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Rockstars and Royalty

by | Australia - New South Wales, Bridal Fashion, Bride


The lovely Camilla of UK wedding blog Bridal Express gave me the heads up about UK bridal designer Vicky Kidd-Gallichan relocating to Canberra. Vicky’s opened a Canberra boutique- Rockstars and Royalty

Vicky Kidd-Gallichan as been designing bridal gowns in Britain for over 10 years and specialises in Victorian corsetry.

There are stunning over the top designs with colour, elaborate beading and fringing and more classic corsetry styles in all white.

rockstars and royalty couture bridal gowns and jewellery 1 Rockstars and Royalty

rockstars and royalty couture bridal gowns and jewellery 2 Rockstars and Royalty rockstars and royalty couture bridal gowns and jewellery Rockstars and Royalty

rockstars and royalty couture bridal gowns and jewellery 5 Rockstars and Royalty

rockstars and royalty couture bridal gowns and jewellery 12 Rockstars and Royalty rockstars and royalty couture bridal gowns and jewellery 7 Rockstars and Royalty

Visit Rockstars and Royalty for more of Vicky’s work.

Photos by Capturing Essence

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Brides Seeking

by | Bride, Brides Seeking


A new little segment called Brides Seeking. I get so many lovely emails but some of them I just can’t find the answer to. I know Polka Dot Bride readers are savvy and resourceful so I thought I might ask you!

If you know the answer to one of the brides seeking questions, just leave a comment. If you have something you’re looking for, please contact me!

brides seeking Brides Seeking

Bride #1 is seeking black polka dotted tulle. Similar to the fabric used in Ashley’s dress. I know this is something both Australian and US brides have been seeking!

It’s A Jaime Thing: “That black polkadot tulle is hard to find…but I did find it on Ebay:

icon wink Brides Seeking Cheers!”

Bride #2 (and Polka Dot Bride for that matter) is seeking an Australian charity who accepts donations of wedding gowns and redistributes gowns to those who might not be able afford them. Similar to The Glass Slipper Project or the I Do Foundation in the USA

Bride #3 is seeking customised pencils (in quantities less than commercial numbers) similar to those used in the brilliant red and cherry wedding of Amber and Jeff (seen here) by an Australian company.

It’s A Jaime Thing: “For the pencils, try:

Bride #4 is seeking white polka dot net fabric (similar to swiss dot). Again I know both Australian and USA brides who are requesting this.

Shannon: there is polka dot tulle at spotlight at the moment in the “dress fabrics” section, if its not there they can order it, although you might have to push them to do it (but no matter what they say they can). Swiss dot can be found at Greenfields, 30-36 Ann St. Surry Hills in Sydney. for those not in Sydney, they do phone orders (02) 9212 1944, and the web site is The dotty tulle will probably be there too. Any other fabric requests?

Shannon: OK tulle…. The dotty tulle is at Spotlight at the moment in the dress fabrics section, and they can special order it for you if they dont have itin store. Also tulle will dye with hot water dye, or get it professionaly dyed, there are places in all capital cities,if you need to go to black, particularly . Also in Sydney, EM Greenfeilds will stock both tulles, at 30-36 Ann St Surry Hills in Sydney. You can go to the store and see samples or mail order them (
hope this helps!

Bride #5 is seeking a cute poem to ask guests to sign her photo mat

“JoDitt @ JoyfulHeartDesign: I do know someone who can write a cute poem asking guests to sign a photo mat. Contact Nate at and tell him that he was referred by JoDitt”

It’s A Jaime Thing: “Photo mat poem ideas:

This day for us is special
A time beyond compare
The joy we feel in our hearts
We’re glad our guests can share.
Please share with us your marriage tips
For a long and happy life
Present us with your words of wisdom
To help us as man and wife!


On this table you will find
our photo mat for you to sign.
Please take a moment on a spot so bare
and write advice or a sentiment to share.
Take up a spot for each of you
so that we may know your feelings true.
This signed mat will serve as we
remember our big day so happily!


A precious collection of memories,
this photo mat is meant to be.
Take your time and collect your thoughts,
then write them down for posterity.
You might choose words of wisdom,
encouragement or a joke.
Possibly a poem, a funny drawing
or a wedding anecdote.
Whatever your means of expression,
our gratitude we cannot measure.
This photo mat will frame our love,
and become an heirloom we will treasure!”

Starry-Eyed Barefoot BrideThis is something that we thought about for a reading.It could be a cute one for the mat for Bride #5.


Ogden Nash

Geniuses of countless nations

Have told their love for generations

Till all their memorable phrases

Are common as goldenrod or daisies.

Their girls have glimmered like the moon,

Or shimmered like a summer moon,

Stood like a lily, fled like a fawn,

Now the sunset, now the dawn,

Here the princess in the tower

There the sweet forbidden flower.

Darling, when I look at you

Every aged phrase is new,

And there are moments when it seems

I’ve married one of Shakespeare’s dreams.

Bride #6 is seeking the black and pink striped tie seen in the Colour Your Tie entry (second tie on the right). Does anyone know where to buy it?

It’s A Jaime Thing: “Ooh! For the ties, I’m still looking for that same/similar tie, but if you’re open to some other really awesome ones, my favorite place for ties is Etsy seller Toybreaker:

Seriously cool ties. icon wink Brides Seeking

It’s A Jaime Thing: “I found a similar black & pink striped tie at:

They’re selling it as Kenneth by Kenneth Cole…”

PS If your question isn’t here and you think it should be, I’m probably currently working on the answer!

Eight Fun Registry Gifts

by | Bride, Favors and Decor


While the ultimate gift on many registry lists is the beloved Kitchen Aid or high thread count sheets, there are plenty of unique and fun things you could put on your list (or if you’re buying for a couple- buy!) that will really make for a wow factor!

Some are a little weird, some are fun and some are just different!

1. Made By Girl Love Candy Lemon Print

pr 1901 01l Eight Fun Registry Gifts

2.The Hammock Co Siesta Brazilian Hammock

bd Eight Fun Registry Gifts

3.Georg Jensen Cocktail Carafe

cockt lge Eight Fun Registry Gifts

4.Button Empire Magnet Attraction Magnet Duo For Cool Married People

magnets Eight Fun Registry Gifts

5.Le Creuset Fondue Set

le creuset fondue set cbl Eight Fun Registry Gifts

6.Menu Desk Globe

menu1 Eight Fun Registry Gifts

7. Balderdash

1082b 6 Eight Fun Registry Gifts

8. The Cupcake Courier – Lemongrass

the cupcake courier lemongrass buy now the cupcake courier Eight Fun Registry Gifts

What are your fun registry ideas?

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride, Bridesmaids


Fashion Targets Breast Cancer is on again this year  Some of the top names in Australian fashion have designed the most stunning gowns to auction to raise money for breast cancer research. (Check out the auctions here)

Designers including Willow, Sass & Bide, Akira Isogawa, Collette Dinnigan, Ksubi and Easton Pearson have all designed beautiful pieces for auction.

My favourites are below. The citrus colours and beautiful movement in the gowns are great inspiration for your own bridal (or bridesmaid) fashion.

Akira Isogawa

3417844 1753880 Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

3417844 1753881 Fashion Targets Breast Cancer


3417845 1753883 Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

3417845 1753882 Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

Collette Dinnigan

3417846 1753885 Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

3417846 1753884 Fashion Targets Breast Cancer


3417847 1753888 Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

3417847 1753887 Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

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