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Rita of Blooming Brides

Anna’s altar decoration included white flowering dogwood and white tulips

The best way to have the best flowers is to use what is best in season! Every week something comes along that is at its very peak and is just meant to be there. With importing now, some varieties such as peonies can be obtained for an additional 3 months a year – well outside our local flowering season. The quality of these can be excellent too, but I’m a huge fan of supporting local growers and minimising carbon footprints. These weddings use local, seasonal blooms only and I think the results speak for themselves.

Anna’s white bouquet is one of my all time favourites with a soft, elegant mix of ranunculus, chincherinchee, double tulips and sweet pea.

Flowering magnolia branches and richly coloured bouquets of tulips, hyacinths and freesia.

Yellow is a favourite colour to work with and I adored doing this October wedding at Stones of the Yarra Valley. It is a breath-taking venue – truly spectacular – and it is always a delight to decorate as the simple rustic decor responds so well to lots of flowers, particularly with height and colour. The couple behind this wedding wanted local seasonal flowers in yellows and whites, with a strong presence of Australian native varieties. The result: tall vases of white dogwood, yellow flowering magnolia, cymbidium orchids and vibrant yellow broom, with a carpet of hyacinths, leucadendron, white waratah, wax flower and sweet pea along the table runners.

 Photography by Blooming Brides

Swirl divider2 Flowers From The Hills   Autumn Glory

Ms Gingham says: It stands to reason that “in season” is a always best. A great florist will be able to offer advice and inspiration which means that you could also end up with amazing floral displays like these ones! Next week, Rita joins us again with Part 3 of her 5 part series on Australian Natives. Watch this space!

We asked Rita what her favourite wedding story was: Any story that ends with “and they lived happily ever after, thanks to a whole lot of patience, kindness, tolerance and flowers from Blooming Brides!”



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