From ‘Yes’ to ‘I Do’

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While I love a good wedding, it almost always starts with a marriage proposal. From a bended knee in front of a crackling fire, to a sign underwater next to a shark.

Today I’m sharing some of my favourites………….

I’ve mentioned this one before, but for someone to use their talents to put together something like this is touching.

The animated proposal


The grand scale proposal

The Veronica Mars proposal (there’s a story behind this one! The guy was trying to buy a slot during the super bowl (or another grand sporting event) and was helped by many Americans from a website. Unfortunately he didn’t raise quite enough and instead opted to put the proposal on during her favourite TV show- Veronica Mars.

The ‘My favourite movie’ proposal

The beach side proposal

and finally..I can’t do a post like this without putting in one of my fave wedding movie proposals- this ones from ‘The Wedding Singer’

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