Suiting Style Trends Across the Australian States

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As a leading bespoke online tailor, our team at InStitchu knows a lot about trends, styles and collections! Men who design their own suit on InStitchu choose from a range of custom fabrics, styles and colours – from the classic navy dinner jacket to a beige linen summer suit. Our customers let us know exactly what they’re looking for in a suit – and it’s been interesting to see how suit trends differ across the Australian states. What is a groom in Victoria looking for? How different would that be if he lived in South Australia? The results, whilst helping us design our new season’s collections, are also a bit of fun!

Victorian men aren’t afraid to push the limits of fashion – they order more bow ties and double-breasted jackets than any other Australian state. Home to the original metro-man, pink cotton shirts are the most commonly ordered.

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South Australia
Perhaps an indication that smart casual – sans jacket – is the leading dress style for men in South Australia, they order more shirts than any other state. Favouring the blue and white checked shirt most, when it comes to ordering suits, the most commonly ordered is the two button notch lapel in charcoal.

Suit 7

Australian Capital Territory
Reflective of the state’s capital status, men from the ACT are the most conservative and traditional when it comes to ordering and designing suits. Along with a love of checked shirts, the state has the highest number of ties ordered compared to any other state.


Western Australia
Men from WA typically spend less on menswear than in other states. Their style is modern, but traditional, with the most popular being the classic grey suit.

Suit 11

Northern Territory
Men from the Northern Territory order the lowest number of suits in the country, but when they do make the effort to dress up – they go all out. Perhaps reflective of the climate, linen shirts are the top pick for men from the NT, while the most popular suit is a single button tuxedo in classic black.

Suit 4

Perhaps most similar to men from ACT, Queenslanders are quite traditional and business-like in their fashion choices. They love a classic white shirt, with a black suit and order more cufflinks than any other Australian state.

Suit 10

New South Wales
Men from NSW are big spenders when it comes to fashion, spending more on menswear than any other state. While perhaps less fashion forward than their Victorian counterparts, they opt most commonly for a pale blue shirt and navy suit, and order the most pocket squares in the country.

Suit 3

With a subtle but defined style, Tasmanian men order in bulk; purchasing more suits per order than any other state. Navy suits are the most popular, along with the classic blue herringbone shirt.

Suit 6
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Each state has their own identity and we can see clear trends emerging in the data collected. The preferences for fashion in each state – from bow ties in Victoria, to linen shirts in Northern Territory – means that each state has its own fashion identity.

Cobalt suits have been in high demand for the last few months, but we’re seeing a distinct shift from the popular bright blues, like the ink navy, to more traditional French navy suits. These darker, more traditional colours are favoured for being more versatile and have the ability to be worn with a large variety of colours.  We’re also seeing a shift from the traditional black suit, to the charcoal colour which is gaining in popularity. With the growth of customisation in fashion, men can now choose the colour and fabric that suits them without having to compromise on the style they like.


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: So great to see that online tailoring now offer grooms the opportunity to select their suit in the colour and fabric that they want; finding a style that is your very own has never been easier!

About Institchu: We believe that every man should be able to afford high quality tailored suits and shirts. Our customers order by designing their own tailored suit or shirt from scratch or can use an existing design from our collections page. With a guaranteed fit policy, we have strict quality control procedures to ensure our tailored suits and shirts meet the highest quality standards expected by our customers.


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