Four Love Stories To Make You Feel Warm and Fuzzy

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A picture says a thousand words. What does that say about a video? When it comes to love stories, many of us are opting to capture our special moments on video because they can tell our stories and capture our relationships in ways an image cannot. Today, Jason from Story Capsule, a startup that creates fun, sharable videos that preserve your stories forever, shares four love stories to make you feel warm and fuzzy. Get yourself a cuppa and prepare to be romanced. Take it away, Jason… 

Walter and Carrie

Story Capsule started with Walter and Carrie. They’re both super smart and caring and – fun fact – I first met Carrie while she was serving drinks on roller-blades in our friend’s apartment for a Studio 54 themed new year’s party.

Last year I was invited to their wedding (which is on my birthday!) and, I was so touched by being invited, I wanted to give them a really good gift to say thank you. I decided to video them answering the 36 questions that can make anyone fall in love and have dinner with them afterwards. I turned their 45 minute interview into a 3 minute highlight tape and set it to music.

Travis and Jessica 

Jessica is my sister’s best friend. We all played high school tennis together and the thing I’ve always admired most about Jessica is how good of a friend she’s been to Julie through the ups and downs of life. Travis has a funny mix of a strong work ethic while still being extremely laid-back and always in a good mood with his huge group of friends. Jessica and Travis had a black-tie-worthy wedding at the historic Omni-Penn in Pittsburgh, so we decided to tell their story focusing on the wedding day: waking up to breakfast and roses being delivered, the ceremony, her dress, their dance, celebrating with the guests past three in the morning, etc…

Jeff and Janet 

For my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Janet’s Engagement Story Capsule, I was surprised at how little I knew about their story! I was laughing when she said she shut the door on him when he first said hello to her. I loved hearing that he first realized he was in love when she invited him over for butterscotch pie. I had no clue her engagement ring was his treasured high school class ring. And I was humbled throughout it all to listen to how their faith and commitment to each other has helped them grow in love through many successes and trials, including potentially being sent to the Vietnam War and potentially moving far apart when they had just met. They met and were married in 7 months!

Grandma and Pap

Everyone I meet has such great, unique stories. My Pap is one of the best men I will ever know, and he told his life story in one of my favorite videos. He was rejected by the US Navy during WWII because he was only 12 years old when he walked across town to enlist. He played football and went to Prom with my Grandma Helen but did not date her in high school. He then joined the Air Force, lived in Europe for a few years, travelled extensively, and even met the Queen! When he came home to run our family’s heating and air-conditioning business, my grandma would drive around the block on her lunch breaks to see if he was out. They started dating in secret because she was Greek Orthodox and he was Roman Catholic, which was a really big deal in the 1950’s.

I’ve noticed an element of perfect timing that almost feels divinely inspired in his and so many engagement stories. My Pap is always early, for everything. When they were dating, he ordered my Grandma flowers 6 months in advance of her birthday and forgot about them. And just before her birthday they had a bad disagreement and had stopped talking until the flowers arrived. 6 months later they were married for the rest of their lives.

Ms Zigzag says: A big warm welcome to Jason and the Story Capsule team who have just joined us on the Polka Dot Bride Directory. We are looking forward to watching more of your beautifully captured love stories. 

About Story Capsule: Story Capsules are fun, shareable videos that preserve your stories forever. Viewers stop watching videos after 1-2 minutes. We professionally edit your stories into well-paced highlight clips to help you tell a memorable story that’s fun to watch.

I’m thrilled to be working with the team at Polka Dot Bride and we would be honoured to help preserve your story.


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