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Penny and Paul’s Northern Beaches Wedding

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Penny and Paul

This is such a classic summer wedding to me – the beach, the beautiful tones of yellow. I’ve got a bit of a love affair with yellow at the moment- it’s sunny, bright and so carefree.

Penny describes how she and Paul met. “We met in May, 2006 at a birthday party in Manly. We met through a mutual friend and hit it off straight away I was living in Manly at the time and Paul was about to move to Cremorne. We found out we had a lot in common in terms of our backgrounds, love of the ocean and music. Early on, we did a trip to the snow together which is probably when we first realised that we had a strong connection.”

Today’s photographer is Casandra of Caspix (who happens to be the sister of the groom!). I love how Cas manages to capture the vibrancy and the atmosphere of the event with an added dose of complete fun.

Penny and the bridesmaids held gorgeous bouquets of yellow and white blooms created by Beach Tropic by Di Nash.

The bridesmaids walked to “Kissing You” by Desiree and Penny walked to “All I want is You” by U2. The flowers at the church were arranged by Penny’s mum.

After the ceremony, the rainy day continued and the bridal party headed to Palm Beach for their photographs. Penny says “I loved our photography shoot on the Pittwater side of ‘Palmy’, a great chance to enjoy our closest ones and for Paul and me to have a moment to ourselves before all the festivities began.”

Penny wore a gown from Two by Rosa Clara. She says “The dress was a drop waisted silk chiffon gown with beaded halter detailing and a cascading ruffled skirt. The groom and groomsmen wore suits by F2 by Flair Industries from The Gentleman’s Club in Chatswood.

Penny’s bridesmaids wore yellow gowns from Saba and purple shoes from Zu.

Penny and Paul held their reception at Dunes Restaurant, Palm Beach. “Dunes was an easy pick for us as we are such beach goers, and the day we visited it was a glorious spring evening and we were stunned by the outlook, the food and the ambiance. On the big day however it was wet and rainy, but the venue was magnificent and all our guests felt like they were completely out of Sydney which was awesome. Being up on the northern beaches was really important to me for some reason! Pretty much everything at the venue was done by us, the place cards, menus, vases and seating charts.

The most memorable menu item would be the fig and goats cheese salad – incredible and surprisingly all the boys loved it.”

Penny’s step mother made the yellow and white hued cake. Penny says “We tried to centre our day around the things that we love; music and the outdoors. All our tables were named after our favourite bands such as The Kooks, Led Zeppelin, Phoenix etc…table numbers were old CD cases which we personalised. The one theme I followed was the yellow and white ribbon, which I bought from Tres Divin“.

Penny and Paul lived out Penny’s childhood fantasy with their first dance, “It was to Time of my life, Dirty Dancing! I never dreamt of getting married or of my wedding, but performing this dance was high on my childhood dreams, and we had so much fun choreographing it ourselves with a wine in hand throughout the winter months. Mr Wilson, a three piece band we had heard together at Piano Room a year before entertained us – they were amazing as they played all our favourite songs and steered clear of the typical wedding classics.”

One of Penny’s favourite memories was the traveling guests “We had 115 guests, with several guests traveling from the UK, USA, Chile and South Africa.”

Another memory was a special surprise from Paul. “One of the highlights was a video that Paul put together in the months leading up to the day, which he had written and recorded meaningful lyrics to over one of our favourite bands’ songs. It was hilarious and touching, and all our friends contributed to it.”

Congratulations Penny & Paul! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to Cas of Caspix for today’s photographs!

Photos by Caspix

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Libby and Harley’s Spring Bungendore Wedding

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Libby and Harley

I cannot get the song “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” out of my head today, which is possibly because of the sweet tulip motif Libby and Harley included throughout their Spring wedding! I like the bright colours they used throughout their day – that delicious orange is such a nice burst of colour.

Libby and Harley decided a country wedding was for them. “We knew when we began to organize our wedding that we wanted to get married outside of the city. We thought it was a great idea to take everyone away for the day to somewhere pretty where they could escape the business of life. We looked at a few places around Canberra and instantly fell in love with Bungendore. It is such a beautiful little town. It was only after we booked the church and reception venue that we found out that Bungendore was the place where Harley’s grandparents first met and fell in love. This was particularly significant as they were not alive to share the day with us.”

Libby and Harley met in high school.  Libby says “We met back in year 12, however there was no romance then. It was only years after that at a mutual friend’s party that we finally started talking and cupid’s arrow hit us both!”

Photos this morning are by Amanda Thorson who always captures such beautiful images – so full of joy and so intimate.

Libby’s wedding gown was from Brides In Love. Tulips were used throughout the wedding and started with the invitations, created by a friend.  “Sadly I am not very creative, but my friends are! A good friend designed the invitations for me and the tulip motif which I used on almost anything I could!” Libby recalls.

Libby and Harley were married at St Phillips Anglican church in Bungendore.

Libby’s bridesmaids wore orange gowns from Noueve Rich, Queanbeyan. Libby says “I thought that my favourite colour (orange) might be too bright for my bridesmaids to wear however it suited them all perfectly. How delighted I was to find my favouite flower (tulips) in the exact same colour for their bouquets!” The bouquets were styled by Capital Flowers.

Libby’s great uncle was the minister for the service. ” There is something so joyful about having a member of your family marry you.”

Music played an important role in the day. Simone says “In 2008 Harley and I went to Japan and elements of this trip were reflected in our special day. We walked out of the church to “Lovers in Japan” by Coldplay and the bridesmaids held Japanese parasols during the photos.”

Vintage cars were a highlight for Libby. “I am a huge fan of the movie ‘Grease’, therefore it was very important that we have vintage cars. I could not have been more delighted when a friend of my mothers introduced us to her friend who owned the most incredible 50’s cars! What a way to arrive!!”

The wedding cake came to Harley in a dream. “Harley had a dream about our wedding cake and it was one of the only things he had his heart set on. It had to be a castle. We took the idea to Cakes Of Your Dreams and they were able to design a cake instantly from our description. It was magnificent and tasted delicious.” The couple held their reception at Carrington Inn, Bungendore.

The couple had a romantic first dance. “Our first dance was ‘Unchained Melody’ by the Righteous Brothers. I collect vintage records and it is one of my all time favourite love songs.”

One of Libby’s favourite memories was “The video montage I made for the reception which incorporated photos of Harley and I growing up and in a way thanked all the exceptional people that made us into the people we are today.”

Congratulations Libby & Harley on your marriage! Thank you for sharing it with us on Polka Dot Bride! Thank you also to Amanda of Thorson Photography for sharing today’s photographs!

Photographs by Amanda Thorson

Simone and Simon’s Brisbane City Wedding

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Simone and Simon

Brisbane is making my heart swell at the moment – there has been so much pitching in, so much help to clean up and get the city back on board. So when a wedding as delightful as this one comes along, I can’t wait to show it off. A Brisbane of old yes, but Brisbane is fighting back and shining again. Simone and Simon had such a lovely wedding. A traditional church ceremony followed by photos by the river and a reception full of celebration. The touch of polka dots in Simone’s dress are icing on the cake!

Simone explains how the couple met. “We met at university but it wasn’t until after uni when some mutual friends brought Simon along to my housewarming party that he asked me out. It was quite funny initially getting used to having pretty much the same name!”

Photography this fine Tuesday is by Julian Beattie of Kariz Matik Photography. I love the rawness of Julian’s work, the candid moments and the stylish captures.

One of Simone’s favourite memories is her polka dot wedding dress! it was created by Darb Bridal Couture and Simone says, “It was so feminine and it was the only day I will ever be able to wear such a big gown!” Her bridesmaids wore lilac gowns from Zimmermann. Sebastian Mirciov of Brisbane Market Flowers styled the bouquets while the girls had their hair and makeup done by The Powder Room. “The Powder Room did natural hair and makeup for Bride, Bridesmaids and Mother of Bride – we still looked like us but just more glamorous!”

Simone and Simon were married at Churchie Chapel, East Brisbane . Simone says “Simon and his father went to school at Churchie so to get married in their chapel was very special to him and his family. It was decorated with candles and flowers and the boys choir sang the hymns.”  Simone walked down the aisle to the traditional bridal chorus by Wagner.

The ceremony was not without it’s funny memories! “Something you would only see in a movie – the best man forgot the rings but they arrived 15 seconds before the priest announced them!” Simone recalls.

As night fell, guests gathered at The Strand at Rubgy Quay to celebrate. The venue sits on the river and allows guests to take in sweeping views of the Story Bridge.

Simone loved spending time with Simon during their dance lessons and having one on one time where their only focus was each other. She says “Our first dance was ‘Happy Together’ by the Turtles, a song from the 1960’s which was an upbeat and fun song which our singer Nick Hollamby (from band Elegant Swing) put a Michael Buble swing feel to. We ‘attempted’ to dance the foxtrot to the song and swished around the dance floor and finished with a dip!”

Congratulations Simone and Simon! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us on Polka Dot Bride! Thank you also to Julian Beattie of Kariz Matik Photography for sharing today’s images!

Photos by Kariz Matik Photography

Sparkle, Flowers In Her Hair…

by | Bride, Hair and Beauty


How gorgeous are these new shots of the new collection? So full of celebration. I can easily imagine these on a stylish bride- fuchsia corsage? Check! Apricot flowers in her hair? Double check!

Photos by s by Max Wanger for

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