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Mr Herringbone \

A man in the kitchen may not be such a new concept, however a man in the kitchen who is willing to share his knowledge, passion and flair for food with the Polka Dot men and women – well, now there’s a perfect storm if ever I saw one!

We jumped at the chance to have the lovely Mr Herringbone showcase his tips, tricks and advice on (arguably) one of the most important items of any wedding – the Food! He will be sharing tantalising recipes to provide inspiration for any style of event – from a cocktail soiree to a relaxed garden party, and will bestow advice to take with you to taste-tests and expos. Wherever there is food, there is Mr Herringbone!

Mr Herringbone will be kicking off his column with a mouth-watering canapes that will have your guests talking. And the bonus? It’s ridiculously easy and only has 5 ingredients! Ladies and gentlemen – Mr Herringbone!

Hi all! 

For decades man has loved the steak sandwich, and this is my mini, handheld version! Use it to impress your mates and your other half and whip this up for a dinner party. It goes over particularly well with the boys whilst watching the footy – I’ve tried it and it was a hit! 

Although this is cooked rare, the fact that it is sliced thinly ensures that it’s an all-round winner. Extremely tender and tasty.

There is something about the little kick of horseradish cream that actually makes the meat taste better, hard to believe I know, but it does. And all tied in together with a little bit of greenery on the top gives this little gem a different texture, a little crunch. 

For those who aren’t meat lovers you could substitute the steak for some nice smoked salmon or trout.

 Rare Beef & Asparagus Crostinis


1 x steak fillet (cheap cuts work great for this)

1 x Turkish bread loaf or French baguette

1 x bunch asparagus

1 x punnet of cherry tomatoes

1 x jar horseradish cream

olive oil, salt and pepper to season


1. Turn up the heat! Pre-heat your oven to 160C

2. Slice the bread/baguette into thin slices, and place on a baking dish

Mr Herringbone

3. Lightly drizzle olive oil over them and pop into the oven for 15-10mins or until lightly toasty and dry. These will become your crostinis!

Mr Herringbone

4. Grab your steak and asparagus, and pop onto a griddle or frying pan, and cook steak to rare (approx. 4mins on one side depending on the size). Place the asparagus alongside it to get everything happening at once!

Mr Herringbone

5. Turn the steak (check out those cheffy-looking grill marks!) and cook for another 2 mins. Remove the asparagus when looking slightly charred.

Mr Herringbone

6. Take the steak off the pan, and wrap in aluminium foil to rest.


7. When the crostini is done, spread each with horseradish cream

Mr Herringbone

8. Now to the steak! Slice into thin strips, they should be perfectly pink inside!

Mr Herringbone

9. Cut the asparagus into three sections, cutting diagonally to make them look fancy and cut the cherry tomatoes into quarters.

Mr Herringbone

10. Now we build! First two strips of the steak, then asparagus, then one quarter of a cherry tomato like a little hat!


11. Do them all!

Mr Herringbone

12. Serve on a wooden paddle or board for that rustic look. The perfect finger food!

Mr Herringbone

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