Five Fun Pre-Wedding Party Ideas

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The fun tradition for the man about to be married. A day or night where he and his comrades can spend the day celebrating the exciting future he has ahead of him as a married man.But, what is it that most men can do? I’m not talking about the typical night of drinks or anything like that, I am talking something along the lines of getting sensibly crazy and having fun!

So here are some great ideas for Groom’s pre-wedding parties to start off the celebrations.

Escape Room
As stressful as they are, they can also fun. You are given a set amount of time to escape from a room. The room is riddled with puzzles and clues and you have to use your wits to escape. This is a fun bonding experience as it relies on all team members to put their heads together and find a way out. Each room has a different story behind it. Whether you are escaping a deranged killer or simply needing to escape from a “Secret Garden”, it is sure to really test you all. If you can escape in the allocated time, you get set free and have your photo taken with the other champions. If not, well, your character perishes. Good luck. Escape Rooms can be found at Strike Bowling or at Break The Code.

Games Night
Sometimes a night in can be way more fun than a night out. So how about you and the guys grab some drinks, order some pizza and grab some card and board games? It is a good way to wind down and relax before your exciting day – and to top it off, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

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Theme Park Day
OK, this one is something that can last a whole day rather than just a few hours of partying. Hit up some rides together, win some prizes for the bridal party and have some good old-fashioned carnival fun. This day is sure to be a hit. Bonus: Organise a funny and creative group shot for the roller-coaster photos. Maybe wear tuxedos on the ride for a photo opportunity!

Movie Night
I am not just talking about a movie night at home. I am talking about a Gold Glass Cinema experience! Have a seat before the movie, enjoy a few drinks and snacks before heading in to see a movie that all of you (hopefully) agree upon.

Dance Lessons
This is an idea that can be done a few days or weeks before your actual wedding, so you guys can have some practice. Book in for private lessons, so you can be prepared for the dance floor at the reception.If you are feeling confident after the event, try social dancing and keep up with the classes.  As well as being a great way to socialise, there are so many styles that you can try out. Anyone for a Tango?

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Some really fun ways to get the boys together; the Escape Room is sure to be one for those who like a bit of strategy!


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