Is A Wedding Video A Thing Of The Past?

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The bride’s dress swaying on the couple’s first dance, tears of joy gliding down the cheeks of loved ones, the sound of heels against the dance floor, and the beauty which exists within the recital of vows are memorable elements of a wedding day that you cannot find within a 2 dimensional photo.

I have been a cinematographer for some time now and for the life of me I cannot fathom why some couples underestimate the value of the moving picture. This is why I am writing this piece, to inform you all about my frustration, as a man who dedicates himself to the business of filming weddings.

Now days, there are so many avenues to create wedding films that one doesn’t need to be their own cinematographer. The title “Wedding Film” suggests much more then just a home made video. Just like Hollywood blockbusters, time and thought goes into the execution of a wedding film.

We all live in a media rich world where photos, videos and other visual and audio media are gaining ground. People no longer need to think of videos as lumps of plastic that sit in their covers, which are only enjoyable through tedious fast forwards or rewinds. Rather, video footage should be valued for the priceless moments they capture. Don’t get me wrong photography is also very important, but the two have a different purpose. They do not replace one another – they coexist.

So if you’re still tossing up the idea of a wedding video perhaps you will stop and think about the value of filming the day. Maybe this post will help you remember that videos will forever be the source of laughter, enabling the past to be relived with a simple push, swipe or click. Perhaps the video itself is not tangible, but the emotions and memories they can conjure up within minutes are. These are something we can all hold onto forever even when we’re old and grey and showing off our moment of glory to our grandchildren.

Ms Gingham says: When all else is said and done a video is a long lasting memory. I am lucky enough to have some Super 8 films of my parents and myself when they were young and being able to watch these is such a precious thing to me.

About Biting Designs: Our work speaks for itself. We produce unique films using many different design techniques, while fulfilling our client’s requests by providing them with expert advice and cinematography – providing videos that are visually and sensually rich.

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  • Kyrie says:
    March 25, 2014 at 4:28 am

    Totally agree! I am currently trying to convince my fiance that we need to have a cinematographer at our wedding. Unfortunately I think the cost plays a huge part in the final decision making. I have been searching for a while now for a great cinematographer in South Australia. Many businesses that I have come across will charge quite a lot for quite a poor looking film. It’s a real shame, especially for brides like myself who are on such a tight budget.

    • Julia says:
      April 9, 2014 at 12:49 pm

      We understand Kyrie 100% that budget is an important factor. There is alot of work involved in post production, much more then there is for photography. Our prices are quiet competetive and packages cater for various needs. But i still think many more videographers or cinematographers what we like to call ourselves; retain a large markup.



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