Lill & Jamie’s Carefree Registry Wedding

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Lill & James

I am a big fan of doing things your way and Lill and James lived that all the way with their wedding celebrations. They started off with a private ceremony at the registry office, before they took their favourite family and friends to a gorgeous town hall for a huge party the next day. They did it their way and it was amazing in every sense of the word. Chasing Brightness Photography captured their reception celebrations.

The newlyweds kick us off with the story of how they met. “We were both working at a fish and chip shop. We’d known each for about a year when the workplace rumors started to fly. We had a lot a common interests, so it wasn’t long before we started dating.”

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Piccolo Pear created the beautiful floral arrangements for the day.

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The couple chose to hire a big house for their wedding festivities, staying the weekend with their bridal parties to make a weekend long celebration.

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The couple kicked off their wedding the day by marrying at the Chippendale Registry Office before they note, “The Chippendale registry would give you the impression you’re waiting to get married at the RTA. Although they try to make your wedding ceremony as intimate as possible, we saw it as the fulfillment of our legal obligations as a married people. Unromantic, we know, but we were saving the intimacy for the reception.

The registry at Chippendale allows up to 20 guests during the ceremony. Those present knew that Lill and I wanted a no fuss ceremony that wouldn’t drag on. It was nice having our intimate group of family and friends so close to us during the ceremony, literally.”

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The bride chose a dress by Kira Pizzingrilli, noting, “I knew I wanted to keep true to my own style and wearing a traditional gown would not have been the right fit. I chose a simple cropped lace blouse with a matching pencil skirt, formal enough for the day but nothing too fancy. A friend from school recently start her own label and was able bringing my idea to life with ease. After two fittings it was ready to go. I matched it with a pair of Senso heels that I had been lusting over for months.”

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Of their photographer, the newlyweds note, “Linda was amazing! We had met her a few times before and her husband has been tattooing Lill and her sister for a few years now. Neither of us like getting our photo taken but Linda managed to make it a relaxed experience. Then at the ceremony she stealth-fully moved around the room, catching candid moments.”

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The newlyweds celebrated their marriage with a reception at Glebe Town Hall. They tel,l “Glebe Town Hall is an amazing venue. The inside is just as impressive as the outside. Dealing with the staff from Sydney City Council was never a hassle, and we found that out of all the council venues visited, Glebe Town Hall was the best suited for a large wedding.”

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“We did nearly everything ourselves. Food, drinks, flowers, decorations, stationery, furniture. It meant earlier starts, extra stress, more driving around, and being late to the ceremony and reception. We were very lucky to be surrounded by very talented and willing friends and family that we could use for different jobs, and it saved us a lot of money.”

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Mezzapica Cakes created a two tier naked wedding cake for the couple and topped it with fresh berries.

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“Lill and I decided early on to kick it old school and have a gift registry. We set up an Instagram account and began traveling around to local homewares shops and browsing online, listing things we liked. We posted photos and links to where they could be found and item’s prices. My sister was put in charge of gift coordination to avoid any double ups. It felt like Christmas.”

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Like the rest of the wedding, the first dance was a casual affair, the newlyweds remembering, “‘Try a little tenderness’, by Otis Redding. This was probably the first aspect of the wedding we had planned. The song lends so well to a first dance with its slow introduction, building up into a full blown dance floor filler. Our first dance was definitely unrehearsed. It’s difficult to stare into someone’s eyes lovingly while trying not to step on their feet.”

Congratulations Lill and Jamie! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous day with us! Thank you also to Chasing Brightness Photography for sharing today’s celebration with us!


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