Shaye and Cara Martinsville Garden Engagement Photos

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Shaye & Cara

The gorgeous backdrop of Shaye and Cara’s engagement photos and their infectious smiles drew me in to today’s shoot. I like laughter and I like when it crawls its way into photographs, it reminds me of why I write about love, why I am so passionate about sharing it.

Bella from Bella Photo Art – Photography by Bella captured Shaye and Cara, Cara telling, “Shaye and I met through a mutual friend at the Times Christmas party. We later discovered that neither one of us were actually going to go to the party as we with had other things on, but after much persuasion from the host we ended up agreeing. Neither of us knew about the other, but seemed to arrive to the party around the same time. It was late and everyone else had been partying for some hours prior. Shaye and I began talking on the staircase and as they say, the rest is history.”

Cara remarks, “I love everything about Shaye. Her selflessness, her humor and wit, her generosity and love of animals and all things less fortunate than ourselves, but if I had to really narrow it down I’d have to say her humility and the way she loves me. It’s magical and I honestly believe she’s a blessing to my world.”

“There is never a dull moment in our relationship and for those that know Shaye and I they will tell you this. We are known to our friends as the everyday Ellen and Portia. Shaye is definitely the funny extrovert. She can capture and entertain an audience for hours weather it’s family friends or people she’s meeting for the first time. Although I’m lighthearted and outgoing, I tend to be more serious about matters.”

Shaye says, ” I absolutely love and adore Cara’s selflessness, she has this beautiful calming nature about herself and has a beautiful love of all things. Cara brightens any day and has brought me so much love, joy and happiness. Together we share a beautiful life and we try and spread colour and warmth everywhere we go. Its just a little something that we like to do to give back ( pay it forward). ”

“Shaye and I adore the outdoors band being surrounded by nature. Early on in our relationship I had stumbled across this amazing little hobbits cabbie style accommodation set in the middle of the rainforest. We stayed a few nights and fell in love with the peace and serenity. By night we snuggled up on a mattress under the stars front of a log fire, and by morning we woke to birds playing us sweet tunes and kangaroos on our balcony. It was evident that one day I was going to marry this girl and I thought to myself that when I propose, I couldn’t imagine a more surreal atmosphere than the one described in the quirky little cabins above. Roughly 2 months later after asking for her hand in marriage I booked us into the cabin for the weekend and on two knees asked Shaye to be my Wife.”


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