Jaella & Jarrad’s Sweet Family Engagement Photos

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Jaella & Jarrad

Nothing makes me happier than  sweet family engagement photos. Jaella and Jarrad included little Amelia in their engagement shoot making it a truly family affair. Christine Lim captured the session in the hills close to the Swan Valley. The sun dried grass adding the most beautiful golden touch to the already golden sunset.

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On what he loves about Jaella, Jarrad tells, “I love how big Jaella’s heart is, she is always thinking about other people before herself. She is also the best mum to our daughter Amelia, it hurts my heart seeing the love those to have for each other.”

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Jaella loves that when Jarrad walks into a room he immediately brightens her day. “He’ll make some silly dad joke and I can’t help but crack up laughing. Not to mention the relationship that he and Amelia have together. They are the funniest pair! But there are so many things that I love about Jarrad that I would be here all day trying to write them all down. He is always striving to better me and himself and I am so thankful that I have him to hold my hand as we take this journey through life together.”

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Jaella tells the story of how they met. “We were at Jarrad’s cousin’s 21st birthday and Jaella caught his eye.” Jarred adding, “I tried to win her over with my yacht that was parked out the front, but that didn’t seem to do the trick.” It took two years of chasing before we finally went on our first date! And boy was it the best decision we ever made!”

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Jaella remembers, “Before Amelia arrived we used to go out quite a bit, dancing. We would come home and Jarrad would suggest a dance off on the Wii Just Dance…even though he is all arms and legs he would always win! And still does!”

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Jarrad adds, “When Jaella was pregnant with Amelia we went camping for New Years. I am pretty sure Jaella rolled out of the car, put her butt in a camp chair and then didn’t move while I set up the whole tent and camping equipment. Did I mention she was only 8 weeks pregnant!! I earned myself the title of camping Ken that day!”

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The proposal was a complete surprise to Jaella who remembers, “Amelia was about 8 months old and fast asleep, we had had a big day at footy. As per usual Jarrad was hungry and declared he was going out to get more food. No problem!

I then get a call an hour or so later from Jarrad who said,  ‘Babe come down to the river it’s so beautiful!’ Me: ‘Are you fishing?’ Jarrad replied, ‘No just get Amelia and come down the river!’

So I woke Amelia and headed down to the river. When I arrived Jarrad had a rug and picnic set up for the three of us! CUTE I thought, what a nice Sunday afternoon! Well 20 minutes later Jarrad whips out the most amazing ring, said all these mushy things that I can’t quite remember because I was so shocked and excited and asked me to marry him. Would be one of the many highlights of our relationship. ”

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“We both grew up in the hills close to the Swan Valley and knew how beautiful the area was. There is something so calming about the open space, fresh air and that beautiful dry grass. It also helped that there were a heap of planes flying over to keep Amelia occupied. She had to say ‘bye’ to every plane that flew over! It was so cute.”

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