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Bianca Where Food Is

The super cool blog, Where Food Is, feels like a cosy little home; it’s a spot where you will find stories about food, details about meals had around the world, travel photos and anecdotes, names of restaurants and the reasons why  you must visit them.

It was so much fun to catch up Bianca from Where Food Is over a virtual glass of bubbles and enjoy the special, sentimental (and even silly!) moments from her wedding!

Tell us about you and your business/blog?

Wherefoodis.com is my area of the internet where I chronicle food and travel adventures. It started off as a way to practice writing, photography and stay in touch with my family in the US, but has now become like a best friend.

Oblica Wedding Venue

Tell us about your wedding?

This is going to sound biased, and it is, but my wedding was the best! It was on Monday (GASP!) December 29, 2014 at Oblica, a gorgeous fire-place showroom, in Fitzroy. Our wedding was a bit like us: moderately chilled, super weird, intensely fun and totally in love.

Bianca Of Where Food Is Wedding
Oblica Wedding Reception

What was your most memorable moment (or moments!)?

I can’t be loyal to any one moment. I loved dancing out of the ceremony holding my shiny new husband’s hand while our family and friends threw rice at us (a Venezuelan tradition). I loved watching my husband and sister smash one of our four-foot cake piñatas to smithereens. I loved dancing with my Dad to a Spanish song he’s always dedicated to my Mom. I loved kissing my husband in the middle of the dance floor as “friends” drenched us in silly string and confetti while the first of our guest DJs – DJ Monkey – spun out the tunes….

Okay. I’ll stop there because I could go on forever.

Bianca Cuffia Wedding
Groosmen with Bouquets Cackling Jack
Melbourne Spring Wedding Bianca Where Food Is

If you could change one thing, what would it be?

We changed our venue one month before the wedding due to irreconcilable differences. So, if I had to change anything it would be to have picked our venue, Oblica, from the very beginning.

Fireplace Showroom Wedding
Fancy Hanks BBQ Wedding

Who are your favourite vendors?

Fancy Hanks provided the delicious BBQ food. Shawcross delivered pizza later in the night when alcohol needed to be soaked up. Our friend, Will Todd, was our main DJ and also equipped the venue with a majestic sound system, smoke machine and lasers. Everything else was pretty much done by family and friends.

Cake buffett at wedding

Who was your photographer?

Dave Biesse. And we were so lucky to get him. I tend to smile too big, which looks terrible in pictures, and he was very patient with me.

Pinata Wedding Cake
Biana Where Food Is Wedding Dance

What advice do you have for others planning their wedding?

My advice would be to choose the atmosphere you want on the day first and work towards that. Also, keep an up-to-date and ever-evolving checklist, run sheet and budget. Oh, and when someone says “you must have/do/say/eat/drink/wear this” it means that, most likely, you definitely must not. Unless that someone is your husband-to-be. Then, kindly ask him to explain why.

Animal costume Djs at wedding
Silly string at wedding

Images by Dave Biesse

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How lovely to share a glass of bubbles with you Bianca; what a fun wedding – definitely full of laughter and a lot of love! For the latest updates on where food and life weave together, head to Where Food Is for a wonderful journey – the easy recipes are sure to impress too!


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