Wedding Beauty Regime With Paula’s Choice – The Final Weeks!

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Camille Davies

Following on from Wedding Beauty Regime by Paula’s Choice, as we count down the weeks until the big day, Paula herself says: “Steer clear of facials from here on out.”

It can be tempting to splurge on an exotic facial treatment or chemical peel right before the big day, but that can unfortunately backfire in the form of a severe reaction! In fact, some treatments require weeks and weeks before the skin is completely healed, leaving you with reddened, flaking skin in the interim.

At this point of your wedding beauty regime, Paula’s Choice suggests that a safer bet is to use a gentle, at-home AHA or BHA exfoliant to reveal your radiant skin. AHAs are ideal for dry, sun-damaged, ageing skin, whereas BHAs are the optimal choice for oily or breakout prone skin (while also addressing the signs of ageing and dull skin). Continued, daily use produces noticeably clearer, smoother and softer skin that you’ll be inspired to maintain even after the honeymoon phase. And don’t forget the important “cleanse, tone and moisturize” routine too!

And why not pamper yourself with a stress-relieving massage while you’re at it? With the “wedding day clock” ticking away, you’ll need one to get through all the last minute details ahead!”

Paula makes a great point here – I know I’m definitely guilty of panic-experimenting with various new beauty products before a big event! I know I’m also a stress head, which is generally not great for my skin, so that massage will go a long way with well deserved chill out time and gaining some extra beauty points.

Make sure to also keep using that sun cream daily, as all that newly exfoliated skin is very vulnerable! Australian sunshine is heartless, even when hidden by clouds, so keep it Factor 50.

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Thanks Paula; great advice from the “Cosmetics Cop” on achieving glowing and radiant wedding day skin!


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