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Ms Gingham

It’s time for another edition of the Polka Dot office! Where you get a peek behind the scenes at what life as a member of the polka dot team is really like! (with the lovely Ms Paisley just acquiring an iPhone recently too we will be bugging her for photos!)

Ms Polka Dot

We love receiving mail in the Polka Dot office, especially when it’s packaged as beautifully as this! Thanks Andrea!

Mr Polka Dot and I have been getting into the garden recently! Our basil crop has produced many jars of fresh pesto, a cheapie tomato plant we bought at Safeway exploded and we ate fresh tomatoes (so many of them!) and I’ve ditched real flowers for fresh herbs in the Polka Dot office! Here’s last week’s bunch of rosemary I popped in a 99 cent Ikea polka dot vase!

Finally from me, The Magic Room by Jeffrey Zaslow is  a beautiful read (one I enjoyed with strawberry lemonade a few Fridays ago!) and a snapshot of my usual uniform- a polka dot scarf!

Ms Gingham

Inspiration can be found in the simplest of places. In this case, a couple of stems from my Magnolia tree has provided some beautiful floral decorations for my bathroom!

In amidst life’s general chaos, we squeezed two week’s worth of intensive swimming at school. This involved washing and drying towels, bathers and uniforms every night. I won’t put a photo of my laundry stack in, instead I’ll give you this one of Master Gingham having a blast at swimming!

Of course, Easter wouldn’t be Easter without carb overload an who am I to break with tradition? Admittedly I probably didn’t have to eat 3 in a row! Yum!!

I’ll only say one thing… and it’s going to be controversial… BLUES!!!!!!!!!

Ms Paisley

Am reading – guilty pleasure – just bought OK magazine from the supermarket. Hope to put my feet up and read it with a cup of Madame Flavour Earl Grey tea! Bought these shoes on sale from Forever New. LOVE! Got sucked in by another blogger talking about the Bellabox and have ordered one… patiently waiting for it’s arrival.  Finally, Looking forward to dinner with old friends on Saturday night at Bamboo Terrace (Hawthorn).


This February, our Melbourne groom writer attended the Peter Rowland Wedding Showcase. We’d like to thank the team at Peter Rowland for hosting such a lovely event and making our writers feel so welcome.

Myself (Ms Gingham) and one of our Melbourne writers were lucky enough to be guests of the Langham Hotel as they held their wedding showcase this month too! A big thank you to The Langham Hotel for hosting the Polka Dots at the event and for what was a divine dinner afterwards! (Watch our for a review on that event in the next week or two!)

Papyrus Design provided the stationery and the grand ballroom, alto room and other spaces were dressed with shimmering crystal candle holders and vases of fresh flowers.

The view from the Alto room is magnificent!

The Langham Hotel provides a garment bag for bride’s to put their gowns into after the wedding. A lovely touch no?

Before we sign off, a special shoutout goes to our very own Ms Stripey who had to have tendon repair surgery after damaging her hand in the course of domestic duties. Ouch!!!


You can follow Ms Polka Dot (@mspolkadot) and myself (@msgingham) on Instagram where I am going to attempt “April Photo A Day” next month. Should be fun!


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