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The photographer is often the one person (or people) at your wedding that are there for every little moment. So, how do they avoid being too conspicuous and standing out like a sore thumb?

We are talking with wedding professionals who walk the fine line of fashion between guest and vendor. If you thought you had it tough sticking to a dress-code, spare a thought for  the people who need to fit in, but not stand out! Those who need to be professional but not over-dressed. Those who may also need to climb a tree.

We sat down with Luke and Mani Lornie from Luke Lornie Photography to find out how they approach dressing for the big day. This stylish duo have provided some fabulous tips and advice when working with vendors for your big day.

THE PHOTOGRAPHERS – Luke & Manisa Lornie, Luke Lornie Photography

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1. How do you decide on your outfit for a wedding? What are the variables that you would take into account?

Manisa: The perfect outfit is comfortable, subtle so as not to take any of the attention away from the main event, but with something special to keep it from getting boring (we’re definitely not boring). We are there for the whole day, from hair appointments to dancefloors, so flat shoes are definitely essential (although obviously this is a given for Luke…), and we also consider the theme of the wedding, the ceremony and reception venue, and the weather forecast.

Luke: What she said! We also always ask for each other’s opinion about what we’re planning to wear on the day, and make sure we haven’t accidentally chosen a matching-couple outfit.

2. Have you ever been asked to wear something unusual or “themed”?

Manisa: Not yet!  For our own wedding we seriously looked into an Elvis-impersonator celebrant though.

3. Do you have a piece that is a particular “favourite” or the perfect “fallback”?

Luke: My standard is pants, a shirt and nice blazer.  And my black Nike Frees save my life. Although I often bring dress shoes to wear during the ceremony, being able to spend most of the day in these is great. They also allow me to climb (or scramble!) up things to get different shots.

Manisa: Well-tailored, cropped, black pants and colour-block flats are my current favourite. A good updo helps as well!

4. What advice or tips would you give both couples and other professionals?

Luke: Couples, make sure your photographers know the look and feel of your wedding. We spend time with all our clients before the wedding, so by the time the day arrives we know them, and know what their expectations for their wedding day are.  Professionals, be professional!  But be yourself too 🙂

Photos by Luke Lornie Photography

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Luke Lornie is a Melbourne-based photographer who is most often found with a camera in one hand, and his lovely lady in the other.  A coffee may also be substituted for either of these. He is joined by his partner-in-crime, wife Mani, who is the ultimate multi-tasker in this arrangement. They’ll make your day!

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