Christmas Top Ten Favourites

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Christmas is, without a doubt, my favourite celebration of the year. I can take or leave birthdays, anniversaries are great and I don’t have public holidays but Christmas, Christmas is the best. My family is spread all over Australia and once a year we all get together, flocking to one location for a family Christmas.

What is the best part? Hard to tell you but I have a top 10….

10. Having so much fun

9. Seeing my dad unwrap a pair of socks every year.

8. Hearing all the goss as it slowly (and accidentally) released over the week 🙂

7. The excitement of all the kids on Christmas Eve

6. Seeing which family member/s over does it a bit and gets put to bed first

5. Christmas lunch

4. Winning the family boulle championship on Christmas day

3. Seeing what strange present my dad has bought for everyone (he buys the same thing for everyone)

2. Seeing my Mum and Dad spending time with my little boy Max 🙂

1. Having such a funny and loving family all in the same place at the same time

  • Angelika Ferguson Kitty says:
    January 6, 2013 at 10:41 am

    Hi Dave,
    What a great Christmas we had in Tassie! Wonderful fun and great to see so many Fergs in one place!
    How are the pics going?
    If you got them already, could you email me a link?
    Have a great new year
    Love from the Yack Fergs
    P.s. i hope the fires did not impact on your parents?



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