Wedding Transport: Mighty Muscle Car

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Mr Polka Dot

Image by Christine Lim with Ruby Yeo via Linda and Joel’s Perth Winery Wedding

Today we have our next feature on wedding transport. And today we come to my personal favourite category.

Muscle Cars. Be they classic Aussie muscle cars or of the American variety, you are bound to find something to get the heart racing nearly as much as that moment you see your bride come down the aisle.

Some of the great Aussie and American marques are available for your big day to get you to the church on time.

I can’t go past a good Aussie muscle car myself.

Image by Kath Scott Photography via Sophie and Matt’s Handmade Country Wedding

Image by Cookoo Design & Photography via Emma and Marc’s Heartfelt Wedding

But you can certainly find some spectacular American muscle to make a bit of a splash.

Remember if you are thinking of contacting your local car club, that somebody hiring out a car for a wedding must have special license to do so. So please ask before hand that the car and driver you hire are covered your states local regulations on car hire.


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