Erin & Jotham’s Quirky Brisbane Engagement

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Erin & Jotham

We love it when a couple does things their way. With Wildflower Weddings behind the camera, Erin & Jotham headed to the graffiti coloured laneways of Fortitude Valley to capture the engagement. As musicians, the suburb played host to many Sunday afternoons of performances and holds a very special place in their world together.

It was through music that the couple met, Erin explaining “We were rehearsing for a high school friend of Jotham’s album launch – I played the violin, Jotham played the drums. He actually asked me to marry him the very first night we met.. while rehearsing in my house he started going through some of the things in my room – records, books, Bob Dylan posters and after making sure they were actually all my things, blurted out ‘will you marry me?’ 5 years later, and he designed me a ring and asked me again!”

I don’t know about you, but I am loving the retro styling of these two against the bright, urban backdrop (and those matching “Til Death Do us Part” pins? So fun!)

“She’s so strong” tells Jotham of Erin. “Everything she does, she does with passion and commitment, and without compromise. She has brought a stability to my moods and my perceptions of myself that I’ve never had before. But mostly I love the things of which I’m not conscious and which I can’t explain, like the wave of ‘okayness’ that washes over when I see her, or the way I still feel tied to her, even when we’re apart. She’s like a drug to which I’m addicted and don’t want to quit.”

The couple has the most romantic proposal story, Erin remembering “Jotham told me early in the week to keep a Saturday night in April free. He wouldn’t tell me why, or what he had planned, or even what time. He knows I hate surprises, so I bugged him about it all damn week. He started to get really upset at me for not letting him plan a night without my help.. I got really upset and irritated because I’m just like that, I like to know my plans. Saturday night came around, he picked out an outfit for me, drove us to Paddington and handed me two bottles of my favourite red wine – a Malbec from Mendoza. We went to my favourite restaurant – Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers, where they have seven dishes and they’re all $12, and it’s BYO wine. After dinner, we went up to the Kangaroo Point cliffs and walked to a spot overlooking the river. We sat down chatting, he showed me a picture of a ring on his phone and asked if I liked it.. then knelt down and pulled it out of his pocket, where he’d had it hiding all night. He’d spent 6 months working with a ring designer to make something just for me and what they created is just perfect – a gorgeous QLD sapphire in a hexagonal art deco platinum setting. I laughed and cried at him and told him to get off his knees before I’d actually said yes!”


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