DIY Twine Wrapped Jars

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These diy twine wrapped jars are an affordable and pretty way to add a DIY touch to your wedding. As always, you can mix up the colours to suit your theme, or keep it simple and just wrap them in jute twine.

The jars would also make great wedding favours if you carefully filled them with soil and little succulent plants.


What you need

Glass jars, preferably straight-sided ones as this will make them easier to wrap.

– Superglue. I used a Selleys Fix ‘n’ Go one from the hardware store that sets quickly.

– Coloured wool. This was only around $2/roll at Kmart.

Jute twine.

– Scissors.

twine-vases2Starting at the base of the jar, use a drop of superglue to attach the end of the twine/wool to the bottom of the jar. Allow to dry for 1 minute. Wrap a ring of twine/wool around the base of the jar and attach with superglue. Allow to dry for a minute or two.

twine-vases3Wrap the twine/wool around the jar again and again, pushing the twine rings down so they are evenly and tightly stacked.

If you are doing two colours like I have, you will need to cut the twine once you reach a height you are happy with, and secure the loose end of the twine to the jar with superglue. Then you will need to glue the end of the next coloured twine/wool to the jar before you start wrapping again. Repeat this process for as many colours and layers as you would like, always remembering to secure the twine/wool ends to the jar with superglue.

twine-vases4I recommend trying to make all your glued twine/wool ends line up on the same side of the jar in case they are a little messy. This can then be the back of the jar when it is done.

If you get some glue on the exposed areas of the jar or on your hands, use mineral turpentine on a cotton bud to remove it.


Images, jars, jute twine and tutorial by emerald + ella

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