Sarah and Jacob’s Rustic Winter Engagement Shoot

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Sarah Wong

Sarah and Jacob

Jacob and I met back in 2010 where we both worked part-time at Village Cinemas whilst still studying at university. He started working at Village three months before I started and he was my ‘trainer’! The first thing I noticed about him was his stylish hair at that time and the first thing he noticed about me was apparently the way my cheeks rise as I smile. We were both friends at first and noticed a deeper connection once we started hanging out together.

One day, Jacob was sick and had to go to university to hand in his final assignment. I bought his favourite meal (chicken rice and soup) and drove all the way to deliver it to him as a surprise! In his own words he said, “I knew that she was someone I wanted to be with the moment she dropped everything and made an effort to make me feel better and smile. She is the most caring and thoughtful person I’ve ever met;  be it with me, her family or her friends. After that day, we began our relationship together.”

Fast forward four years and eight months later, Jacob proposed. He had planned to propose later in December 2015 during our Christmas holiday getaway. However sadly, my father was ill and that was when Jacob decided that proposing to me whilst my father was still alive would mean the world to me and my family. And so he planned the proposal over ten days – from getting my engagement ring made to thinking how he was going to propose.

On June 5th, we were scheduled to board an evening flight  to see my ill father. Jacob had specifically requested for me to buy some Korean fried chicken to have at home as dinner prior to going to the airport. I reluctantly agreed as I wanted to rush home from work to pack! I got our dinner (yes, Korean fried chicken!) and as soon as I pulled up onto our driveway, I noticed the house was entirely pitch black. I opened the front door and the first thing that caught my attention was the whole lounge room filled with fairy lights and there were pictures (memories) of us throughout our relationship pegged on to the strings of fairy lights.

I then gazed to the other side of the room and saw Jacob sitting on the couch wearing a bow tie (he has never wore a bow tie before!). He even dressed up both my dogs – with one wearing a tuxedo and the other with a bow on her ear. Jacob went to so much effort to decorate the whole house to make it look like we were having a picnic ‘under the stars’ along with fresh potted flowers and candles to add a warm and cosy ambiance. And no guesses what our picnic food was, yes Korean fried chicken! It was an emotional moment for the both of us as he proposed ‘under the stars’ – and from the moment I said “yes” our lives were only just beginning.


I love Jacob for who he is – humble, loyal, genuine, absolutely selfless, always putting me first and having the ability to make me laugh all the time. No matter how difficult the situation is, Jacob will always do his best to make me feel better and promises to be on my side. One of the promises he made to me when he proposed was “I can’t promise to fix all your problems, but I can promise that you’ll never face them alone.” That’s the kind of person he is, my rock.

“It is easy to talk up my one and only, Sarah,” says Jacob. Yes it is apparent that she is physically wonderful; her gleaming eyes, radiant skin and beautiful smile combined are like a bag of CC’s, – you can’t say ‘no’! Oh I do love that about her, but what I really love about Sarah is how she knows what I need without me having to say a word; how she see’s me in everything she does and imagines how we would both enjoy that moment together. Everyday without fail her silly and playful antics make me laugh in a way that causes me to fall in love her all over again. I fall for her but I never reach the bottom; now that is a love for life.”


As a couple, we love meaningful conversations over a good cup of coffee and we love being with each other. Our favourite season is winter as when it gets colder, cuddling one another makes it warmer! We love the warm feeling that naturally occurs when we are in each other’s embrace – therefore it was a no brainer that we chose to have our engagement shoot during winter at The Collingwood Children’s Farm. We wanted a place that would portray us as a couple – warm, intimate, cute and full of animals! We have two dogs of our own and we absolutely adore animals.

We asked the lovely Neiyo Sun from Neiyo Photography to shoot our entire engagement shoot. She made us feel at home and all the shots came out beautifully. I cannot highly recommend her as a photographer! My engagement bouquet was arranged by Kate from Mary Mary Studio and she nailed it when I asked for a rustic Australian native bouquet.

We could not be happier how the day turned out (it was actually cold in Melbourne although we don’t look it in the photos!). It was a day of enjoying each other’s company, having a laugh and just being ourselves.

So far, we are having a blast planning the wedding together for October 2016. We find that planning it together gives us an opportunity to spend time with each other and also getting to know one another on a deeper level.

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: “What a beautiful engagement shoot Sarah and Jacob; your smiles and happiness are infectious!

About Sarah Wong: Hi! I’m Sarah and I’m 28. I am recently engaged to the love of my life, Jacob!  We love all things with texture as well as assymmetrical and abstract things of nature as well. And as we met in Gold Class cinemas, we tend to go back every year on our anniversary!


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