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Once upon a time, centuries before the stories of princesses and their princes were brought to life on our screens, fairytales were very real. They left behind a treasure-trove of scenes that looked as if they were taken straight from the pages of a book: hill-top castles perched over quaint little villages, and cities of spire-towers kept visitors in the magic of historical tales, whilst gardens with blooms of colour spoke of lifetimes of care and attention. In this post I’ve uncovered some of the most breathtaking places to visit and the most wonderful things to do to live out your own magical fairytale honeymoon.

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Where to go?

There are so many beautiful places across the world that are renowned for their fairytale vibe. From big cities populated by tourists to small towns hidden under the shadows of castles, you’re sure to come across something magical.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is an absolutely gorgeous explosion of cobblestoned streets wrapped around towers topped with spires. If you time it just right, you can come across street performers with the ability to bring the city to life around them. If not, venture further into the city to the unconventional puppet shops or the medieval astronomical clock. It’s a bit of a darker fairytale then we’re used to, but that just adds to the storybook feel of the entire city.

Image via Prague Czech Travel

Hallstatt, Austria

Hidden in Austria’s mountains is the charmingly miniature town of Hallstatt. It’s so easy to be blown away by just how incredible this little town is. Everything from the picturesque villages to the breathtaking views look like they were taken straight from the pages of a fairytale. On your honeymoon, venture out into the rippling waters or take a nature walk and just admire it all.

Image via Fodor’s Travel

Sintra, Portugal

The rolling hills of Sintra in Portugal is dotted with a colourful array of breathtaking palaces and extravagant gardens. It’s hard not to expect to see princesses from our childhood walking through the lanes or to hear news of the magical creatures that live in the forest behind the village.

Image via Portugal Premium Tours

Colmar, France

Colmar is a colourful bubble of adorable houses and winding lanes of rose bushes. This spectacularly picturesque town is renowned worldwide for its fairytale vibe, and it easily makes the list of places you must see while in France. It’s here that all magical creatures of our story books come to life.

Image via Europe’s Best Destinations

What to do?

For the most romantic fairytale honeymoon, step outside and explore the lovely gems of history. You can seek out the best things to do in the gardens of centuries-old villas, in the halls of palaces, or hiding in sparkling caves.

Tulip Fields, Netherlands

The Garden of Europe in the Netherlands is the biggest flower park in the world, and it certainly lives up to its reputation. An overwhelming spectacle of seven million Dutch flowers bloom from May to March in a gorgeous array of colours and scents. Make sure to stroll through the gardens—just beware of pixies!

KeukenhofImage via Keukenhof

Mont Saint Michel, France

This mesmerizing island is home to only 44 residents, but it greets visitors by the thousands. Magnificent architecture from another age has been updated to include museums, hotels, and restaurants for tourists, but the heart of the island is still there, waiting to be explored. This is a place where imagination gives way to reality and where fairytales aren’t just the stuff of dreams.

Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

New Zealand is full of wonder. My favourite one is the Waitomo Glowworm Caves, which is impressively illuminated by glowing worms that give the appearance of a star-lit night sky only a fingertips’ touch away. Take a private boat ride through the caves for your own romantic world of make-believe.

Glowworm Caves
Image via World for Travel

Romantic Road, Bavaria

The Romantic Road in Bavaria gives you the very best chance to step right into the perfect fairytale honeymoon. On the way from Frankfurt to Munich, stop by the breathtaking castles, walled villages, and cobbled streets that wind right around scenery so magnificent it’s almost hard to believe.

Live out the perfect honeymoon in the world of make-believe in these very real and very beautiful places. Stroll down cobblestone lanes, admire the historic architecture, explore ancient palaces, and enjoy your very own fairytale honeymoon.

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: What an enchanting honeymoon adventure – fairytales really can come true! 


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