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Claire of Claire Morgan Photography

There are many stories of the origin of a bride’s veil.  Some say that the veil was introduced in ancient Rome. People of that era believed that evil spirits would be attracted to the bride, so they covered her face with a veil in order to conceal her features and confuse them. However the veil tradition has changed over the past 20 years giving way to new traditions. Certain lengths of bridal veils got their names from how or where they were worn.

The veil is now the final crowning touch, transforming the bridal gown and  highlighting the bride’s appearance and features. The wearing of a bridal gown and veil is one of the big days in a woman’s life – choose what you feel comfortable in and enjoy your special day!

All images by Claire Morgan Photography

Ms Gingham says: Veils are so ethereal! I just love them!

Claire Morgan: “People are often surprised when they learn I was born and raised in South Africa. I grew up surrounded by art in one form or another; my mother was always busy making things from cloth or paper, and my father was a keen photographer who developed his own photos during his teen years. So I began my adventure with photography at an early age, playing with one of those old instamatic cameras.”

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  • Carly says:
    May 2, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    I ordered my dress earlier in the week & have been thinking about what sort of veil I want. I tried on both fingertip and cathedral when I found my dress and both seem to look gorgeous!

    Do you have any advice re the best sort of veil for a rooftop wedding in Melbourne at the end of March? I’ve heard that having cathedral or full length for rooftop/beach/outdoor weddings is best because the extra weight stops them flying away too much, but as I ony have a small train on my gown, I’m thinking a fingertip veil might be easier to deal with (less hassle, won’t get dirty, won’t need someone to carry it!). But then I look at photos like yours above… and I can’t help but think the drama of a long veil looks so beautiful!

    Help needed! 🙂 Thanks

  • Claire Morgan says:
    May 2, 2013 at 5:33 pm

    Yes long veil’s are beautiful and certainly my favorite! The 4th and 5th photos from above would probably suit best, as the first one is very light and not as dramatic as the heavier lacier veils (she also had a very small train on her dress) and the 2nd one was a fingertip veil yet had volume and suited her slim fitting dress.



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