Hannah & Jackson’s Elegant Sunset Engagement

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Hannah & Jackson

Adam Ward Photography captured such amazing golden light in the elegant sunset engagement of Hannah and Jackson. The light that casts a special kind of magic over this very sweet (and hilarious moment filled) love story.

Jackson tells the story of how he and Hannah came to be. “We went to high school together and met when we were 12. We became best friends toward the end of high school and through university, so we’ve known known each other for over 13 years!”

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Jackson proposed after Hannah fell asleep, recalling “I had been thinking about proposing for a few weeks. Hannah had just gone to bed and it felt like the time was right. I had been eyeing off a finger sized key ring for a few days. I got down beside her next to the bed with the key ring in hand and waited for her to open her eyes (which thankfully wasn’t long).”

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On what they love about one another, Jackson tells ,”We know everything about each other and get along extremely well. We turned into adults in each other’s company so we share similar views, values and goals. We can be completely honest and open about everything we do. We’ve spent so much time together and it still feels fun and exciting. Hannah has an amazing smile, is extremely kind and is very perceptive. She keeps my on my toes and constantly pays me out about how ‘cool’ I was in high school. She is the most beautiful thing in the world to me.”

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One of their funnier stories occurred in Korea, Jackson remembers. “When we were in Korea last Christmas I decided to buy Hannah an ice cream sandwich (her favourite food). We were in a bakery were you put the food you want on a tray and then pay. I saw what looked like a delicious ice cream sandwich as part of a large bakery selection. I put the ice cream sandwich on my tray and took it to the cashier. They gave me a puzzled look, took my coffee order and gave me a table number.

After several minutes the coffee came but no ice cream. I indicated to Hannah that they had messed up the order and I went to sort it out at the cashier. I told the cashier that I didn’t get any ice cream and pointed to it sitting behind the counter. They then asked for my receipt and went to get the manager to sort it out (this was all occurring in very rough English).

After several minutes of confusion and double and triple checking the receipt I went to get Hannah (who is Korean). Hannah walked over and after about 6 words to them, burst into laughter. They had informed her that I tried to buy the plastic display ice cream sandwich (the fact that it wasn’t melting sitting on a bench didn’t ring any alarm bells for some reason) and they had told me a number of times in Korean. In my defence, it did look very real.”

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