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Confession time: I’m a little obsessed with pretty papers and cards. So imagine my joy when I came across Breanna’s absolutely stunning designs at Varley Design! Brisbane-based Breanna creates beautiful self-crafted designs – from table numbers to thank-you cards, she’s got your wedding stationery sorted. Read on to hear Breanna’s story…

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What was your path to crafting handmade items?

I’ve spent so many of my weekends at weddings. Don’t get me wrong, all of them I loved and in most cases I helped out in some way whether it was making place cards or gift bags but I find that most weddings these days are very similar. When my grandmothers got married they didn’t have all the bridal expos and online resources that we have today, but they never had any trouble making do. Their weddings were these beautiful hand-crafted productions which involved sisters, mothers, aunties, friends and grandmothers that all made their day special. Most things were hand-made and over time we have lost sight of how beautiful hand-made is. Great things take time and that’s premise of why I created Varley Design. I wanted to hand write or hand-make every element possible so that I could add some love into what is already a pretty loved-up day. I have made it a priority to make everything custom made so that anyone can make it your very own.

Where do you find inspiration?

Etsy is a great source of inspiration! There are so many wonderful creatives to follow and speak to, and it’s a great sounding board for bouncing ideas off. Otherwise I find inspiration in the strangest places – usually it can be anything from the font on a menu, to the local markets or my local antique store.

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What is the most common question you are asked by couples?

It’s not so much a question that I’m asked, it’s the fact the couples want to be unique. All too often I see these cookie cut weddings which appear to be all the same and it’s not what a wedding should be about. That’s why I decided to become a part of Esty – there are so many people seeking to make their day unlike any other and Varley Design offers that with completely custom and hand-crafted designs.

What is your favourite colour palette?

Eggshell blue is my all-time favourite colour, but in terms of weddings keep it simple and classic. With Varley Design I stick pretty closely to black and white but I also add these fresh pops of watercolour to make things interesting whilst wrapping it all up in brown paper just to give it that rustic feel.

Do you have a favourite style of wedding?

I love a good old fashioned country wedding where the place cards are hand written, guests eat outside and take away baked goodies and dance barefoot on the grass. Any wedding that involves family and friends in its making always shines through and makes that day one to remember.

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Share with us your top Etsy pick?

Zest and Lime have the most beautiful wedding invitations and stationery. I adore their floral designs!

What is your DIY advice to couples?

Make sure you have a very clear idea of what theme you want for your day. I know it’s confusing and there is so much to choose from but be concise, make a photo or mood board and stick to it.  Many brides can love lots of different things all at once and it can be overwhelming. Remember its what you love that matters.

What is the one tool you can’t do without?

Paper, its versatile and simple and I love that it can be so many things.

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What do you think of Breanna’s designs? I adore how beautiful they are in their simplicity – they definitely suit any day! Check out Varley Design on Etsy for more items.

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