The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles Of 2016

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The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles Of 2016

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Engagement ring styles are ever changing but every now and then older designs come back into fashion, ready to wear and sparkle in the light. But when it comes to styles in 2016, which ones have reigned supreme?

Rose gold

Some might call it basic, but rose gold is still having its day and it still looks incredible when fashioned into jewellery. Rose gold engagement rings are unusual enough to appear original and is a great way of getting away from the more traditional yellow or platinum designs.

Coloured diamonds and gems

Perfect for those who love a more personalised touch to their jewellery, coloured stones can be chosen for numerous reasons – and most commonly due to birth month. Those born in March could enjoy a pretty blue hued, aquamarine engagement ring, while July babies have the option to wear bold rubies on their fingers. More and more people are leaning towards this trend this year, either opting for subtle coloured diamond rings or bold gem stones.


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Vintage inspired

We always love a throwback and in 2016 it’s no different, with engagement rings tapping into the past for inspiration and embodying elements from previous jewellery designs. Usually featuring bold baguette cut diamonds, halo designs and geometric shapes, 2016 is taking inspiration from the 1920’s art deco designs when it comes to engagement rings and why not?


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Stacking bands

Matching, stackable engagement and wedding bands are proving popular with couples who might not only strike a deal when they buy the pair but know they’ll also look great together. Buying matching, stackable bands also ensures no damage will come to one of the rings, as they cannot be paired with the wrong metal – a silver band couple with a platinum one will see the silver wear over time as it knocks against its partner. Strong diamonds coupled with V-shaped and simple wedding bands are perfectly complementary and a popular trend for 2016.

Pear shaped

For those looking for pure luxury in their engagement ring styles, pear shaped and marquise cut diamonds are a good choice. Not only are they out of the ordinary but their tear drop shaped cut is interesting to look at and catches the light in ways more traditional round and princess cut diamonds can’t.

This year, take inspiration from the trends already in place and choose an engagement ring that not only reflects your style but that you know you will cherish forever. If you are buying the ring for your partner, take a look at the jewellery they already own for inspiration and if you are choosing the ring yourself be sure to pick something you will want to wear every day.


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: What beautiful designs we’re seen this year – I love the modern stacking bands and the coloured stones are so pretty too!


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