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Ivy and Aster

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride


There’s a new label in town (and they want an Australian stockist!) Update: Studio White now stocks Ivy & Aster! and I just know you’re going to love it! It’s called Ivy & Aster and Ivy and Aster’s brand new collection centres around the story of two girls (Ivy and Aster) who have big dreams and make them come true.

The Ivy & Aster gowns, although simple with their lines are full of stylish whimsy- soft silk ruffles, sweet Swiss dots, chiffon flowers. Each gown has it’s own flavour, it’s own twist on tradition and each draws back to the original Ivy & Aster vision.

And the bridesmaids frocks? Beautiful sea foam greens, fuchsias, and navy blues . They’re fresh and flirty and gorgeous for bridesmaids or your own celebration. Again they have their own twists- an olive ribbon paired with a fuchsia gown or a pink draped dress and sweetheart bodice.

Photos by Elizabeth Messina Kiss The Groom for Ivy & Aster

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Vendor Of The Week – LavenderBlue Photography

by | Blog News, Bride


Welcome to another week dear readers- I’m am AMAZED that is already week two of February, how is it that the year is flying by so fast?

Let’s kick off our working with a spotlight on Ms Polka Dot’s Directory! We’re working hard to make sure our Directory is only filled with the best vendors out there for you and oh, we love them so! From photographers to florists, we’re building a fantastic network! Have a look and see what you might find!

Koala Lou I do love you! This week’s Vendor Of The Week is Sydney photographer LavenderBlue Photography. Mark’s style is clean and so classic- I love looking through his photos which unravel and tell a story of the day.

Mark describes his style as discreet and unposed. He captures moments as they unfold- they’re not staged and there’s no “faux glamour”. It’s real and honest and such a beautiful way of capturing a wedding.

To learn a little more about LavenderBlue Photography, we asked Mark five questions in five minutes!

What is your favourite after five drink?

Scotch Whisky.

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Blue Mountains or Southern Highlands.

Favourite restaurant?

It would have to be Red Lantern.
Where can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Balmoral Beach or Kirribilli.

Your favourite wedding story?

Hmmm, there are so many, it’s very hard to pick just one. All the weddings I shoot have a story attached that makes them unique.

Visit LavenderBlue Photography‘s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week! LavenderBlue Photography is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory


Snapshot Sunday – High On A Hill

by | Bride, Snapshot Sundays


Bride and groom on mountain

Photo by Perspectives Photography

Mira and Kury’s Outdoor Engagement Session

by | Bride, Engagements


Mira and Kury

Today’s engagement session has a bit of funk to it and a bit of urban style amongst the Malaysian landscape today!

Photos today are by Afnan Omar who has captured this session really differently in a visually stunning way.

Afnan tells the story of how Mira and Kury met “They have known each other since 2006 but they were not close friends. Then they went separate ways and they had lost touch with each other since then. Mira went to New Zealand to further her studies for two years and Kury stayed in Kuala Lumpur working as a Graphic Designer and as fate would have it, they found each other again on Facebook in 2009. So thanks to Mark Zuckerberg then!

After that Kury asked Mira out for a dinner one day and since then they have been together.”

Photos by Afnan Omar

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