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Real Weddings Sneak Peek #7

by | Bride, Magazines and Books


It’s been a day full of anticipation about the Real Weddings Magazine..and then this landed..from their “maternity ward”!

“…The birth of our beautiful new baby is taking longer than we expected!

We know there are lots of proud aunties and uncles-to-be in the waiting room, so we wanted to send you an update!

Enjoy this sneak peek of our bundle of joy!”

RWTV Tip of the Day – Special Wines for your Bridal Table from Real Weddings on Vimeo.

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Peeptoe Shoes Bridal Collection

by | Accessories, Bride


Australian brand Peeptoe Shoes have recently launched their range of bridal shoes. With the signature sky high Peeptoe heels, the designs have fun names like “Mrs. Honeymoon”, “Mrs Bouquet” and “Mrs Kiss” and come in satins and leathers adorned with bows, crystals, piping and lace.

I love the classic styles and think for a tottering bride- these would be a lovely choice! Some of the designs are available with the signature Peeptoe purple sole and everyone knows I love an unexpected splash of colour!

peppetoe-shoes-bridal-shoes011 peppetoe-shoes-bridal-shoes010

peppetoe-shoes-bridal-shoes009 peppetoe-shoes-bridal-shoes008

peppetoe-shoes-bridal-shoes007 peppetoe-shoes-bridal-shoes006

peppetoe-shoes-bridal-shoes005 peppetoe-shoes-bridal-shoes004

peppetoe-shoes-bridal-shoes003 peppetoe-shoes-bridal-shoes002

Photos by Peeptoe Shoes

Real Weddings Sneak Peek #6

by | Bride, Magazines and Books


The final piece..the Real Weddings website launches today!

jigsaw middle right

Brooke and George – The Celebration

by | Bride, Inspired Weddings, International,


Welcome back to part two of Brooke and George’s beautiful wedding!

After the photos, it was time to get married! Brooke and George were married at the Epiphany Parish of Seattle Church where George was baptised. The ceremony was performed by the pastor Brooke grew up with in  Olympia, Washington. The couple wanted both of their religious affiliations to be represented in the ceremony.








Brooke put together all of the reception decor herself. “As part of the décor at the reception I wanted to honour George and my parents and grandparents.  We are lucky enough to not have any divorces in our family, and feel that our marriage will be strengthened by the examples that our family have shown us.  To honour them we had a table set up with pictures from both our sets of grandparents and parents wedding pictures displayed for everyone to see.”



Brooke’s mother made red pottery roses for guests to take home as favors and Brooke scoured the Christmas clearance sales to find red vases. She ordered the flowers and had a friend put together the centrepieces the night before the wedding.




The cake, by Morfey’s Cakes, fit right into the plaid theme. With ribbon created from the leftover fabric of the bridesmaid’s dresses, Brooke and George chose a red velvet cake. Brooke enlisted the help of her co- worker (an art director at an advertising company) to help her design the invitations and stationery, which she then printed, stuffed and addressed herself!





Brooke and George used the champagne flutes (with a red trim) that George’s parents used at their wedding thirty years before.





“George and I took dance lessons for four months prior to the wedding and performed a personalized choreographed dance to L.O.V.E. by Nat King Cole.  Our dance was a mixture of Walz, Fox Trot and Swing…..and of course ended with the fancy dip and kiss”

Congratulations Brooke and George on your beautiful tartan filled celebration! Thankyou for sharing your wedding day with us! Thankyou also to Kirk Mastin for sending over today’s photos!

Photos by Mastin Studio.

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