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Daniella Doughan

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Considering they’ll be your best mates or family members – and they will have put plenty of time and money into your big day – it’s crucial for grooms to put the time and thought into gifts for their groomsmen. From accessories to experiences, here are some tips to make your gifts stand out. Because after all, anything left gathering dust at the bottom of a cupboard is a waste of time, money and space.

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Make it personal

Whether it’s socks, cufflinks, stationary or leather goods, think about how you can personalise each groomsman’s present. There are lots of options for printing a personal message, monogramming initials, or engraving gifts. The Daily Edited monogram initials onto leather goods, any form of metal jewellery can be engraved with initials or dates, and socks, pocket squares and blazers can be embroidered. It doesn’t matter if the groomsmen are paying for their own suits or accessories, there are personal touches or gifts you can add to make an impact and get them to stand out on the day. Plus, if you’re gifting them socks, pocket squares and a watch for example, it’s one less cost for them, while keeping in theme for you. Win-win.

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Set a budget

It’s little wonder that people tend to overspend on weddings, and when it comes to going over a budget, it’s usually the smaller items that cause big blowouts. Big expenses such as the venue, catering, alcohol, dress, suit and music are usually remembered, but things such as gifts for the wedding party or parents of the bride and groom often get overlooked. Whether you want to gift your groomsmen with Rolexs or bottle openers, set a budget up front. You can give the gifts at the bucks’ party, pre-wedding rehearsal if you have one, or on the morning of the big day, it’s totally up to you. Just plan accordingly and if you’re leaving it until the last minute, make sure there’s cash left in the bank.

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Give a gift that keeps giving

With plenty of subscription type gifts available, it’s worth considering whether you can give a gift that lasts for longer. No longer limited to the realm of magazine subscriptions, these are a great option for grooms wanting to give the gift that keeps on giving. For those who are keen on the clean-shaven look, there’s the Dollar Shave Club, which sends new razors to recipients every month. For those interested in a constant supply of beer delivered to their doorstep, Bucket Boys in Sydney has subscriptions of a selection of local and international beers each month.

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Make a charitable donation

If you and your groomsmen aren’t of the materialistic kind, there are lots of charitable gifts that definitely won’t pile up in a storage cupboard. Oxfam Unwrapped lets you purchase a goat or chickens for small villages in other countries, the WWF lets you sponsor an endangered animal – many Australian zoos do the same – and there are hundreds of other worthy causes that would welcome any kind of donation. Choose one that’s close to your heart, or one that means something to your groomsmen and don’t forget to keep the receipt – it’s tax deductible.

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So put some time and effort into thinking about groomsmen gifts. It’s less about the cost, and more about what it means. Because hey, your wedding is a great chance to show some thought and sentiment to your closest mates.

Ms Zigzag says: I love Daniella’s ideas of giving back to charity and also giving gifts that keep on giving, such as a mag subscription. 


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