Honeymoons A – Z: El Jadida, Morocco

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El Jadida
Image via Pullman Mazagan Royal Golf & Spa

Enjoy a cultural-explosive and adoringly romantic honeymoon on white sandy beaches where you can relax your days away and revel in the beauty that is Morocco. In El Jadida, Morocco’s gorgeous port city, you and your beloved can expect to find the beauty at every turn – from the history you’ll discover on tours of the ancient city to its own majestic restaurants and hotels. Explore why the beautiful city was made a UNESCO World Heritage site on your culturally romantic honeymoon.

El JadidaImage via Pullman Mazagan Royal Golf & Spa

5 Places to Stay

El Jadida has some of the most spectacular places to stay in Morocco. Two of the most popular hotels provide amazing golf courses that overlook the water, and all are in prime location to search for the true beauty of El Jadida.

Hotel Pullman Mazagan Royal Golf & Spa

This gorgeously luxurious hotel is a very popular hotel in El Jadida, known mostly for its peace and quiet amongst the breathtaking views of the forest and the sea. Here you can enjoy spas and recreational activities, along with exquisite restaurants and bars. If you fancy, take a turn on the course before hitting the beaches.

Pullman Hotel
Image via Pullman Mazagan Royal Golf & Spa

Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort

This five-star hotel is home to an amazing array of activities and entertainment. Like the Pullman Mazagan Royal Golf & Spa, this hotel boasts a great golf course, a wonderful spa service, and a variety of gourmet restaurants. This hotel is so beautiful it’s easy to see why it’s a world-leading resort.


Image via Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort

La Villa & Spa

With beauty balancing on the edge of contemporary design and Moroccan craftsmanship, the La Villa & Spa is always a bright and spacious place to relax between the bustling historical scenery that is its surroundings. This hotel resort offers amenities delivered by friendly staff, a spa service and exceptional views.

La Villa and Spa
Image via La Villa & Spa

Hotel Ibis El Jadida

Just five minutes from the city centre and a street away from the beach, this hotel is in prime location to the historical beauty that is the Portuguese City. This wonderful option offers bar and restaurant services and luxurious comfort  – a serene place to return to after a day of adventures!

Hotel Ibis
Image via Hotel Ibis El Jadida

Maison d’Hotes de la Cite Portugaise

Overlooking the beach and only a few minutes from the city, this lovely hotel is a favourite among tourists. The guest houses are adorable explosions of colour that provide the best of Moroccan beauty both inside and out. With beautiful views of the garden and the city, here you just can’t go wrong.

Maison d’Hotes de la Cite Portugaise
Image via Maison d’Hotes Cite Portugaise

5 Places to Visit

It would be disastrous if you didn’t take the opportunity to truly explore the Moroccan beauty in El Jadida. Around every corner is something of worth, but make sure to venture out further for the most romantic experience.

Portuguese Cistern

Worthy of a picture-perfect moment on your honeymoon, the Portuguese Cistern is a charming place to visit in El Jadida. Famed for its curved arches and the reflection of the light in the pools of water, this phenomenon is simply spectacular.

Portuguese Cistern
Image via Hotel Pullman Mazagan Royal Golf & Spa

Theatre Afifi

The lovely Theatre Afifi is home to many breathtaking musical performances, but it is more widely known for the Moroccan architecture that incorporates the beauty of history and the contemporary feel of the modern world. Discovering the historically gorgeous theatre is a glamorous addition to your Moroccan adventure.

Portuguese City

The crème de le crème of El Jadida, this beautiful Portuguese city is authentically irresistible in its history and its culture. Situated in the heart of El Jadida, the city allows for a remarkable honeymoon experience. Be sure to take as many pictures atop the monuments for some of the best views in Morocco!

Portuguese City
Image via Hotel Pullman Mazagan Royal Golf & Spa

Chapel of St. Sebastian

As beautiful as it is looking at it from the outside, it’s worth the time to take a tour within to see just how truly magnificent the chapel is. This beautiful architectural destination in El Jadida was reason enough to make the city a UNESCO site.

Kasbah Boulaouane

This beautiful castle was once a fortress built with protective walls that were simultaneously made to shine with the traditional decorative architecture of Morocco. Today the area is a peaceful getaway from the bustle of the city, and it’s a really romantic way to search for El Jadida’s history.


Image via Marruecos Guiademarruecos 

5 Things to Do

From the widely renowned beaches to the elegant gourmet restaurants, there is so much to do in El Jadida that will really capture the romance of your honeymoon.


Across El Jadida are an array of exquisite restaurants that offer a culinary explosion of exotic flavours. Everything from breakfast snacks to huge luncheons can be found at any number of El Jadida’s best restaurants, like the renowned L’Iglesia.

Cafe Do Mar
Image via L’Iglesia Café Do Mar


El Jadida is known for being a UNESCO site, but it’s also highly popular as a beach destination. With long beaches, such as Haouzia, you can expect to enjoy a honeymoon in some of the most calm and romantic atmospheres under the sun.

Excursions and Tours

If you’re new to Morocco, it’s always best to consider a tour – especially to the more exclusive places across El Jadida. Touring companies, like Eljadida Tours, are the gateways to the most romantic honeymoon adventures across the city.

Image via Enjoy Morocco Tours


From bustling marketplaces to beautiful galleries, like the Petite Galerie 104, you can always expect to find a lovely little place to find trinkets and souvenirs to take home with you. There are also plenty of boutiques and food shops to keep you going!

Cultural Experience

Whether you are just up for exploring the history of its traditions, or trying new cuisine in any number of restaurants, El Jadida opens up a new world of cultural experience. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity as a newlywed couple and you’re sure to instantly love all the sights and sounds of Morocco.

Image via Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort

El Jadida’s lovely array of culture and history is enough reason to fall in love with the city and its surroundings. There is always something romantically daring in the chaotically beautiful residential areas and the peaceful beaches. Enjoy a candlelit dining experience under the stars and explore the depths of history—and just truly enjoy being in the midst of such an amazing cultural experience on your honeymoon.

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such a beautiful place to visit – stunning architecture, colours and beaches paired with its rich history, make this city one of intrigue!



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