Kye & Zok’s Botanic Gardens Engagement Shoot

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Kye & Zok

Stefani Driscoll sent over this morning’s engagement shoot of Kye & Zok. The couple made use of the gorgeous St Kilda Botanic Gardens backdrop and the casual style of the shoot makes it feel just like a lovely Saturday in St Kilda. What a gorgeous shoot!

Zoran is a Risk Manager and Kylie is an Interior Designer. You could not pick too more opposite occupations yet the differences appear to balance each other out. Kye says “he’s great at maths, Im not. Im very creative, He’s not. He definitely helps bring a practical side to my madness”.

Five years ago after meeting through mutual friends, Zok mentioned casually to Kylie one time that they should get together for a casual drink. Kylie agreed so Zok choose a venue and arranged to pick Kye up after work one evening.

Zok had done his homework and had a tip off from a colleague who recommended a very fancy restaurant in the city. Kye says that” Zok must have failed to mention to his colleague that it was a ‘casual’ catch up as we were both very surprised when we entered a rather high end restaurant which saw our ‘casual’ drink turn into a far more formal date. In hinds sight it was a great start to our relationship”.

Not too long after their first ‘not so casual’ date Zok travelled OS and was in Spain when Kye knew he was the one for her.  “In our very early stages when Zok was overseas in Barcelona and we were not yet even a couple, Zok stopped in the hotel lobby at 5am one morning after a night out and wrote me a very long email just to say hello. I knew then that this was going to be something. Our first few months together flew and here we are now five years down the track”.

Zok proposed to Kye at their home which is the space they have spent the last few years working towards and renovating. “Even though it was our 5 year anniversary that weekend, I was totally surprised! We were at home, it was mid-week, he cooked me a gorgeous breakfast and caught me by total surprise. It was very special and private. Perfect”.

Kye and Zok decided to capture the magic and joy of their engagement with a rather relaxed and ‘casual’ photo-shoot at the St.Kilda Botanical Gardens with the vision to use one of the shots for the engagement party invitations.


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