Wedding Cake Trends: The Cutest Cake Toppers You Ever Saw!

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I was planning on writing a blog post about my favourite weddings trends so far this season, and as I was writing I realised they were all cake related. What can I say? Cake is one of my favourite topics of conversation! Then as I wrote about cake, I realised that cake toppers alone really deserve their own blog post. I’ve been seeing so many cute/funny/pretty/unique cake toppers lately that I have to share. All of the below photos and video frames were captured this current wedding season, so they are all new, fresh and fun. Captured by Lovely Day Pictures.

1. First up is this sweet “deer family” cake topper. You can buy deer like these from gift and toy stores.

Lovely Day Pictures Deer Cake

2. Let’s ride bicycles! There is nothing sweeter than a “bicycle for two” cake topper. I love how this one also has the cutest little models of the bride and groom.

Bicycle cake topper

3. See how cute bicycles can be? Here’s another along the same theme, but a completely different style.

Bicycle cake topper

4. Lets take a break from bicycles and look at rustic bunting. This home made cake topper is an easy DIY project, it looks super cute and I don’t know about you but I am definitely loving the rustic wedding trends I’ve been seeing lately. Note the “mix and match” cake behind it? Another one of my favourite trends! But that’s for another blog post…

Rustic cake topper

5. And finally, let’s look at something that’s more traditional, but in a super sweet “old timey” kind of way. I’m seeing more and more of these vintage style cake toppers and I’m really loving them. They’re a nod to our parent’s cakes and traditions, and if you’re lucky there’s still one in your family somewhere that you can borrow. A lot of couples add their own little touch, like hand made mini-bunting or in this case, lovely little florals.

Vintage cake topper

Cake toppers are such a small part of your wedding day, but one where you can really be creative and express your personality. I’ve seen first hand how these cake toppers become a talking point amongst the guests. They are a budget friendly way of putting your own stamp on your day and also a manageable DIY project if you’re looking for a hand made wedding. There are no rules and I can’t wait to see what my couples come up with this autumn!

Images by Lovely Day Pictures

Ms Gingham says: Express yourselves people and with cake toppers you can inject your personality into even the most formal of weddings. Great post Suzie!

Suzie of Lovely Day Pictures says: I absolutely love to film weddings. It’s such a privilege to be able to spend a couple’s wedding day with them and to capture it all and produce a piece of art from the day. I’ve met some truly amazing people doing so. People who are kind, beautiful, funny, generous and in love.


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