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If there is one thing my loved ones know about me it’s that I love to throw a party, so I adore businesses like The Party Studio who help craft beautiful parties and provide all the goodies and inspiration you need to pull off something a little bit magical. I am thrilled to have The Party Studio owner Pauline Su join us today on Polka Dot Wisdom for a little bit of styling and planning wisdom!

Tell me about yourself, your background?

I’m a stay at home mum with one supportive husband and three little kids.  My previous background was in primary school teaching and I was known amongst the staff as someone who really loved putting a lot of effort into making things beautiful, especially the classroom display on the back wall.  After having kids, I took a break from teaching.  Through having to organise parties for my kids, I really saw the need of having a store that sold beautiful boutique partyware that could easily be adapted for whatever theme you wanted.

What/who inspires you? Do you have a person who has influenced your life, or a mentor?

Amy Atlas is certainly one person whose work I discovered whilst ‘researching’ on the internet late one night.  I remember seeing her dessert tables and thinking ‘THIS is what I want to do’.  I started a business call Sophisticated Yum, which specialises in dessert tables and candy buffets.  Though it is a different business, I feel that it is one that really complements The Party Studio.

What do you love about the parties and/or the wedding industry?

I love parties as they are a celebration of a special moment in peoples’ lives and they leave people with happy memories whether it’s a wedding, a baby shower or a birthday.  It’s a time where family and friends are brought together and it’s a time to stop from the busyness of life and to reflect on milestones, big and small.

What do you offer that sets you apart from others in your field?

The Party Studio offers a beautiful mix + match range of boutique partyware to suit any theme or occasion.  I have personally chosen each product in our store and only include items I believe reflect the beautiful boutique partyware that I love.  A new service that will be coming into The Party Studio very soon is an e-styling service.  This will help those who are on a tight budget to still be able to work with a stylist to make sure things are just right for the special day.

Can you advise brides about colour schemes and what to use to achieve their vision?

Before deciding on a colour scheme or theme, I think it’s important for the bride and groom to create an inspiration board of what they would like their wedding to be.  Whether it’s sitting down with magazines, scissors and glue, or pinning on ‘pinterest’, a collection of images, colours, textures, props that scream out ‘YOU’ individually and as a couple, will help you get a better picture of how you would want your wedding to be.  Colour trends will come and go, but if you choose a colour scheme that defines you, then I think that will never date.

You have a website that is fun and just a little whimsical. What is your aim with the website?

The Party Studio website is my little store.  It’s what I would have if I had a brick & mortar store.  I want my customers to be inspired by our gallery, and to experience good old fashioned customer service.  I want people to use their creativity and see our products as a blank canvas on which they can express their ideas and I’d like to think that our products are the perfect finishing touch to people’s celebrations.

How do you ensure that you find the new and different (products) when sourcing new products to include on your website?

I am constantly on the internet, looking out for new products from Australia and around the globe.  I’m also often sourcing items for my Sophisticated Yum dessert tables that then leads me to fresh and new ideas and design concepts.

I see that you organize styled shoots to showcase colours and trends, and have just held a workshop with other vendors to show brides how to create their own dessert table. What do you love about these collaborations? Is this an aspect of your business that is expanding?

I love collaborations with other expert dessert creators.  It’s a great opportunity for all of us to learn from each other as well as work towards one end product and the results are always spectacular!  I actually have another business called Sophisticated Yum, that does exactly this for people who are wanting to create a special dessert table for a an occasion.  For The Party Studio customers, a range of e-styling services are on their way so that they can soon experience having a personal party stylist but on a smaller budget.
Do you see a particular incoming trend in weddings for the next 12 months?

I think there is a trend for weddings to be classic with a personal twist, whether it is a burst of colour or an interesting use of props, something that highlights the unique personality of the couple.  There has certainly been an increase of dessert tables and candy buffets present at wedding receptions.  And I think DIY is particularly big in weddings. People are really interested in being more hands on and getting creative when it comes to weddings.  In fact, I read about someone having a bonbonierre party the other where the bridal party were invited to a party to put together the bonbonierre’s for the reception.  You see, there is always a reason to celebrate!

What are your dreams for The Party Studio in 2 years time?

I’d love The Party Studio to be the ‘go to’ source of inspiration and ideas and a place where people can easily purchase boutique partyware to make their occasion just a little bit more special for their guests – whether it is a dinner party or a wedding,

How would you style a dream wedding (if money was no object)?

My dream wedding would be simple, sophisticated and classic.  I’d hire several gorgeous huge marquees and have the reception set outdoors.  Each marquee would function as a different room.  There would be a chill out area complete with an outdoor lounge, a dining room with a gorgeous chandelier, a dancefloor and a live band.  We’d start with platters of gorgeously arranged hor d’euvres, followed by a sit-down meal, then mini desserts arranged beautifully on a dessert table (of course)!  Fairly lights and lanterns would be scattered all around the gardens and there would be plenty of champagne all round!

What should brides start with when they’re planning their weddings and receptions?

As boring as this sounds, a budget is probably the first thing they need to start with.  There’s no point in dreaming about having a lavish, black-tie reception if your budget doesn’t allow for that, so be real!  After that, put together an inspiration board and collect images that inspire you and your groom.  If possible, hire a stylist or an event co-ordinator.  People often think that doing so is going overboard but a lot of money can actually be saved by using one as they have access to information and deals that you may not otherwise be able to find.  They save you a lot of time and it also means that in the weeks prior to the big day, and on the wedding day itself, you are left with zero stress and can enjoy the day without having to worry about all the final details.

What are 5 clever ideas to create a stylish wedding?

  • Keep it simple.  In design, less is more.
  • Add a touch of personality to your wedding whether it’s your stationery, props, flowers, wedding dress….make it you!
  • Customised stationery from your save the date card through to your table place cards and your bombonierre thank you tags helps to tie everything together and is a perfect little finishing touch.
  • Incorporate 2 or 3 colours into your theme and use these throughout the day.
  • A small bombonierre packaged beautifully and placed at each table setting is a gorgeous way to say thank you to your guests.

Thank you for joining us today Pauline! Visit The Party Studio website to find out more about Pauline’s talents and check out her gorgeous products!

Head shot by Studio Eclectic. Shoot styled by Sophisticated Yum using products from The Party Studio.

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