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Let me introduce you to Jack Levi aka Wedding MC/Comedian Elliot Goblet. Elliot Goblet graced the screen in Hey, Hey Its Saturday and The Footy Show as well as comedy festivals and stand up comedy. As well as adding a good dose of laughs to your wedding formalities, he is a very capable wedding MC. He’ll guide the proceedings in a professional manner, entertaining at the same time with his wry sense of humour. Instead of relying on Uncle Bill to perform the role on the wedding day, why not allow all your relatives to relax and have a good time, knowing that the formalities at the reception will be conducted in a professional and engaging manner.

Were you always aware of the comedic side of life – even as a child?

Not in my early years. Although my parents told me that when I was born I got a big roar of laughter.

What was it that inspired you to become a professional comedian and MC?

I’ve always liked to make people laugh and found that I could make them laugh…so making a living out of something that came naturally sounded like a logical choice for a career. The biggest outside inspiration was Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Is being a comedian a chance to become someone else – your alter ego perhaps?

Yes and my alter ego Elliot Goblet is a healthy extension of myself. With an alter ego I can get away with an invented quirky character.

When did you do your first stand up comedy performance?

June 1981 at famous Melbourne comedy venue The Last Laugh.

Where has your career taken you?

All over Australia and to 7 other countries including America, England and Fiji.

Please tell us some notable shows you have performed in?

When I was the support act for the band “America” during one of their Australian tours. Also the Montreal Comedy Festival.

And what else in the comedy arena have you done?

Lots of variety…corporate events, weddings, parties, football clubs and public performances.

Who are some of the well known people you’ve worked with?

On television…Daryl Somers, Ray Martin, Bert Newton, Eddie McGuire, Derryn Hinch, Wendy Harmer. And live…Shane Jacobson, Andrew Denton, Charlie Pickering, Wil Andersen, Judith Lucy.

Was Ossie Ostrich your favourite?

He is certainly my favourite feathered character.

How would you describe your style?

Comedy with a unique twist.

As a comedian, do you feel that you are a sharp observer of life – more so than most people – which then translates into seeing the funny side?

Not really. I just have a bigger imagination and that helps me come up with what I write.

What do you love about comedy?

It makes people happy and can even be an education.

How has your comedy background led to your MC work?

It was automatic. When you are on stage people assume that you can MC and you get requests to do that.

How have you honed your skills as an MC?

Watching others but mainly it’s experience that has taught me what to do and what not to do.

How do you see the role of MC at a wedding – how is it an extension of your comedy career?

MC is a very important role at a wedding. The MC controls the sequence of events and makes sure that everything flows properly. It is an extension of my comedy career because I always use my comedy skills to add humour.


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What do you do in your role as a wedding MC?

Perform all the formal duties with a wrapping of appropriate humour, react to any situation with spontaneous humour and include some material written about the bride & groom.

Why is it important to employ a professional wedding MC?

They can focus on the job, have the experience to do the job properly, have the experience to handle difficult situations, use tasteful humour and have a reputation to protect.

 Do you arrive at the wedding incognito? What is the reaction you get when you stand up and start your performance?

Yes generally. Positive reaction from those who know my work mainly from television. Younger people who don’t recognise Elliot Goblet are curious but open to experiencing something different.

Do you prepare extensively for your MC roles, or are you able to gauge the mood of the guests and tailor your performance accordingly?

I prepare properly after studying the run sheet and I also prepare tasteful material about the couple. Ad libbing (spontaneous humour) happens on the day/night.

You have many other skills which include producing, film roles and writing a book. What exciting projects does 2017 hold in store for you?

A likely new film part but mainly a continuation of my live work especially corporate events & weddings.

If couples would like to see you perform, where can we find this information?

It’s rare that I do public performances but there is good footage on my website www.elliotgoblet.com.au Also there is plenty of my old stuff on Youtube.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Bush walks, beach walks, music festivals, restaurants, theatre shows, keeping fit and visiting antique shops to add old tins to my collection.

What do you enjoy about living in Melbourne?

Melbourne is a beautiful city especially around Southbank. I love the bay, the variety of country getaways, events like the Australian Open and AFL football. As a wedding MC in Melbourne I can work in some stunning venues.

Thank you Jack for sharing your story.  Relax and enjoy your reception knowing that you will be in good hands. To find out more about Elliot Goblet Entertainment visit the website.

Images unless otherwise stated courtesy of Elliot Goblet Entertainment.

Headshot courtesy of Elliot Goblet Entertainment.



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