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Image by Julia Jane Photography via Susie and Edward’s Melbourne Vintage Wedding

Ah, dress shopping. It’s one of most rewarding and enjoyable activities especially since it entails looking at a lot of beautiful dresses and trying them on. However, it can also be stressful since it can be tough to choose the one dress that your friends will wear on your big day.

By now, you probably have more ideas than you know what to do with as the Internet has made it easier for brides to look up dress ideas. The question is: how do you help your bridesmaids choose the outfit will look great not just in the photos but also throughout the entire occasion? Listed below are important reminders on what to do and consider when buying the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your special girls!

Do your homework

You also have to do your homework when coming up with your bridesmaids dresses. But instead of doing it alone, you can actually include your girls and make it a group project.

When choosing dresses for your bridesmaids, it pays to consider their opinion; after all, they are the ones who will wear them. Ask your friends to look up styles that they would want to wear. Once you’ve pooled your choices, narrow down your list until you come up with the best dresses that your bridesmaids all want. Your friends will appreciate that you asked for their input and not just stuff them into the first thing you could find.

Decide on a budget

If there’s one thing that you will definitely blow money on for your wedding, it would be your wedding gown. This shouldn’t mean though that you can shortchange your bridesmaids when it comes to their dresses. It’s already a given that the bride should be the most beautiful on her wedding day, but it’s also your job and your wedding planner’s to make sure that the bridesmaids are nothing short of stunning.

Part of your research should include the price range of dresses, or how much it would cost if you have the dresses custom-made. And while it may be a bit of a sensitive topic, you should also discuss who’s buying the dresses. Some bridesmaids are willing to purchase their own dresses especially if they are planning to use them again on a different event. However, a more elaborate and specific design can be costlier than off-the-rack options, so you also need to consider shouldering the expense. This is why you need to bring up this subject before even settling for a design.

Image by Stewart Leishman via Crystal and Steve’s Melbourne Zoo Wedding

Work around your theme

The point of having a theme for your wedding is to pull together the elements of your motif and not look like mass-produced dolls. In short, you don’t have to oblige your friends to wear the same exact dress on your wedding. Instead, play around your theme and incorporate different dress styles in your color palette.

Say, for instance, that your wedding’s color theme is blue. Allow your bridesmaids to wear dresses in varying shades such as navy, Prussian, royal blue, and cerulean. You can throw in patterns on a white canvas or details like lace or sequins.

You also need to consider the style of dresses your bridesmaids are comfortable with, as well as the shapes of their bodies. For example, not all of your girl friends may be comfortable with wearing a dress with a low neckline or a strapless number, so give them the alternative of going for a halter-type dress or a Grecian cut instead. Some may also be more confident to wear a cocktail type of dress, while others may prefer a full-length one. Don’t forget to coordinate the shades of dress with their hair color and skin tone to make sure that you pull off a picture-perfect entourage.

Image by Pictures and Hearts Photography

Take the venue and the weather into account

Further considerations you have to make when looking for bridesmaids’ dresses are the location and the weather. If, say, you’re having an outdoor wedding on the chilly end of the calendar, you might want to pair your bridesmaids’s outfit with matching shawls. Another option would be a semiformal cardigan that complements their dresses.

Take the girls shopping

It’s always fun to go shopping with your girl friends, and dress hunting is a good opportunity to unleash the fashion experts in you. Take this time to feel different fabrics and match color swatches with complexions. You should also help your bridesmaids ensure that their chosen dress fits them perfectly, or make suggestions if there are certain areas that require alterations.

Finding the perfect bridesmaids dresses can be a bit overwhelming so it’s important that you allot enough time for this. And when you feel that selecting outfits from a heap of stunning dresses can be nerve-wracking, take the time to breathe and remember to enjoy the experience.

Ms Gingham says: A really good starting point. Bridesmaid dresses can be as simple or extravagant as your imagination allows. Just remember to do the right thing so that the whole experience is fun for all involved.



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