DIY Paper Pastel Decoration

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Ms Herringbone
DIY Paper Pastel Decoration

Inspired by the pastel palette of Easter, I’ve been playing with some paper, with inspiration from one Martha Stewart, and put together a simple but effective little DIY! It really lends itself to so many option, such as in clusters for a striking photobooth or dessert table backdrop, or perhaps as a eye-catching hanging decoration. You can make these in all sizes, and colours – it’s really up to you!

You will need

  • coloured paper in squares (any size is fine, depending on the size of the pendant you want!)
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • sticky tape (for backup)
  • PVA glue
  • pen or pencil

DIY Pastel Wall Wreath

Step 1

Cut your square of paper in half. You can either draw a line to follow with a ruler, or go freestyle, as I did!

DIY Paper Pastel WAll

Step 2

Hold the triangle so the longest side is at the top, and the opposite tip is between your thumb and forefinger. Start to roll it up, like an ice-cream cone

DIY Paper Pastel WAll

The two tip of the long ends should stick up, like so:

DIY Pastel Wall Wreath

Step 3

Being careful not to flatten the cone, staple the back to ensure the cone is secure. You can add some sticky tape along the seam here if you like, I found that I didn’t need to if you put the staple in the right spot, at the edge where the two sides meet.

DIY Paper Pastel WAll

Step 4

Make enough cones to form a circle, and arrange them as you’d like to see them!

DIY Paper Pastel WAll

Step 5

Take another piece of the paper, and round the edges. It doesn’t have to be an exact circle, it’s just so it can’t be seen when you use it as the base for the cones.

DIY Paper Pastel Decoration

Step 6 

Place a dot with a pen where the centre is, to ensure a neat and consistence circle when you’re placing the cones.

DIY Paper Pastel WAll

Step 7

Put some glue on the bottom end of the cone, as this will be the only part to touch the circle. (the top will stick out past it, so remember this when glueing on surfaces!)


Step 8

Once you’ve finished your circle, get a final piece of paper in a complimentary (or contrasting!) colour to the cones, and cut into a smaller circle. Again, the size will be in relation to the paper you have chosen. It should be about half the size roughly of the original piece of paper.

DIY Paper Pastel Decoration

Step 9

Cover the back of the circle in glue, and place on the top centre of the cones, to cover the middle where they meet.

DIY Paper Pastel Decoration

Step 10

Place where you wish! You can continue making these in different sizes, and perhaps in different shades. You could even add test to the centre circle, and use as banners or signs!

DIY Paper Pastel Decoration


Photos by Ms Herringbone

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  • Ms Gingham says:
    April 4, 2013 at 10:37 am

    Love this! I can imagine a few of them all stapled onto a big piece of foam core for a fantastic photobooth backdrop! Great work!

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