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Amy & Chris’ Modern Barossa Valley Wedding

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Modern Barossa Valley Wedding077

Amy & Chris

Of her modern Barossa Valley wedding, Amy says the rainy mist just made it all the more magical and I have to agree. There is  a sense of the mystic about today’s wedding, of pure beauty and special stories behind each moment. They chose Scout Edwards of White Wall Photography  to capture their day.

As for how they came to be, Amy tells, “Chris and I had a Hollywood romance – one of those ones they make a movie out of and you feel all the emotions before finally in the end he gets the girl. Long story short, we met in 2004 when we started working together. It was definitely love at first sight and we dated for a couple of very fun, very happy years. Chris had always planned to live overseas and when the time came for him to start traveling I just wasn’t ready to leave my family, friends and career behind. We decided to break up and went our separate ways.

Chris lived in the UK for two years and then Canada for another two. I visited him once during this time but for the most part we avoided contact because it would upset us. In 2012 Chris moved back to Adelaide but still we didn’t catch up, not wanting to open old wounds. He was still a traveler at heart and had made plans to move to New Zealand in the coming months and I was planning to move to Melbourne for work.

Eventually, just before we were due to go on our next adventures, we decided to catch up for dinner. It was definitely love at first sight (for a second time) and we fell straight back in love. This time though, I wasn’t going to let him get away, I threw out my Melbourne plans and moved to New Zealand with him.”

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding010

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding011

The couple met before the ceremony, but didn’t see one another, Amy explains “Scout helped arrange a special moment for Chris and I just before the ceremony. We stood on either side of the corner of the villa with our backs to each other. Without seeing each other we held hands and shared the excitement, love and nerves we both had bursting out of us. It was such an intimate moment filled with emotion that makes me teary even now.”

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding014

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding018

Amy and Chris chose Barristers Block for their wedding. “It combined a beautiful Adelaide Hill Winery with a relaxed hobby farm feel. The property had a few different options for a ceremony location so I loved the versatility. Our morning was full of rain but we ended up braving it on the lawns with the vineyards behind us. It meant the set up wasn’t elaborate as it could have been but the misty hills scene still set a beautiful tone. There were literally baby deer leaping behind us as we got married! Amazing.

We wanted to be outdoor as much as possible but the barn created the perfect backdrop for the sit down dinner. I liked the contrast of organic and industrial and the property was gorgeous, it felt like a private farm with baby deer and angry geese running around rather than a more commercial wedding venue. The villa at the property was an amazing inclusion. It meant the bridal party could stay on site (allowing me to wake up at 6am the morning of the wedding and move the table settings around), it was a gorgeous locations for a relaxed morning of pampering for us girls and on the night of the wedding it meant my nephew and nieces could go to bed while their parents partied on.”

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding024

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding025

Amy walked down the aisle to Bernard Fanning – Watch Over Me.

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding029

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding030

Anne Bastian officiated the ceremony, Amy remembering “The celebrant was our gorgeous family friend Anne Bastian. She crafted a beautiful retelling of our love story to entertain our guests and she took such care in helping us choose the right words for our personal vows. She bought an infectious energy to our ceremony, setting with tone with high fives all round. Two close friends, Jess and Brett shared readings during the ceremony. Perfect – Bob Marley and The Union – Robert Fulghum.”

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding031

“Anne was insistent we personalise our vows and we were both a bit hesitant (unorganised) in getting them done. But she was absolutely right, so be able to personally express all love, admiration and pride I feel for Chris and hear him to the same in front of all our friends and family was so powerful.”

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding040

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding042

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding046

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding049

“The weather – who would of thought it, but the moody rain and mist filled the hills with an unexpected sense of romance and magic on what have should have been a sunny summer’s day.”

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding050

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding062

Cain Rumbelow of Tempest Hair styled the bride and bridesmaid’s hair while Kara Fantasia styled their makeup. Amy tells, “My hair was one of my favourite parts of my look. We did a trial but on the day when I had the crown of flowers (but) it ended up taking a completely different direction and I loved it. That man can do no wrong! It perfectly complimented the dress, was really distinctive but without being over the top.”

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding063

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding065

Of their photographer, Amy remarks, ” Scout was so special to work with, he brought a real calmness to the day. He knew when to say nothing and when to give me the gentle coaxing I needed. He made the morning feel special and the night so much fun. He was on the dance floor with us until the very end – he captured every emotion on the day. The bond both Chris and I still feel with him are testament to his endearing passion and open heart.”

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding067

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding069

Fleurs de Nadia Flowers styled the floral arrangements for the day, Amy remembering, “I stumbled across Nadia’s little pop up wheelbarrow of beautiful bouquets featuring succulents and billy buttons next to a coffee shop one Saturday morning and could instantly see she had a similar aesthetic to me. Knowing we had the same style meant I showed her the direction I was heading, then gave her my full trust and complete control. She does amazing things but has such a soft spoken calming nature.”

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding070

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding071

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding073

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding074

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding075

Amy chose Paolo Sebastian  to make her wedding gown. “I was on the hunt for a dress that had texture and tone to it. I quickly worked out soft grey worked best with my colouring but it became the impossible challenge to find one off the rack. Paul’s fabrics were divine and as soon as we sat down and did a few sketches I knew I had found my dress. I loved that this dress was 100% me. Paul perfectly matched my style with my figure so I felt so special and comfortable at the same time.

Normally I’m a dressed head to toe in black, white or black and white stripes but surprisingly I loved it’s soft flowing nature and delicate beaded lace It felt exactly like I imagine the perfect dress feels. Like I could happily wear it every day of my life, but felt so special and unlike anything I’ve ever worn before that it could only be worn once. It transformed me into a bride.”

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding076

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding078

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding085

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding001

Amy roped in the help of family and friends to create a special decoration for the reception. She explains, “Somewhere along the line I had an insane idea to decorate the ceiling with hanging origami paper hearts. Their geometric lines and tactile nature was a really nice way to add some romance to the venue without being too ‘pretty’ – and they only cost me $19 for the blank paper and fishing wire.

Chris, my friends and family thought I was mad as I attempted to fold and hang 500 hearts which took nearly 10 minutes each. In the week before the wedding the whole wedding party came together and chipped in and we had lots of laughs and late night folding parties. These memories are as much a part of the wedding as the day. They were 100% hand made and had a huge impact. Everyone commented on them, instagrammed them and even stole them at the end of the night as a keepsake.”

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding004

“I don’t think I was a bridezilla, but I am a self-proclaimed design-zilla. I designed and produced every printed piece you could imagine. I indulged my love for black and white graphical prints and created a set of patterns I used across everything. From the Save the Date to the thank you (notes) everything was different designs but on the same paper stock so it felt cohesive.

It was a really cost effective way to produce a lot of printed material – and everything had patterns on it – menus printed on bread bags, and programs guests received as they got on the bus gave them the back story, on the way to the wedding The programs I made up included back stories on each of our bridal party, the history of the sentimental additions to my outfit and fun facts about the wedding. We also included a silly list of thank you’s so it was a great way to share all our wedding details because you have so little time to talk to people on the day.”

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding002

Guests took home custom tea towels printed by Tea Towel Keepsakes, the bride telling, “We had tea towels made using some of the patterns I had created. They brought together Chris’ and my two passions, cooking and design. There were two versions and each had a line from our wedding song at the base. I used them as part of the table setting to introduce the geometric prints theme.”

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding003

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding088

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding092

The menu was a special highlight of the night, catered by Chopping Board Catering noting, “Chris loved the idea of a meal that brings people together. We wanted it to be a celebration of the food Chris has eaten and created in his travels and we couldn’t have anyone leaving a chef’s wedding hungry! Chris was so passionate about the food that we ended up with a really unique and memorable menu. We were so lucky that Josh and his team were so receptive to our plans and executed everything amazingly and to excess. Having Chris and our friends carve whole ribeyes at the table was so special – it was such a celebration of good food.”

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding099

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding101

“The best man’s speech remains one of our favourite memories. Kris spent days making notes, rehearsing and rewriting one of the most genuine, emotional and memorable moments of our day.”

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding102

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding112

Of the first dance, Amy remembers, “We chose our favourite karaoke song “I’m gonna be (500 miles)” the band started with an acoustic cover based on the Sleeping at Last so Chris and I had that intimate dance moment and then they kicked it up with the Proclaimers version as the bridal party (and everyone else) joined us on the dance floor. It was such a fun way to kick off a night of dancing and laughter.”

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding114

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding116

Even the music was sentimental, Amy noting, “The band we chose (The Shizzle) used to play at the hotel we first met, so we (and a lot of our friends) already knew and loved them. They played hard all night and everyone was dancing all night.”

Modern Barossa Valley Wedding117

Congratulations Amy and Chris! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Scout Edwards of White Wall Photography for sharing today’s photographs!

Photographer: Scout Edwards of White Wall Photography / Bride’s Dress: Paolo Sebastian / Bride’s Shoes: VIntage - Bride's grandmothers wedding shoes / Groom’s Attire: Calibre / Groomsmen Attire: Their own suits / Bridesmaid Dresses: White Runway / Bridesmaid Dresses: Nordstrom / Hairstylist: Cain Rumbelow of Tempest Hair / Makeup Artist: Kara Fantasia / Flowers: Fleurs de Nadia Flowers / Invitations & Stationery: Designed by the bride / Venue: Barristers Block / Ceremony Officiant: Anne Bastian / Ceremony Musicians: Brian Ruiz Solo / Band: The Shizzle / Favors: Custom Tea Towels From Tea Towel Keepsakes / Catering: Chopping Board Catering / Cake Baker: Cakes by KellyAnn / Wedding Rings: Wishart
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Tanya & Michael’s Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding

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Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding074

Tanya & Michael

I love the feeling of Tanya and Michael’s elegant Fitzroy gardens wedding. From the conservatory backdrop, to the nearby reception, the couple made the most of the stunning garden, wanting a day that was not only fun and relaxed, but a celebration of their loved ones and their support of their time together. Elleni Toumpas was there to capture the photos of their day.

Tanya tells the story of how she and Michael came to be. “We met the very first night I was in Melbourne. I was only going to be in Melbourne for a few months but now 6 years later I am still here and very happily married.”

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding024

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding028

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding030

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding035

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding036Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding038

Tanya chose a gown from Rachel Gilbert, noting, “I knew I didn’t want a traditional bridal dress. I just wanted an elegant fitted evening dress. Rachel Gilbert was the only shop I went into. This was the second dress I tried on. Loved it straight away.”

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding037

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding012

Tanya and Michael married outside of the Fitzroy Gardens Conservatory, the bride telling “We had the wedding in the Fitzroy Gardens. We booked the Conservatory just in case of wet weather (thankfully the weather gods were on our side) and so we could have some wonderful photos amongst the flowers as well. We looked at a few other venues but we just kept coming back to the beautiful serene gardens and so close to the city.”

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding044

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding040Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding045

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding049

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding050

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding053

For her walk down the aisle, Tanya remembers “We chose All You Need is Love by The Beatles. Played acoustically by a guitar and saxophone (Baker Boys Band). It was really fun and happy.”

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding055

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding056

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding058

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding059

Julia Doeven of Julia’s Celebrancy Services officiated the ceremony. Tanya remarking, “Our celebrant was also very special to us. She got to know us so well, she really cares about all the couples she marries and she made it beyond belief amazing! I had never really given much thought to what sort of wedding I wanted, until we started planning it. I was surprised as to just how much fun it was. I loved meeting so many talented people and watching everything come to life.”

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding060

“We wanted our ceremony to be fun and relaxed and be a celebration of not just our marriage but of all our amazing friends and family too. We had a very good friend from Perth read a poem that I had adapted about all the silly things we love about each other. Our amazing celebrant Julia did the rest.”

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding066

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding067

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding068

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding069

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding070

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding071

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding072Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding073

Tanya tells, “We had the most amazing photographer. From the moment we met her over a cider at the local we knew she was perfect. Elleni was so relaxed and it was like having a friend taking all these amazing photos.”

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding076

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding077

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding079

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding080

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding081Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding082

Little Twig Flowers created the bouquets of greenery with yellow billy buttons.

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding083Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding084

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding085

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding086Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding010

The couple chose The Pavillion, Fitzroy Gardens for their reception, Tanya explaining,  “We really wanted to have the wedding and reception in the same spot so we could start the party straight away. We had a lot of interstate guests so we just wanted to make the whole thing easy. We then met with Vanessa the wedding coordinator at the Pavilion and we knew we had to have it there. Such a beautiful function area right in the middle of the gardens.”

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding087Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding089

“We really wanted to make everyone to feel special and we tried to include as many people in the day as we could. We had a friend make our cake which was really special We tried to use small local vendors for as many things as we could. Our florist did an amazing job putting fresh flowers and foliage throughout the reception centre, including a rustic ladder and vines on the ceiling to really give us a garden party feeling! ”

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding095Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding011

“We collected millions of jars and vases for the flowers and candles on the tables. Michael made the wooden menu holders. We also found a lot of local people on Etsy for other little details.”

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding004

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding091

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding093

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding098

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding100

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding101

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding102

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding008

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding107

For their first dance, Tanya remembers, “We chose Need You Tonight by INXS but an acoustic version performed by Husky. We really wanted it be a song that we loved and the acoustic version is easier to dance to. We just wanted it to be a simple and beautiful.”

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding109

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding113

Tanya and Michael chose Baker Boys Band to play the music for their day, noting, “We really wanted a fun intimate day. We wanted to make sure everyone enjoyed every minute. A band was really important to us and the Baker Boys provided such an amazing vibe and had the dance floor pumping! We also wanted amazing food and a great wine list which the Pavilion provided. ”

Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding119

Congratulations on your marriage Tanya and Michael! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Elleni Toumpas for sharing today’s wedding with us!

Photographer: Elleni Toumpas / Bride’s Dress: Rachel Gilbert / Bride’s Shoes: Myer / Bride’s Jewelry: Tejani Jewellery / Groom’s Attire: Black Tie Classic / Groom’s Shoes: Aquila / Groomsmen Attire: Black Tie Classic / Bridesmaid Dresses: Collette Dinnigan / Bridesmaid's Jewellery: Tejani Jewellery / Hairstylist: Bernice Makeup Artist and Hair / Makeup Artist: Dana Leviston - Lady Day Makeup / Flowers: Little Twig Flowers / Invitations & Stationery: The Print Fairy / Stationery: Kasoobi / Ceremony Venue: Fitzroy Gardens Conservatory / Ceremony Hire Items: The Wedding Zone / Ceremony Officiant: Julia Doeven - Julia's Celebrancy Services / Ceremony Musicians: Baker Boys Band / Reception Venue: The Pavillion, Fitzroy Gardens / Band: Baker Boys Band / Favors: Charlie Buckett / Cake Baker: Nicole Sanderson / Wedding Rings: Larsen Jewellery / Transport: Uber

Kellie & Jye’s Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding

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Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding080

Kellie & Jye

This colourful Easter Long Weekend wedding is so full of romance and joy. Kellie and Jye made sure to include everyone- both their own dog, their nieces and nephews right through to older family members in their day and with such a celebration in mind, it was only right that they made it so full of vibrant colour. They chose Sarah Godenzi Photography to capture their day.

Kellie tells their story. “We are high school sweet hearts. Not sure if it is cute or creepy that Jye ‘loved’ me since we met in Year 7 (1997)? We got together in Year 11 (2001) and the rest is history. We were never going to get married though. We didn’t think it was important for us. But one day, that just changed. And we knew we wanted to be husband and wife.”

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding014

The groom chose a suit from Calibre.

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding015

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding023

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding026

Kellie chose her wedding gown at Karen Willis Holmes, noting, “I knew I would find dress shopping hard, given my body shape. I went to Karen Willis Holmes in Armadale on the recommendation of a friend and I ended up spending hours in there. The lovely Sarah was fantastic. I think she knew what would work for me straight away but I insisted – no bling! In the end though, Sarah was right. I gave in and tried on some of their beaded dresses.

I never thought they would work for me but the Elvina one did suit me best. I wanted something different but still timeless with the option to change it up a bit. I didn’t want a veil, so the Genevieve over skirt was the perfect alternative for me. Plus, I removed it and the cap sleeves I had added for the reception to change up my outfit. My dress ticked all the boxes for me. And Jye too (I think!).”

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding029

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding031

Red Earth Flowers created floral arrangements filled with colour for the wedding and the bride added a very special brooch. Kellie notes “I had to have Samantha Wills earrings! Jye bought them for me for my 30th the month before the wedding. I also wore a Tiffany & Co bracelet my closest girlfriends bought me as a 30th gift on the day.

I wore my Oma’s aquamarine ring (my something blue) and my Nanna’s brooch on my bouquet (my something borrowed). My something new was my dress.

My something old is probably one of my favourite ever buys. I really wanted designer shoes to go with my dress but I didn’t really didn’t have the budget for them. What do they say, champagne on a beer budget? That’s me! So I did a bit of research online and came across The Real Real website where I found a pair of vintage Manolo Blahnik heels in my size! Same design that Carrie Bradshaw wore in the episode of Sex and the City where she marries herself. You know they one? Perfect!”

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding040

Kellie and Jye were married at Yarra Ranges Estate, Kellie tells, “We wanted a simple, easy venue with a nice outlook that felt like ‘us’. When we drove up to Yarra Ranges Estate and saw the view and the venue, we knew that was it. The venue itself has concrete floor, exposed steel, wood and is open to the surrounding views. The outlook includes their vineyard, rolling hills and bush – very Australian and beautiful. We even had kangaroos at our rehearsal! Anna and Anton are warm and really lovely to deal with.”

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding043

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding046

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding048

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding049

For her walk down the aisle, Kellie remembers, “We chose the John Mayer acoustic version of Beyonce’s ‘XO’ and it was played by musician, James Marris.”

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding050

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding051

“There were some really cute moments involving the kids. One of our page boys, Owen, saw all the people looking at him as he got to the top of the aisle and completely turned to run in the opposite direction. He also went up to my sister as she was doing her reading, just stood right in front and looked up at her. It was a really cute moment and I think it helped ease her nerves.

Cooper also stole the show. At one point during the ceremony he called out really loudly ‘Kellieeee’. I said, yes darling. And he said even more loudly ‘Kellie, you’ve got a bug on your dress’. I think the best one though was when he was just walking around while we were doing our vows and it was almost like we got in his way. So we moved further a part to allow him to walk between us but he just decided to stay there. Stuck right between us, peering out to the crowd. It was like he was trying to hide or be invisible. Very endearing, everyone thought he was the best.”

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding052

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding056

Rob Grave  officiated the ceremony, Kellie remembering, “We wanted it to be very relaxed but still a little sentimental. We have been together for so long, but never celebrated us….no anniversaries or anything. So this was our chance! Our celebrant, Rob Grave, was the only celebrant we met with. He was referred to us from our friends and we called him 5 minutes after our first meeting to ask him if he would marry us. We liked his laid back demeanor, it suited us. And his ability to be serious too. He’s just very genuine and not cheesy!”

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding057

“We wrote our own vows and kept all the formalities to a minimum. Jye gets a little tongue-tied when he is nervous and he did slip up at one point – but it made everyone laugh and helped us relax! My sister read ‘I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)’ by E. E. Cummings as it’s always been my favourite poem.

We also had no decoration, no floral arches or anything like that. We wanted the view to be the only back drop. We did have colourful arrangements hanging from milk bottles and colourful petals all down the aisle. It wasn’t planned that our baby (our labrador), Griffen, would be there for the ceremony. We hired a dog sitter to bring him to the venue just for a few photos. But of course, we ran a little behind schedule. Jye says it was one of his favourite parts of the day, during the ceremony, he was looking at me and could see Griffen standing behind me too.”

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding061

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding063

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding064

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding068

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding070

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding071

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding074

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding075Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding076

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding078Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding079

Of their photographer, Kellie remarks, “Sarah was fantastic from our first meeting and we knew we would have incredible pictures on our wedding day. I had seen her work before and once we met, it made us feel very at ease that our day would be captured perfectly for us. There was no stress or rushed moments on the day. Sarah and her partner Lee Vella, our videographer, just came in and got to work. We didn’t have to do a thing. They made us feel very comfortable, we laughed and had a good time.”

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding082

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding081Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding032

The Cake Company created a semi naked cake for the newlyweds, decorated with bright blooms.

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding039

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding034

“I found Etsy to be a fantastic, cost effective resource and used it for a few of my wedding pieces. All our wedding stationery was designed by Ruby May Designs on Etsy, two lovely women based in Sydney. We also had wooden table numbers made through MintageDesigns and our awesome foil stamped coasters by PicturePerfectPapier. We also gave each guest Easter eggs at their place setting. They not only tied in well with the splashes of colour we had on the tables, but it was a nice early chocolate fix with Easter the next day.”

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding036

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding037

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding035

Celebrations continued inside the venue, the bride noting “With their European influence and their son as the chef, we knew the food would be delicious and plentiful, which was a high priority for us. And they didn’t disappoint. We had canapes and roaming entrees on the lawn where musician, James Marris, entertained our guests with acoustic tunes. The pork belly, mini burgers and prawns were stand outs.

Then we moved into the venue for sit down mains of eye fillet or lamb cutlets. Followed by cake and a dessert buffet. All the meals were of high quality and delicious. Until the sun went down, you could still appreciate the views from inside and then once it was dark, the fairy lights came on, along with our ‘XO’ letter lights from Heart Shaped Pebbles to make the room shine.”

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding086

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding090

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding091

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding092

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding098

The newlyweds chose a favourite song for their first dance, the bride remembering “Coldplay is our favourite band and ‘Fix You’ has always been our song, so it was a no brainer. We didn’t learn anything, we would have sucked at that. We just enjoyed the moment doing the dorky little shuffle that we do. It was a great moment to just let it all sink in.”

As the finishing touch for today’s wedding story I am thrilled to share this film from Lee Vella of the day.

Congratulations Kellie and Jye! Thank you fro sharing the stories of your day with us, thank you also to Sarah Godenzi Photography for sharing this wedding with us.

Photographer: Sarah Godenzi Photography / Cinematographer: Lee Vella / Bride’s Dress: Karen Willis Holmes / Bride’s Shoes: Vintage Manolo Blahnik from The Real Real / Bride’s Jewelry: Samantha Wills / Bride’s Jewelry: Tiffany & Co / Groom’s Attire: Calibre / Groom's Shoes: Double Monk / Groomsmen Attire: Formal Red / Bridesmaid Dresses: Various / Bridesmaid Shoes: Myer / Bridesmaid Accessories: Kirstin Ash / Bridesmaid Accessories: Colette Hayman / Hairstylist: Bridesmaids (both are hairdressers) / Makeup Artist: Laura McCabe (Friend) / Flowers: Red Earth Flowers / Invitations & Stationery: Ruby May Designs on Etsy / Wooden Table Numbers: Mintage Designs on Etsy / Coasters: Picture Perfect Papier on Etsy / Venue: Yarra Ranges Estate / Ceremony Officiant: Rob Grave / Ceremony Hire Items: A&B Weddings / Ceremony Musicians: James Marris / Reception Hire Items: Heart Shaped Pebbles / DJ: PHP Productions / Favors: Cadbury Easter eggs, coasters from Etsy & polaroids / Cake Baker: The Cake Company / Wedding Rings: Michael Hill / Transport: London cab from Dee Decker Tours / Catering (While Getting Ready): Nutrishous

George Wu 2016 Bridal Collection

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride


George Wu 2016 Collection001

Designer George Wu is not stranger to a beautiful wedding dress, and the George Wu 2016 Bridal gown collection is certainly one that encapsulates George’s eye for stunning textures, beautiful couture finishes and ethereal touches.

Inspired by the “power, beauty and grandeur” of the Roman Empire, the 2016 collection is full of intricate detailing and bold, royal touches, The majestic addition of capes, mirrored patterns, delicate lattice appliques rope belts and draped silhouettes all echo the customary wear of Roman soldiers and traditional toga gowns and the beautiful architecture  of ancient Rome.

The collection, carefully thought out so the gowns are as beautiful and as inspired as they are wearable, each gown is hand crafted from beautiful French and Italian fabrics in shades of ivory sheer white, pearl and opal. Adorned with lace and crystals, the embellishments and gowns are all created to the highest of couture standards.

The collection is available by appointment at George Wu’s Brisbane studio.

George Wu 2016 Collection002George Wu 2016 Collection003

George Wu 2016 Collection004George Wu 2016 Collection005

George Wu 2016 Collection006

George Wu 2016 Collection007

George Wu 2016 Collection008George Wu 2016 Collection009


George Wu 2016 Collection010

George Wu 2016 Collection011George Wu 2016 Collection012

George Wu 2016 Collection013

George Wu 2016 Collection014George Wu 2016 Collection015

George Wu 2016 Collection016

George Wu 2016 Collection017

George Wu 2016 Collection018

George Wu 2016 Collection019

George Wu 2016 Collection021George Wu 2016 Collection022



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