What is a Mini-Moon and why do you need one?

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Samantha Chua

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Your wedding is the most exciting, thrilling and wonderful day in your life. As with anything great, it also requires tremendous effort that can come with strain and stress. That’s why a mini-moon is exactly what you need before the big day to switch off, unwind and just spend some quality time with your soon-to-be husband or wife.

What is a mini-moon?

The point of a mini-moon is to feel as if you are escaping the rat race but at the same time, be close enough and affordable so as to not break the bank. It’s a luxurious long weekend away at a close by destination so you are not wasting precious hours waiting at the airport. Instead you can spend those hours indulging in spa treatments, winery tours and just rest and relax before your impending nuptials.

So why should you take a mini-moon?

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Less travel time

As the big day gets closer, you will feel the pressure mounting – vendors, guests and families all require your attention. The last thing you want is to spend too much time away and to be stressed when you are trying to take a break. That’s why a mini-moon is perfect – a quick break for a few days from the reality of wedding planning,

You don’t have to max out your leave

If you have taken your leave entitlement for your wedding and honeymoon, a mini-moon requires minimum disruption to your work commitments. Afterall, there are bills that still need to be paid!

Bonding time

Many couples have admitted that wedding planning is one of the biggest challenges they face as a couple. With everyone pulling you both to different directions, a mini-moon allows you both to escape from it all and focus on each other. The quality bonding time gives you both the opportunity to check in with each other to see how you are both feeling. 

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A weekend away at the hot springs or two nights glamping underneath the stars are definitely more budget-friendly than 14 nights in Europe. Many modern-day couples are choosing to delay their honeymoon and save for a home so a mini-moon is perfect to keep your budget in check. Save the money and splurge on a well-deserved romantic dinner or a massage.

Honeymoon preview

If you haven’t picked a honeymoon destination, going on a mini-moon may give you a better idea of where to go for your honeymoon. Perhaps you had a hinterland getaway for your mini-moon and prefer a Caribbean getaway for your honeymoon. Whatever your preference or budget is, the choice is yours!

Ms Zigzag says: Married couples can concur, things get wild in the last few weeks leading up to the wedding day. Taking a quick weekend away with your fiancé/fiancée can help you find your way back to the same page.  


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