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What Would They Know? James of James Day Photography

by | Australia - New South Wales, Bride, Photography, What Would They Know?


wwty james day What Would They Know? James of James Day Photography

Today’s expert is the very talented James Day of James Day Photography. Based in Armidale, New South Wales, James has traveled all over the world taking gorgeous photographs including the engagement shoot of Miss Sea Breeze over on Wedding Bee. (See her posts here and here and see James’ shoot with them here).  I’m quite excited to have James join Polka Dot Bride today and learn more about him!

Where and how did you learn your craft?

I was given my first camera as a young kid, and my father who was a very keen amateur taught me how to use it. He owned a professional camera, so when he passed away when I was 14, I inherited that camera and I taught myself how to shoot like a pro at a very young age. I learned photography at school, and topped the class, and my teacher started getting me work when I was 16. From there, I just learned as much as I could from trial and error and from other photographers. When I finished school I worked for a studio and the local newspaper as a photographer.

What is your mission statement for James Day Photography?

To create powerful images with meaning; at the highest level.

What inspires you about Australian brides? Is there a special ‘Australian’ quality about brides from this country?

Totally! Brides here are so relaxed and just let me do my thing. It’s awesome to work for people like that!

hartigan2030 What Would They Know? James of James Day Photography

What should brides look for in a photographer?

Definitely ask your friends for referrals. Also, check out photographers blogs and see if you like their style, their services and them as a person.

Do you take traditional photographs of brides or do you strive to be different? What sets you apart from others?

I take a mix. I love to create a simple, perfect portrait or get in there and explore new territory.
Where do you find inspiration to keep your photography cutting edge and your interest in it fresh?
I get a lot of inspiration from Hollywood and the high budget movies that they produce, from other photographers, and from fashion magazines.

How do you keep on learning?

I photograph for myself a lot. I get out there and just play and take photos that make me happy. It’s the best way to keep learning. I also am a part of a few professional organizations that constantly provide support, inspiration and information on workshops that are coming up.

What is your number one tip for brides when being photographed?

Have fun and be yourself.

What do you love about the industry?

Photographers in general are great networkers. That means we get to hang out lots and share ideas.

What are your favourite wedding ideas?

I love it when people personalize their wedding to the max. Looking back through the family history and incorporating old family traditions are probably my number 1 favourite thing to see.

What are the biggest mistakes you see brides making?

I don’t see my brides making too many mistakes, but when the occasional client decides to book another photographer due to budget constrictions alone, I know they’re going to majorly regret not spending the money on the photographer they really wanted all along. You get what you pay for in this industry and it’s definitely the service that you will remember the most out of everyone you hire, so choose wisely!

1w9q9501 What Would They Know? James of James Day Photography

If money was no object, where and how would you photograph a wedding?

I would hire a Hollywood lighting crew and photograph a wedding in Italy and go into it with an attitude of making a film style look through photographs.

What is your dream for James Day Photography?

I’d love to photograph a few more overseas weddings and get to see incredible locations all around the world. I’d also love to do more photography consulting to other photographers looking to take their business and photography further. I go into every wedding with the attitude that this will be the best wedding I’ve ever shot, so things are always exciting here at James Day Photography!

Thank you James for joining Polka Dot Bride today! Be sure to check out James’ website James Day Photography and his blog to see more of his work!

Photo of James Day by Jessica Claire Read the rest of this article »

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Lea and Matt The Celebration

by | Australia - Queensland, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Earlier today I shared the gorgeous seaside wedding of Lea and Matt shot by Sugarlove Pictures. Now it’s time for the celebration!

Post ceremony, the bridal party gathered for some photos on the deck and amongst the bushland.

06br9208 Lea and Matt The Celebration

06br9257 Lea and Matt The Celebration

06br9296 Lea and Matt The Celebration

After a few post ceremony shots, it was time to head down to Coolum Beach for some fun in the sand.

06br9373 Lea and Matt The Celebration

06br9356 Lea and Matt The Celebration

06br9386 Lea and Matt The Celebration 06br9311 Lea and Matt The Celebration

06br9416 Lea and Matt The Celebration 06br9415 Lea and Matt The Celebration

06br9417 Lea and Matt The Celebration

Then it was onto the reception!

06br9482 Lea and Matt The Celebration

Long tables were set up on the deck of The Angkasa by Noosa Wedding and Event Hire. Delicious food was provided by Noosa Catering

06br9429 Lea and Matt The Celebration 06br9435 Lea and Matt The Celebration

Each napkin was adorned with pink pepper berries and each place setting was set with a frosted candle holder showing the guest’s name. Each guest received a personal thank you note from Lea and Matt.

06br9422 Lea and Matt The Celebration 06br9436 Lea and Matt The Celebration

The centrepieces matched the bouquets- David Austin and Julia roses in creams and dusty pinks with pink pepperberries.

06br9427 Lea and Matt The Celebration

Josh tried his hand at capturing memories.

06br9528 Lea and Matt The Celebration 06br9505 Lea and Matt The Celebration06br9491 Lea and Matt The Celebration

06br9583 Lea and Matt The Celebration

06br9533 Lea and Matt The Celebration

Guests spent the afternoon (and beyond!) celebrating at the house on long, lounge chairs with champagne and scrumptious foodie offerings.

06br9617 Lea and Matt The Celebration

06br9478 Lea and Matt The Celebration 06br9554 Lea and Matt The Celebration

Beautiful cake by Designer Desserts

06br9589 Lea and Matt The Celebration

Thank you Lea and Matt for allowing us to share your beautiful beachside wedding on Polka Dot Bride! Thank you also to Leigh of Sugarlove Pictures for another beautifully captured wedding!

Lea and Matt

by | Australia - Queensland, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


06br95451 Lea and Matt

Lea and Matt

Today on Polka Dot Bride, Sydney photography studio Sugarlove Pictures have shared with us the beautiful beach wedding of Lea and Matt. Matt’s proposal was a grand one- a plane trailing a sign “Lea, Will You Marry Me?” viewed as Lea and Matt dined at their favourite cafe.

The wedding was held at Coolum Beach in Queensland, Lea and Matt chose to have a small beachside celebration with 40 guests.

06br8785 Lea and Matt 06br8779 Lea and Matt

06br8774 Lea and Matt 06br8772 Lea and Matt

Lea and Matt’s celebration was held  The Angkasa, a luxurious four bedroom home set in tropical rainforest and inspired by Bali. The guests also celebrated the reception at the house.

Lea and her girls got ready for the big day in The Tropical Suite

06br8806 Lea and Matt 06br8982 Lea and Matt

Beautiful blooms by Mandi Backhouse of The Flower Pod (, plenty of pink bubbles accompanied the girls getting dressed!

06br8812 Lea and Matt 06br8801 Lea and Matt

In preparation for the warm weather, guests were supplied with carved wooden fans.

06br8891 Lea and Matt 06br8937 Lea and Matt

Lea’s gown was an Essense design from Trenz Boutique and featured stunning beading on tulle over ivory satin. Lea wore shoes from Panache

06br8942 Lea and Matt 06br8886 Lea and Matt

06br8944 Lea and Matt

06br8969 Lea and Matt

Lea wore earrings by Say Bella from Trenz Boutique and a bracelet from Natasha Lee Designs. Lea and Matt’s rings were from Jacobsen Jewellery. Hair and makeup was done by Beauty On The Move.

06br8983 Lea and Matt

The bridesmaids wore wrist corsages of cream roses.

06br89622 Lea and Matt

06br8930 Lea and Matt 06br8989 Lea and Matt

Each bridesmaid was given a gift tied with a bow and their initial, consisting of a pearl brooch and earrings which completed their wedding day look, and a MOR Peony Flower Soap.

06br8972 Lea and Matt

The bridesmaids wore gowns made to order from S&M Creations (0409 953 792)

06br9023 Lea and Matt 06br8911 Lea and Matt

The girls carried bouquets of David Austin and Julia roses in shades of cream and dusty pink. Added to the bouquet and woven into the flowergirl’s crown were pink pepper berries.

06br8993 Lea and Matt

Lea’s son Josh played a big part in the wedding day.

06br8996 Lea and Matt 06br8916 Lea and Matt

06br9019 Lea and Matt 06br9020 Lea and Matt

The ceremony was held at Point Arkwright. Turtles swam under the deck as the couple said their vows.

06br9140 Lea and Matt

06br9033 Lea and Matt 06br9069 Lea and Matt

06br9059 Lea and Matt

Matt wore a stylish grey suit by Tramps For Men (02 4226 5933) with brown sandals whiles his groomsmen were dressed in white shirts and grey pants from Suiting You.

06br9089 Lea and Matt

06br9102 Lea and Matt 06br9121 Lea and Matt

With Josh, Lea and Matt held a sand ceremony to celebrate their new family.

06br9175 Lea and Matt


Check back later today for more of Sugarlove’s snaps of Lea and Matt’s wedding!

Perfect Peonies

by | Bride, Flowers


Peonies are a beautiful flower, one of my favourites!- their fluffiness and limited season makes them a popular choice for many brides and rightfully so. November in Australia brings peony season! (May to June for those in the USA!)

kate hill flowers wedding flower gallery images and pictures of flowers Perfect Peonies

Photo from Kate Hill Flowers

The peony is named after Paeon, a student of Asclepius who was the Greek god of medicine and healing. Used as one of the natural emblems of China, the peony is also the state flower of Indiana.

peonies Perfect Peonies penoies2 Perfect Peonies

Photo from Vogue Flowers via Australia Entertains, photo from Brides

Peonies are gorgeous in their beautiful colours- soft pinks, creams, whites, deep rose pinks, reds and even white-to-pink shades.

wedding flowers information les fleurs de paris bridescom Perfect Peonies wedding flowers information simply centered bridescom Perfect Peonies

Photos from Brides

If it isn’t Peony season but you still want the fluffy look- try David Austin roses, Cabbage roses, Juliet roses and you can even try tightly bound carnations!

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