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Annalouise & Adam’s Weekend Homestead Wedding

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weekend homestead wedding0089

Annalouise & Adam

I love the idea of a wedding that spans the entire weekend. Annalouise and Adam chose a weekend homestead wedding for their big day. They started with a Friday night cocktail party, serving up Adam’s favourite gin & tonics, raspberry spritzers and Tasmanian Sparkling wine and continued with a Saturday afternoon garden party, the wedding ceremony, intimate sit down reception and ending with a winery tour around Tasmania’s gorgeous Tamar Valley before guests made their way home. They chose Lisa Pearl Photography to photograph their special day.

On how they met, Annalouise tells, “We met through a charity where I (Annalouise) worked and where Adam volunteered to raise money. I knew someone so committed to helping others in need was someone I wanted to be around. We decided on our first official date that we were going to get married and live happily ever after. We were right.”

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weekend homestead wedding0004

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Annalouise tells, “We wanted an adult version of Alice in Wonderland’s tea party. We started the weekend with a welcome cocktail party on the Friday night. Glorious canapés were served with Gin & Tonic’s (Adam’s drink of choice), Blackberry spritzers and Joseph Chromy Sparking for the Tamar Valley. We wanted everyone to get to know one another (if they had not already met, we had both interstate and international guests) before Saturday so we would keep the feel very relaxed.”

weekend homestead wedding0010

weekend homestead wedding0007

weekend homestead wedding0011

The couple chose Red Feather Inn  for their weekend of fun, explaining, “We spend so much time in Tasmania (it’s our favorite place in the world) that we knew that’s where we wanted to be married. We had stayed at the Red Feather Inn once before could not think of a more perfect venue for our big weekend. It is the most gorgeous French Provincial style old homestead just outside Launceston. With a barn, stables, formal and informal gardens we knew we could pull something really special off here. Lydia who owns the the Inn said to me “what ever you want to do, we can do it. The place is yours for the weekend, go wild”. She is my kind of lady!

There was also the major bonus of having most of our guests stay on site in the main house and the adjoining cottages (Murphetts Cottage and The Watch House). As we only had a 28 person wedding this was perfect. Everything everyone needed was right there.”

weekend homestead wedding0012

EmilyRose Hair & Beauty styled the bride’s and female guests’ hair and makeup, the bride noting, “They traveled to me and looked after all the female guests as well as making me feel my most beautiful.”

weekend homestead wedding0014

weekend homestead wedding0017

weekend homestead wedding0019

weekend homestead wedding0022

weekend homestead wedding0025

weekend homestead wedding0023

The bride tells, “We decided that as everyone was on site, we would host an afternoon tea party, with games such as badminton, boules, croquet etc set up, to entertain everyone on Saturday afternoon pre our wedding ceremony. Adam was meant to be hosting as I was getting ready, however I didn’t want to miss all the fun so surprised everyone by attending in what turned out to be the first of my three dresses (by Justin Alexander ) on the day. I only stayed for an hour and then went back inside to finish getting ready and change.”

weekend homestead wedding0024

weekend homestead wedding0026

weekend homestead wedding0032

weekend homestead wedding0027

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weekend homestead wedding0034

Annalouise chose a gown by La Sposa for the marriage ceremony, remembering, “At 4pm I was itching to go, I could hardly wait to get down the aisle. Adam and I decided on no bridesmaids or groomsmen etc so Adam got ready with his dad and his dad’s long term partner and I was assisted by my friend come wedding coordinator for the weekend, Shafei.”

weekend homestead wedding0035

weekend homestead wedding0036

weekend homestead wedding0037

weekend homestead wedding0038

weekend homestead wedding0039

Annalouise walked down the aisle to Elle Goulding’s “How Long Will I Love You”. She notes, “My mum and dad both walked me down the aisle.”

weekend homestead wedding0040

“It was a glorious sunny day in Launceston, perfect weather actually, and we had provided hand made paper fans for the female guests, they looked gorgeous on the white chairs under the amazing tree we were married under.”

weekend homestead wedding0041

weekend homestead wedding0042

The couple’s own take on a traditional hand fasting ceremony was one of their favourite parts of the day. Annalouise explains, “Our ceremony was conducted by a Brisbane based very good friend of ours (Nonie Alyling) and it was everything we wanted it to be. Adam and I both come from Celtic backgrounds (I was born in Northern Ireland and Adam’s father is Scottish) so we wanted to incorporate that into our day. We decided on our version of a Celtic hand binding ceremony, however rather than the celebrant saying the blessing we had prepared a card with a wish and a coloured ribbon for each of our guests and asked them to bless us. We ended up with the most incredible coloured knot of love. We have kept this and are having it framed.”

weekend homestead wedding0043

“After the ceremony we had cocktails and canapes in the garden with our loved ones before heading off for our photographs.”

weekend homestead wedding0044

weekend homestead wedding0045

Of their photographer, Annalouise says, “I had worked with Lisa for a few years at the Charity I mentioned above and always stayed in touch. After she left to pursue her dream of photography I followed her work and when Adam and I got engaged in March 2014 I contacted her immediately. Her style is incredible and her personality just shines through in everything she does. We wanted a relaxed, non-wedding style of photo and she nailed it.”

weekend homestead wedding0046

weekend homestead wedding0047

weekend homestead wedding0048

Cachet Florist created the floral arrangements for the day, the bride remarking, “I wasn’t sure I wanted to carry flowers but in the end they were divine.”

weekend homestead wedding0049

weekend homestead wedding0050

weekend homestead wedding0029

weekend homestead wedding0030

weekend homestead wedding0031

weekend homestead wedding0051

Guests headed inside the Inn for a decadent dinner, the bride telling, “We returned to be ushered into our reception to the tune of “You are the sunshine of my life” by Stevie Wonder. Anyone who knows me that I have called Adam my sunshine since we met. He is exactly that.”

weekend homestead wedding0052

After dinner, the bride had one more gown change – this time into a mushroom pink gown by Elie Saab. She remembers, “I gave a welcome speech as soon as we were seated and then ducked off under the ruse of using the facilities to change into my Reception dress. It was quite a surprise for everyone.”

weekend homestead wedding0053

weekend homestead wedding0054

“We didn’t have a first dance or any dance for that matter. We wanted our wedding to be all about the food and drink. Tasmania has the most incredible produce and we wanted that to shine, so we had a 5 hour, 5 course, with matched wine degustation dinner  (catered by Red Feather Inn) party. NO dancing, no huge cake (just individual ones) and no speeches other than Adam and I.”

weekend homestead wedding0055

“The only pre weekend items we outsourced were our invitations. With a three day, destination wedding there was a lot to go into these so we used Pure Invites. Arlene was incredible. I created all the guest bags which included a bottle of Joseph Chromy wine, some starbursts, mints, chips, water, lemonade, Panadol, tissues and a copy of the weekend itinerary. I also sourced and individually wrapped each guest gift, the vintage books we used as props and hand cut all the coloured ribbons for the hand binding ceremony.” The male guests each received a pair of The Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland cufflinks , the female guests a copy of The Adventures Of Alice In Wonderland as well as the glass cloche dessert was served in as their wedding favors.

weekend homestead wedding0056

weekend homestead wedding0057

“We had decided very early on we wanted an “un-plugged wedding” We wanted everyone to be fully present with us for the weekend and experience the love not through a camera lenses or phone so we banned both. We did realise however that everyone loves a selfie so set up a selfie corner in the garden, complete with vintage frame and vintage inspired disposable cameras. They were a huge hit and provided us some hilarious candid shots of the following few hours.”

weekend homestead wedding0058

The icing on the cake (literally) were sweet pink cakes created by Tamar Valley Cake Studio , Annalouise telling, “Five  hours later, stuffed after a magnificent degustation we brought out the individual wedding cakes along with individual bottles of Pepik Sparking Rose. Each of these had an eat me and drink me tag, just like in Alice in Wonderland.”

weekend homestead wedding0060

weekend homestead wedding0061

weekend homestead wedding0062

“Adam was offered a job in the Middle East and we spent 6 moths of our 8 month engagement living on opposite sides of the world. We were only reunited 5 days before our wedding, so just being together was wonderful.”

weekend homestead wedding0063

“We ended the night with lots of crazy selfies and a final farewell to Happy by Pharrell Williams. The next morning we greeted our guests in the Red Feather Cooking School for a recovery breakfast before bussing everyone for a full day Tamar Valley winery tour. I think we all needed more Tassie wine.”

Congratulations Annalouise and Adam! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to Lisa Pearl Photography for sharing today’s wedding with us!

Photographer: Lisa Pearl Photography / Bride’s Dress: Justin Alexander / Bride’s Dress: La Sposa / Bride’s Dress: Elie Saab / Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo / Groom’s Attire: Montagio Tailoring Sydney / Hairstylist: EmilyRose Hair & Beauty / Makeup Artist: EmilyRose Hair & Beauty / Venue: Red Feather Inn / Flowers: Cachet Florist / Invitations: Pure Invites / Ceremony Officiant: Nonie Alyling / Cake Baker: Tamar Valley Cake Studio / Wedding & Engagement Ring (Bride): Designed by Adam, made by Euromounts
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Moira Hughes 2016 Haute Bohème Collection

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride


moira hughes bridal gowns0003

Ah the romance of a bridal gowns! Designer Moira Hughes has just launched her 2016 Haute Bohème collection and inspired by romantic, timeless design with a modern twist, the gowns as are romantic as they are beautiful.

The designer’s second collection speaks to the romance she loves. “Cara” is a full lace gown with low back and scoop neckline, its silk underlay fitted to allow the lace to float dreamily with its wearer.  “Mia” is the best of both worlds – a fitted silk skirt hugs the body underneath to create the illusion of a full skirt. As a lover of sleeves, “Indianna” takes my fancy, featuring corded lace sleeves and a skirt of silk and Parisian tulle. The blush toned “Willow” and raw silk “Pearl” gown round out the designer’s second collection.

Each gown is custom made for its wearer in Sydney, each able to be altered, with design elements added and subtracted to the bride’s desire ensuring each gown is truly a custom piece for its wearer. Using fine, exclusively source fabrics from London, Paris and Milan Moira Hughes gowns are available from her Paddington boutique.

moira hughes bridal gowns0004

moira hughes bridal gowns0002


moira hughes bridal gowns0005

moira hughes bridal gowns0006

moira hughes bridal gowns0007

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moira hughes bridal gowns0009

Vendor of the Week – Mrs Jones

by | Blog News, Bride


Happy Monday Dotties! I suspect being a long weekend that if you’re reading this you’re in for a day of heavy wedding planning. Which works well because I have plenty in store for you today and all this week!

Before we kick off our own week of happy wedding inspiration it’s time to highlight, spotlight and show off the members of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory.  We have Cinematographers, we have Menswear we have  Favors and Decor Accessories we even have Hair & Beauty! We work really hard to get vendors on board who are lovely – they’re excited to share a cup of tea and help you plan  the best wedding day possible!

Check out Ms Polka Dot’s Directory for wedding vendors who will love your wedding as much as you!

melbourne wedding celebrant mrs jones0003

melbourne wedding celebrant mrs jones0002

melbourne wedding celebrant mrs jones0001

Photo One by Ryan Noreiks, Photo Two & Three by Corey Sleap

We have in our Directory a wonderful selection of celebrants – all unique and all passionate about their role in this most special of days. Mrs Jones is a celebrant who brings to this profession a love of guiding you through a ceremony that is unique to you, tailored to fit you perfectly. With her quirky sense of humour and style, if you’re looking for a celebrant who is a little different, Mrs Jones might just be the ticket to the ceremony of your dreams.

We asked Nicola of Mrs Jones five questions in five minutes –

What is your favourite after five drink?

I’m British: I will choose tea above anything else, in any situation and at any time of the day.

Your favourite weekend getaway?

I love going to quiet beaches. I’m not really a ‘beach person’ in that I don’t lay on the sand for hours sunbathing; but I do love being by the sea. I recently bought a tent… We’ll see how that goes…

Favourite restaurant?

Shakahari in Carlton.

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

In my head, I’m taking my time over something yummy at Las Vegan in Collingwood. In reality, I’m shoving cold toast in my face while trying to dress a very active three year old.

Your favourite wedding story?

Tough one! All the couples I marry have really heartfelt, and often quite intimate, ceremonies – they are more interested in ‘getting married’ than ‘having a wedding’. It’s hard to chose a favourite, but I really enjoyed marrying a couple who had ‘eloped’ from Geelong It was just them, two witnesses and a record player, under a tree in their favourite place. The bride’s sister was crying, the vows were really special, and it was really hard not to get caught up in the emotion!

Visit Mrs Jones’ page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. Mrs Jones is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

Snapshot Sunday – More Than Words

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Robert Wen

Photo by Robert Wen

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