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Happy Monday Dotties! We’re taking it a little easier around the offices today with the Australia Day public holiday, but we’re still posting regular content, we just might be basking in the smoke of BBQs and a bowl of pavlova!

With regularity in full swing, let’s take a look at our Directory. We have beautiful, talented creators of Ms Polka Dot’s Wedding Directory! We have Flowers, Bridal Gowns, Hair & Beauty, Photobooth Hire, Specialised Services, Venues and to pull it all together? Wedding Planners!

The wedding directory is always growing, always evolving and we’re looking forward to some exciting new things for it this year, so pop on over, check it out and find your awesome wedding vendors!
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I love it when a wedding photographer can capture light in a way that makes me lose myself and get lost in the photo and today’s wedding photographers, Sydney based Starr Photography happen to do it so very well! They’re also our vendor of the week this week on Polka Dot Bride! Starr Photography has a base of five leading photographers who have shot 2500 weddings between them. So with a bevvy of experience under their belt and a knowledge of Sydney’s hot spots, you’re bound to get the beautiful wedding shots you wish for!

We asked Rachel from Starr Photography five questions in five minutes –

What is your favourite after five drink?

A beautiful cold Mojito with friends 🙂

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Wandering the streets, bars, galleries and cafe’s of Melbourne.

Favourite restaurant?

At the moment it is Red Lantern in Surry Hills… Amazing….

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Lately Troubador cafe in Manly- yummy big breakfast

Your favourite wedding story?

I love hearing how couples met, and also proposed, there is normally a great story in there…
One great one is- Two people were each holidaying in Mexico, and an earthquake hit, and they were both stuck in the same underground bunker, waiting it out for days…. What a meet!!

Visit Starr Photography’s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. Starr Photography is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory




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