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Creative Colour – Champagne

by | Bride, Creative Colour, Wedding Inspiration



Champagne is a beautiful feminine colour to work with, the colour of one of our most favourite drinks can perfectly complement your wedding day.

– Combine with cream, ivory and white, add touches (only) of black

– With cherry or burgundy

– With darker hues of the same colour – darker champagne and apricot

– With soft grey blues

– With soft pink, creams and apricot

– With milk chocolate, and tiny touches of rust brown – think the furry back of magnolia leaves

– With the softest of greens and touches of dark green

– With pastel blue, sky blue and fresh spring green

– Green orchids, apricot, cream and pink roses, peonies, green tinged roses, tulips, green dodda vine, stephanotis

– Cake could be covered in champagne fondant with white designs to keep it really simple, or use a colour from your palette on a champagne background

– This is a colour that lends itself to lots of embellishment to add sparkle – beading, pearls, crystals

– Your paper ware – invitations etc could be on champagne coloured paper with a soft pearly lustre, perhaps letter press or with a flowing design

– Capiz shell, pearl beading- strands of these hung from the ceiling, large shells with a pearly interior or exterior – if large enough could be used as containers

– Your own signature champagne cocktail, a bowl of caviar with silver spoons and all the condiments, oysters in the shell, beautiful elegant fresh food

– Silver, mercury glass, burnished gold, lots of candles and sparkling glassware

– Fabrics could include taffeta, organza, silk – beading, applique, lace dyed to match or in, for instance, apricot if you are using that colour scheme

– Champagne is a quietly elegant colour – so don’t use vintage fabrics, or bold patterns with it as it will detract from the understated look of it

– Think white linen, champagne embroidered overlay with champagne beaded edging, or throw champagne rose petals on table surfaces, napkins held in place with a black ribbon secured with a champagne bead, clear or silver edged glassware, dull metallic champagne coloured chairs, groups of white, champagne and black candles, white and champagne coloured roses, candelabra hung with crystals or chandeliers for sparkle

– Or a sequined silver table runner on champagne coloured cloths and napkins, silverware and silver containers, dull metallic silver chairs, white crockery, silver rimmed or champagne coloured glassware, a round table with a huge ice filled sliver container filled with bottles of champagne, everything could look quite formal and elegant

– Boys could wear dark suits with a champagne coloured tie and pocket handkerchief


Photo from Martha Stewart Weddings, Champagne tie from AHFashion, Pearl bracelet from AFinishingTouch,  boutonniere from Martha Stewart Weddings.

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Mother Polka’s Musings – Being Yourself

by | Bride, Mother Polka's Musings



Before I start on this article, I would like to say I have no psychology training and in no way hold myself out to be an expert or even be correct, in my musings – past or future. I speak from my heart on things that matter to me, and things that I have learned (and continue to learn) from the mistakes I have made. I give them to you, to make use of, or not. As I am normally a very private person, I am calling my courage to me……………

Most of us would like to think we have the courage to be ourselves – even in the face of pressure to conform. There will be more pressure to conform at certain points of your life – to have a ‘cookie cutter’ wedding, to have the ‘right’ pram or designer labels when you have a baby, to send your children to the ‘right’ school for example.

How do you acquire the courage to be yourself – perhaps even to say ‘no ‘? I still struggle with this in my fifties – yet I know somewhere in my core, that to get on that relentless treadmill of having, doing, wishing for the same things as everyone else, is to set myself up for dissatisfaction with my lot in life and an all pervading sense of failure. For there will always be someone who has done it ‘better’ (read – differently) than you.

If your heart is set on a large wedding with all the bells and whistles, be deeply honest with yourselves about your reasons for doing it this way. Your honesty may start a life-long discussion about what is really important to you as a couple. And if neither of you have any reservations, jump in and click your heels three times and follow the yellow brick road to the wedding of your dreams.

If you can’t afford, or don’t want an elaborate celebration, remember there is beauty in heartfelt simplicity. Look at, and use the things around you in a new way, ask family and friends for help. Add touches that mean something to you – something that incorporates a memento from your heritage, a special interest, or a nod to a special person in your life. Love what you find and what you do.

Don’t be influenced into inviting people, buying things, being extravagant, by anybody. What do you want as a couple?

So this is just small plea to you – think soulful, think real and think outside the square. It is YOUR day – make it a day that you will remember with a song in your heart.

Olivia and Hendy – The Celebration

by | Australia - Western Australia, Bride, Inspired Weddings


Welcome back to part two of Olivia and Hendy’s bohemian, eclectic, spring wonderland!

olivia-and-hendy032 olivia-and-hendy033



Olivia and Hendy’s wedding was truly a love filled affair- friend Kate Kardenga made the stationery and Olivia’s mother and Hendy’s mother along with Hendy’s sister Meg and aunts Sheryl and Margaret made nibbles for guests to feast on while Olivia and Hendy posed for photos.

olivia-and-hendy036 olivia-and-hendy037

olivia-and-hendy040 olivia-and-hendy041

olivia-and-hendy042 olivia-and-hendy044

Olivia’s platinum engagement and wedding rings  were made by a family friend- jeweler Pierre Du Toit.


olivia-and-hendy038 olivia-and-hendy039



Olivia found the room at Bridgetown Gardens Function Centre to be quite large and echo-y. She bought deep red/maroon chiffon and draped it across the ceiling. Hendy’s father Hugh created a “rung hanging device” from PVC pipe which allowed the couple to hang family rugs- some of which have been in their respective families for 80 years.

olivia-and-hendy050 olivia-and-hendy051


Olivia says the speeches were one of her favourite moments of the day. All of them were funny and from the heart. Hendy’s speech particularly moved Olivia who still gets emotional when she thinks of it. The wedding day felt like a special mini holiday with guests traveling from around the world and driving three hours from Perth to celebrate with the couple.

olivia-and-hendy053 olivia-and-hendy056

Olivia collected 140 glass jars to act as vases from family and friends in the months before the wedding. She bought 170 roses from a grower in the south west called Tulips With A Difference, 150 carnations from a wholesaler in Leederville and 300 roses from a grower in Bedfordale outside Perth. On the day before the wedding a team of Oliva and Hendy’s family and friends created the table centrepieces and bouquets. On the day of the wedding, family and friends took the creations out of the cool room and placed them on the long tables with masses of tea-light candles.

olivia-and-hendy054 olivia-and-hendy055

Close friend Kate Vardenega created the stationery while Pip of Bridgetown Pottery catered the reception with a delicious, gourmet BBQ.

olivia-and-hendy057 olivia-and-hendy059

Olivia says “Hendy’s aunt Margaret Elton made our cake. She is a genius with cake decorating. She brought about 20 wedding cake magazines around and we chose the one we liked. Hendy’s aunt Jane and parents Chris and Hugh made the delicious desserts. One of our friends said he woke up with meringue crumbs in his pockets the next day after thieving extra sweets .”

olivia-and-hendy060 olivia-and-hendy061

olivia-and-hendy065 olivia-and-hendy062

olivia-and-hendy063 olivia-and-hendy064

Of their first dance, Olivia says “Hendy did a 90 degree dislocation on his knee the week before the wedding at his (surprise) bucks day and was on crutches, so it was more of a hobble. That isn’t even the most interesting part about the dance – Hendy was taught the “mating peacock” dance three minutes before we went up by Charlie his brother-in-law, so I was standing there not sure what was going on while Hendy was pulling out solo dance moves. We then danced (together) to Alicia Keys “If I Aint Got You“.

Thank you Oliva and Hendy for sharing your beautiful wedding day with us on Polka Dot Bride! Congratulations on your marriage! Thank you also to Clare of Clare Day Photographic Design for sharing the photos with us today!

Photos by Clare Day Photographic Design

Olivia and Hendy

by | Australia - Western Australia, Bride, Inspired Weddings,



Oliva and Hendy

I have such a gorgeous, creative wedding for you today! Olivia aand Hendy’s wedding is full of vibrant colours – from Olivia’s gorgeous turquoise green earrings to the beautiful paper lanterns at the reception. When this wedding first landed in my inbox it was described as an bohemian, eclectic, spring wonderland!

Photos today are by Clare Day Photographic Design.

olivia-and-hendy002 olivia-and-hendy003



Olivia wore a soft draping gown with chocolate sash from Celestial Tenielle.

olivia-and-hendy006 olivia-and-hendy007


Olivia and Hendy held their ceremony and reception at Bridgetown Gardens, three hours south of Perth.

olivia-and-hendy009 olivia-and-hendy011

Friend Will Hepburn played “Fields of Gold” by Sting as Olivia walked down the aisle.



olivia-and-hendy012 olivia-and-hendy014

olivia-and-hendy015 olivia-and-hendy016

Olivia made the tulip bouquets herself.






olivia-and-hendy022 olivia-and-hendy023



The bridesmaids wore their own dresses and carried bouquets made by Olivia.


olivia-and-hendy030 olivia-and-hendy031

Olivia wore turquoise shoes to match her earrings by Steve Madden.

Check back this afternoon for Olivia and Hendy’s gorgeous lantern filled reception!

Photos by Clare Day Photographic Design

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