring yet? The light has changed, the sun is a little brighter!

Another exciting week ahead with plenty in store on Polka  Dot Bride to keep you entertained during these cold winter days. Ms Polka Dot’s Directory is filled with outstanding vendors and we are adding more all the time. We know that you will find just the right wedding vendors right here for your wedding.  We have Hair & Beauty, we have Stationery & Paper Goods, we have Wedding Planners and Transport – we even have Bridal Gown Services and Cakes!

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The Photo Booth Guys

The Photo Booth Guys have a great sense of fun – well who wouldn’t – adding entertainment and hijinks to any occasion! Coupled with that though is the serious business of providing an innovative and efficient service to anyone wanting to use a photo booth. Our questions have been answered by the very hip and happening wooden camera – which just goes to show – inanimate objects do have thoughts after all!

We asked Max Power (yes – that’s the wooden photo booth camera above!!!)  of The Photo Booth Guys five questions in five minutes:

What is your favourite after five drink?

I’m an old fashioned kind of a guy – firmly in the rich mahogany school of interior design – so an Old Fashioned (with rye whiskey obviously, not bourbon) is my tipple of choice.

Your favourite weekend getaway?

I’ve had a few great family getaways at The Canopy Rainforest Treehouses in Queensland. Surrounded by protected rainforest, it has a safe, ‘rootsy’ kind of a feel for me that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Favourite restaurant?

I’ll go anywhere they cook with gas really. Some of these hip places with wood-fired ovens and coal burners give me the creeps.

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

I travel a lot for weddings and events so I’ve got used to hotel breakfasts. I try to recreate these at home on the weekend by inviting strangers around to sit in my kitchen and eating multiple helpings of fruit from a tiny bowl.

Your favourite wedding story?

I can’t pick one favourite as all our weddings are awesome, so I’ll go with the classics. Cinderella packs a punch but The Princess Bride is my all-time favourite.

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Snapshot Sunday – All Dressed Up For the Wedding?

by | Bride, Snapshot Sundays


Oli Sansom Photography

Image by Oli Sansom Weddings

Jenna & Shaun’s Relaxed Urban Engagement

by | Australia - Victoria, Bride, Engagements


Relaxed Urban Engagement002

Jenna & Shaun

If hanging out in jeans and t-shirts is your favourite way to spend a day then you will love Jenna and Shaun’s relaxed urban engagement with Laugh Out Loud Photography. With a backdrop of city icons – including the famous Nylex clock, I know you’ll love the vibe!

Relaxed Urban Engagement001

Relaxed Urban Engagement004

Relaxed Urban Engagement006

Relaxed Urban Engagement007

Relaxed Urban Engagement008

Relaxed Urban Engagement005

Jenna tells the story of how the lovebirds met. “We saw each at a petrol station one day – then we actually met in person at the pub that same night!”

Relaxed Urban Engagement009

Relaxed Urban Engagement010

Relaxed Urban Engagement011

Relaxed Urban Engagement012

Relaxed Urban Engagement003

Relaxed Urban Engagement013

Relaxed Urban Engagement014

Relaxed Urban Engagement016

Relaxed Urban Engagement017

Relaxed Urban Engagement018

Relaxed Urban Engagement019

Relaxed Urban Engagement020

On what they love about each other, Jenna remarks, “I love that we never stop caring about each other, Sean is the most caring and loyal person I know. And I know he would do anything for me, as I would do anything for him. He is a beautiful man & I am so proud of him.”

Relaxed Urban Engagement021

Relaxed Urban Engagement022

Relaxed Urban Engagement023

Relaxed Urban Engagement024

“Sean proposed on my birthday last year at one of our favourite places, Sorrento. We are actually having our wedding ceremony in the exact same location to where he got down on one knee.”

Relaxed Urban Engagement025

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