Emily and Jeremy’s New Zealand Beach Engagement Shoot

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Emily and Jeremy

What do you get when you put a beautiful turquoise couch on a beach in New Zealand with two people very much in love? Some very fun photos which I am so excited to share with you today! Have a wonderful Saturday!

Photographer Greta Kenyon of Vela Images tells the story. “Emily and Jeremy first meet as teenagers where they both grew up in the Bay of Plenty area, Jeremy was a couple of years below Emily and she had caught his eye more than once. Little did they know way back then that they would one day be married.

The couple lost contact with each other and then reconnected over a decade later. Their courtship was short and intensified in a beautiful way by the arrival of their gorgeous baby girl Clara.

Emily & Jeremy married in March of this year and decided to have an engagement shoot before the wedding to capture some more relaxed moments together. They both love the beach and live just around the corner from where we shot these photos. So this spot is very special to them.

The couch was Emily’s idea, Emily loves vintage furniture and colour and thought it would be fun to inject a bit of colour into the shoot by adding the couch on the beach which looks fabulous against the overcast sky.

Emily is an actress and is a delight to photograph, she has great energy in front of the camera which is contagious and before we knew it we were doing an improvised kind of a theatre sports session in front of the camera. Every 10 seconds the couple had to take turns of coming up with a new pose on that gorgeous turquoise couch (which by the way also featured in their marquee at the wedding). What a fun shoot this ended up being, lots of laughter, good times and a very unique and quirky set of images for the couple to treasure as a record of themselves before they were married”

Photos by Greta Kenyon of Vela Images


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