Festival Vibe – Where To Celebrate Your Love In March

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Festival Vibe - Where To Celebrate Your Love In March
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Festivals are known for their colour and their exuberance – we are always looking forward to the next celebration of our culture and traditions and we make sure that we honour those moments in the way we know how. Always, that is with a celebration of love and being around those you treasure most. So for a honeymoon in March embrace this celebration with your significant other – but do it in a new place, with a festival you’re not familiar with, and celebrate your marriage with the spirit and the excitement that comes with being in an incredible atmosphere.

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Festival of Colours

Celebrate the vibrancy of love under an explosion of colours in India or Nepal with your new partner. Each year, in March millions of people around the world gather together to throw fistfuls of coloured powder at each other and the world around them to honour good overcoming evil, as well as youth, fertility, playfulness and vigour. The Festival of Colours is an incredible sight to see, and an amazing way to celebrate a new romance. For two days around the last full moon of the Hindu lunar month – usually around late March – seek out powder, head to India or Nepal, and celebrate love.

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For somewhere to stay, it’s best to stick close to the cities and the celebrations. In India, consider checking into five-star hotels The Leela Palace or Taj Palace Hotel – both of which are incredibly gorgeous, luxurious and very popular among visitors. The hotels also offer dining services and are close to the festival. If you prefer to stay in Nepal, have a look at Dwarika’s Hotel or the Hotel Yak and Yeti, both located in Kathmandu – the best place in Nepal for the festivities. Like India, both hotels offer world class living and dining facilities that will make your honeymoon that much more special.

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To kick off the festivities, the Holika Bonfire is lit and watched by many. Mantras are chanted, almost always along with dancing, to ward off evil spirits. This is always a wonderful part of the festival, and something worth looking out for. But then there’s the colours. Either bring your own or make them yourself, and then smear each other. You can also opt for a water gun for a little more excitement! Make sure you also try some of the delicacies, like Thandai, a traditional flavoured drink. There are many more ways to celebrate the Festival of Colours, so don’t be afraid to explore!

Image via holifestival.org

St Patrick’s Festival

It’s one of the biggest festivals in the world, not only in its traditional home of Dublin, Ireland, but across the entire world. New York does an incredible version of their own celebration, but it’s not quite like the magic of being in Ireland during their biggest festival. To create hype and energy that is unlike any other in the world, Dublin in March gives its visitors the luck of the Irish. People around the world visit and watch as the city completely transforms with new ideas and unforgettable experiences – so try to be among them! Celebrate your new marriage with the world in beautiful Ireland!

Image via St Patricks Festival

There are so many charming and historical hotels to stay in around Dublin – and the festival – but a stay at either The Westbury, The Westin Hotel and Resort, or Merrion is made that much more special. Each of the three hotels offer a historic look into the beauty of Ireland, as well as high-class luxury and incredible dining experiences. The hotels are all very close to the centre of Dublin so you won’t miss a thing.

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The festival usually takes place mid-March with its biggest event, the Festival Parade, an exciting flourish of colour and of life that weaves through the city among thousands and thousands of people. Join the crowds and watch the performances, and then try out some of their citywide events, like walking tours and historical monuments full of legends and myths out of another time. There is so much waiting to be discovered, so make the most of your honeymoon with this not-to-be-missed March festival.

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Las Fallas

For a new, exciting, and maybe a little unusual turn on the March festivals, consider booking a flight and heading straight for Spain for the Fallas fiesta in Valencia. From the 15th to the 19th of the month, many visitors gather around the city in beautiful Spain to honour the patron saint of Carpenters with an unusual take on puppets. The entire city is taken on by these incredible figures which are then are destroyed in enormous explosions of fireworks – often led up to by smaller explosions around the city. It’s an absolutely fun and out of this world experience you should see on your honeymoon.

Image via Spain.info

For a hotel that’s just as vivid and incredible as the festival, consider the stunning Caro Hotel. Each of the rooms, whilst completely different, are all just luxurious and beautiful. The lobby, the bar, the restaurant, and every last public space in the hotel is new and unusual but genuinely inspiring and original. Almost like nothing you’ve ever seen. But if that’s not your style, have a look at the equally dazzling The Westin Valencia. Its restaurant and its living rooms are historic and relaxing.

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Each night during the festival there is a vivid fireworks display, followed by the puppet, or better known as ‘ninot’, explosions. Each year, one of the ninots is spared the spectacular fate – as voted by the public – but that’s only half the fun. All day, every day the streets are a huge street party, complete with parades, pageants, and bullfights. It’s thrilling, it’s daring, and it’s perfect for a honeymoon with literal explosions.

Image via Spain.info

March’s festivals are all incredible – either because they’re world-famous for their joy and tradition, or because they are a literal explosion of colour or fire. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a honeymoon that’s new and original. Join in with the crowds of people enjoying their moments and celebrate love in an atmosphere that creates it.


Ms Chinoiserie Says: March festivals are full of colour and fun; a perfect time to honeymoon, Valencia is my choice for celebrations!



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